Cyber Hunter Review – The Parkour Game?


Cyber Hunter release date for both Android and iOS versions was on April 25th, 2019. This ambitious title by NetEase Games is focused on mobile devices and the game aims to finally put an end to the Fortnite vs PUBG war. Cyber Hunter global release saw servers for Japan, South America, Europe, and North America all open on the same day, meaning NetEase certainly invested a lot of money and effort into this project.

NetEase Games

NetEase Games Inc. hails from China and was founded in 1997. It has published many incredibly popular titles like Minecraft, LifeAfter, Rules of Survival, and others.

Cyber Hunter – Parkour Extravaganza is excellent!

The next big open-world third-person BATTLE ROYALE video game that finally puts an end to the Fortnite vs PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds war is here. Cyber Hunter takes the best of both and looks like the child of the two parent battle royale games, as it also ups the game significantly. It includes survival and shooting of course, but also exploring and getting used to the whole new mechanic – wall climbing.

Vertical Battles

Players can climb up or glide down any vertical surface in Cyber Hunter. Naturally, the game brings its own arsenal of cool weapons, hot characters with their own stories, and immersive landscapes. It features 3D space and pits players into much more than just a royal battle arena. Players can go up to the sky, dive in the sea, and roam free anywhere they please. The best part of it all is the vertical experience and vertical battles.

Cyber Hunter Skills

The game features various un-lockable skills for survival as players gain experience. Leveling up is at the center of the game progress while where was one a plain battle royale bloodbath is now an exhibition in virtual aerobics. You will literally feel like a parkour master and a master soldier at the same time.

Creative Weaponry

Cyber Hunter also went a step ahead and changed all our stigmas about weapons. Sure, there are standard weapons, guns, shotguns and launchers that blast everything in front of you. But, in this game, you can also have a gun that heals, like a healing grenade or a shotgun you fire at your ally to heal his/her HP. You can also use freeze grenades to freeze enemies or even water, making it traversable. Lastly, all new special powers are here to unlock and unleash.

Cyber Hunter visuals

Cyber Hunter brings together Fortnite and PUBG and is pretty much an offspring of the two games, as in it literally looks a little bit like both. It does feature the same serious style as PUBG with also a little bit cartoonish modeling to resemble Fortnite.


As far as Cyber Hunter App Store version goes, it already scored 4.2 stars and is #11 in the adventure. Cyber Hunter Google Play is also set at 4.2 stars currently with over 150 thousand ratings and over 5 Million downloads as of May 2019. So far, the game has been a massive success and it has justified every bit of praise and hype it got prior to release. It brings together the best of both Fortnite and PUBG, with an innovative Parkour-style experience, so be sure to check it out.

8.3 Epic
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 9
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (5 Votes) 7.9