Dawn of Isles Review


NetEase’s Dawn of Isles mobile game, the newest MMORPG, is available on Android and iOS now. The global launch was celebrated on an exciting crossover even between Dawn of Isles and KUMAMON, as NetEase announced their new adventure MMORPG on June 4th. Dawn of Isles Android and iOS is now released on Google Play and iTunes App Store respectively and the first reviews are coming in.

Dawn of Isles mobile game represents the newest ambitious attempt by NetEase to make something in the MMORPG genre that will incorporate the ever-improving tech and the ever more demanding player audience. NetEase is a well-known giant in the Internet tech biz and they have been providing content, communications, and community services for twenty-one years now, since 1997. Some of their most famous titles include Westward Journey series, local versions of Blizzard Entertainment games, and others.


Dawn of Isles has overly positive feedback on most mediums. On the iTunes App Store, Dawn of Isles iOS scored 4.3 stars out of several hundred ratings and it is #167 in adventure but its genre is not well suited in that category. On Google Play, Dawn of Isles Android scored 4.0 out of almost two thousand votes just days after its release.

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Dawn of Isles Gameplay

This new MMORPG mobile game Dawn of Isles takes the players to a vibrant fantasy world that features a massively multiplayer sandbox experience but also gives something unique, NetEase at least promises that much. The game brings its own exclusive tool crafting system that gives the feeling of using your own hands. Also, combat uses a combo system, which is rarely seen in an MMORPG, and it even challenges the players’ wits.

The main features of Dawn of Isles mobile game include:

  • Building an Uncharted Island
  • Using the Pickaxe and Axe in resource gathering and constructing your sanctuary from ground up
  • Developing workshops, piers, and pits which serve for product production, processing, and trade
  • Planting and harvesting crops with an option to trade in these resources
  • Crafting Items
  • Unleashing the power of nature with Elemental Spirit infused flasks
  • Building fishing rods and fishing
  • Cooking
  • Taming pets
  • Roaming the countryside
  • Being a member of the Hunter’s Guild and dancing with pets in the Flower Circle
  • Nourishing and caring for animals which provide you with Pet Skills
  • Challenging Foes
  • Using Weapons, Skills, and Styles in combat
  • Observing the interaction between the elements in the environment and taking advantage of it in battle
  • Boss fights with Epic rewards

At first glance, the feature overview in Dawn of Isles looks like it would in any other MMORPG, but when you get from paper to practice, you will see the difference. This game actually pairs together several alluring gaming mechanics people love and cherish, such as pets in games, hunting and gathering, farming, and crafting. Furthermore, unlike most MMORPGs, Dawn of Isles mobile gameplay doesn’t revolve around combat and farming, but rather using all of the games features to their fullest. Dedicating time and attention to all of the game’s features, like crafting, farming, or fishing, will provide a rewarding experience in both pleasure and gain in terms of resources.

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Dawn of Isles graphics

Appearance is where this game really differentiates itself from the other mobile or PC MMOs, as it really takes full advantage of the high-end gear newer phones have. Dawn of Isles doesn’t look or feel demanding, as its models and textures are minimalistic in a way, but when you factor in that this is an open world game and when you count all the details, it is quite uncanny. It features an anime-style like finishing touch, with soothing colors and detailing on all items, skills, even the environment is incredible.


Dawn of Isles mobile game really is a new MMORPG for mobile phones, but in truth, this game ties together many other mobile genres popular with mass audiences. To bring together farming, pet taming, combat, building, and crafting all in one MMO game is certainly a feat, and to put it on Smartphones is perhaps insane. All the same, NetEase’s Dawn of Isles pulls it off nicely and it seems like the game’s popularity is growing by the day.

8.3 Epic
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 9
  • User Ratings (14 Votes) 5