Death Invasion - Survival

It’s Zombie Hunting Season in Death Invasion: Survival

While believing that – if you played one zombie game, it’s as though you played them all – does have exceptions to that rule, unfortunately, Death Invasion: Survival is not one of them. Developed by Gun Battle & Zombie Shooters Games Inc, the game carries a familiar gameplay with an unimaginative narrative.

There isn’t much of a story here. Your town is overrun by zombies who are taking every chance they get to come at you and your brains. The only way to survive is to get out of the town by shooting and blasting your way through the horde. Other survivors will help you on the way and you will ultimately form a squad, but your main protection is weapons and lots of them.

Also, you will need resources like fuel, food, and ammunition to stay alive which are usually located in the most dangerous spots. The surest way to get them is by using your weapons to protect your teammates while they go and get the resources. Through this teamwork, you will be able to avoid a horde of zombies heading your way while you try to shoot them and collect the resources at the same time.  

This isn’t a complicated game so you won’t have to spend a lot of time trying to figure it out, even if you are new to the genre. The main goal is to find the most efficient weapon and use it at the right time, like grenades and landmines that can take out a large number of zombies. To protect yourself from being bitten, always wear a helmet. Use the backpack to collect more items on the way and hard gloves so your punches could cause more substantial damage.

The controls are easy to use and get used to, which is perfect for the game where you have to react fast and shoot the enemies coming at you. Boss fights are just like we used to, with a big deformed monster you have to defeat while zombies, also, attack you. The most important thing is to keep your weapons loaded and don’t forget to do it in the time since you will spend a lot of time shooting, sometimes barely catching a break.

Death Invasion: Survival is available for Android devices, but you can play it on your PC if you install an emulator. The game is free to install although it contains ads, and it already had over 100,000 installs since July this year when it was published. It may not be the best zombie game out there, but it’s fun to play and will keep you entertained. Just stick to your guns and aim true if you want to survive the zombie apocalypse and get out of town.