Diablo Immortal Development Update

Diablo Immortal – Here is what we know after Blizzcon

Diablo Immortal skipped BlizzCon 2019’s main stage, while Diablo IV awesome cinematic and the explosive gameplay trailers both took all the attention. Instead, Mr. Wyatt Cheng, the lead game designer on the mobile version of the title, posted an update for the Reddit community after the big event, giving away further info about the upcoming game and why it was not featured on the center stage.

Firstly, Diablo Immortal release date remains unknown. That is still a pickle. Rumors circulating the project say that the game is “pretty much” ready and that the launch date isn’t in their hands anymore, but with the publishing team. As to why their mobile version didn’t take center stage, Mr. Cheng said that they wanted to give Diablo 4 release announcement a clean presentation.

“The Immortal team wanted to make sure we give Diablo 4 the space for a clear announcement, and not risk any confusion regarding features, storylines, etc between D4 and Immortal.”

Mr. Cheng also presented a playable demo of the game during the BlizzCon 2019, which featured Demon Hunter as a playable class and presented the “ultimate attacks”. Diablo Immortal lead developer also answered other questions, like how the team took last year’s negative response from the community when they presented a mobile version and no upcoming PC games whatsoever. Mr. Cheng says it was rough to hear that, but he also thanked the attendees of the BlizzCon and subreddit users for the support during that period.

Diablo Immortal gameplay trailer reveals many upcoming features. Firstly, we got new zones like Wortham, Dark Wood, Tamoe Mountain, and Ashwold Cemetery. Also, the trailer features some blazing Demon Hunter gameplay and introduces the world event titled Haunted Carriage. We are also shown Legendary Items, like Flamespite for Demon Hunter, Winter’s Remorse for Wizard, Storm Bringer for the Barbarian, and others. The introduction of the Ultimate Abilities is what delighted people the most though, as all enjoyed watching their favorite class maw down on endless hordes of the undead.

Finally, Mr. Cheng said that Diablo Immortal release date still doesn’t exist and addressed the rumors about the game never coming out. He says that the rumors about the game being finished and waiting for a release date are untrue and unfounded. Also, rumors said that the expected release was set for 2019, which is false, and he promised more info in the coming months.