Diesel DZT2001 Smartwatch

Diesel DZT2001 – Smartwatches Going Fancy

Diesel is the latest company to jump onto the smartwatch trend, in the time when the trend almost died out. Speaking of wearable tech, fashion brands usually do a good job, offering nothing groundbreaking, but taking inspiration from other distinct devices. Diesel is no exception in their first smartwatch model, DZT2001, also known as Diesel On Full Guard.

This is important because people want to wear Diesel watches, and getting people to wear smartwatches is not that easy, so Diesel’s giving the On Full Guard the best chance in life.

Let’s start with the engine room. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 2100 processor, designed for wearable devices, is the power core of Diesel On Full Guard with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage space, which makes using apps fast and pleasant. For example, Google Maps works using the GPS on your phone, and it is as convenient as it is impressive on the On Full Guard.

Diesel DZT2001

Full Guard’s 1,4” circular screen is clearly visible even outdoors and has the automatic brightness adjustment which works just fine. The screen is very colorful and wonderfully deals with iridescent hues. The displayed features are sharp and clear, thanks to the 454×454 resolution, which is higher than most other Android wearables, and it shows. The clarity of the display is in a perfect unison with the general look of the watch.

The biggest downside of Diesel On Full Guard is a small 370 mAh battery. It’s charged using a magnetic pad attached to the underneath of the watch and takes around two hours from flat to full. Instead of expected day and a half of use and turning off during the sleep, we got less than 24 hours with average use. The Diesel On Full Guard puts fashion way above functionality, and it’s not a bad thing by itself since the analog watches do that too, but it’s hard to overlook the blatant lack of a heart rate sensor, GPS, or NFC.

You would think that it makes the On Full Guard cheap. Well, it doesn’t. The Diesel smartwatch costs $325 with the brown leather strap and will be released on October 25. Other versions with different straps, including metal ones, will cost more and be introduced later in the year.

Despite all that, Diesel On Full Guard is a modern-smartwatch-done-right. The design and style were put way above all other features, which made the watch appealing to the fans of the brand. The goal of this fashion statement is to make us buy smartwatches the same way we buy analog ones. This means making us think about how the watch looks and makes us feel instead of how many gigabytes of memory it has and what apps can you run on it. The Diesel smartwatch won’t please tech-addicts, but that’s OK because it’s not made to do so.