Dota Underlords Scrappy Assassin Warlock Build featured

Dota Underlords: Scrappy-Assassin-Warlock

Today we are talking about the alliance many Dota Underlords players are sleeping on. Scrap your board and let’s start all over again because today we are introducing 6-Scrappy, 2-Warlock, 3-Assassin build.
I was surprised at the effectiveness of this Dota Underlords Strategy. Thou the effectiveness of Scrappy alliance was not news to us, still, it was remarkable to see it in action.

6 x Scrappy, 3 x Assassins, 2 x Warlock, 1 x Demon, 4 x Inventors
1. Bounty Hunter
2. Blood Seeker
3. Morphling (later replaced with Sand King)
4. Timersaw
5. Shadow Fiend
6. Tinker
7. Clockwerk
8. Alchemist
9. Leviathan
10. Techies

Because Scrappy units are bad before 4-set, it is a generally good idea to complete any two-star you have available. The first real breakpoint is the acquisition of Shadow Fiend and 4-Scrappy’s. The second is when we bring Leviathan to the fold.

This Dota Underlords Strategy is well rounded with both strong offensive and defensive sides. With Shadow Fiend bringing the majority of the damage, Leviathan buying time with its massive armor/health-pool/Ravage(spell), 6-scrappy provide armor, while 2-scaled increase Magic Resistance. It is a versatile build, able to deal with most compositions, however, its early game is somewhat tricky.
Scrappy Dota Underlords Strategy units by Tiers:

Tier 1:

Bounty Hunter – if you get a few B.Hunters in the early game, it is a good sign to pursue this composition. It is the main reason for the incorporation of assassins alliance.
Blood Seeker – Coupled with Helm of the Undying, Blood Seeker is extremely strong. For the 5 second protection of death, Blood Seeker can clear up to 2 non-tank heroes.

Tier 2:

Timbersaw – toughest Scrappy unit in the alliance, Timbersaw proves to be effective front-liner with a strong spell that deals a decent amount of AoE damage.
Morphling – (optional until Sand King is available) On his own Morphling is a highly effective unit capable of dealing massive amounts of damage, while being very hard to kill, especially by the members of the opposing melee squad.

Tier 3:

Shadow Fiend – main damage dealer in this particular Dota Underlords Strategy, Shadow Fiend is only Demon and it completes Warlock alliance with Alchemist. Extremely effective with Refresher Orb.
Clockwerk – a decent unit with the ability to stun the enemies, Clockwerk is just that, decent, however sometimes stun provides just enough time to break the opponent.
Tinker – At 1 star Tinker is fairly weak. At 2 stars he already starts to make an impact. However, Tinker shine trough at 3 stars because of his damage increases exponentially.
Sniper – the latest addition to the Scrappy family Sniper is interesting because he opens up a link to the Deadeye and/or Hunter alliance. Sniper is a good option until you get Techies.
Slark – (Optional instead of Blood Seeker) in case you don’t get Helm of the Undying or just no luck with getting 2-3 star Blood Seeker, Slark is a great replacement, especially with some nice attack speed item.

Tier 4:

Alchemist – His job is to soak few hits, land Acid Spray for moderate damage/armor reduction, and in combination with Shadow Fiend as part of warlock alliance, it does some healing.
Sand King – His role is to complete 3-assassins combo, but most importantly adds strong crowd control. Because he is Tier 4 usually it is good to have a replacement unit like Queen of Pain or Morphling until such time you get Sand King in the shop.
Tidehunter – (optional) in case Blood Seeker is not an option and we go for Slark as the third assassin, Tidehunter is a great addition as 2nd Scaled. After recent buffs, he is great even on his own, due to strong defensive stats and great crowd control ability.

Tier 5:

Techies – By rounding up two alliances, Scrappy, and Inventors, Techies are very valuable even without its ability (Remote Mines). The only problem is the fact Techies is Tier 5 unit and it will take some time before you can get him, let alone upgrade to 2-star status.


Dota Underlords Scrappy Assassin Warlock Build Example

The main goal here is to protect Shadow Fiend, it is the unit that will deal most of the damage, consequently, it does most of the healing as part of Warlock Alliance. Position the front-line as close as possible to the enemy and Shadow Fiend just behind them. Make sure to have some long-range units behind, in case of enemy assassins.
Positioning exception:
If the main enemy composition is based on Mages or Hunters, then avoid clumping up and creating a scenario where that kind of teams thrive.

Scrappy-Assassin-Warlocks Dota Underlords Strategy Strengths and Weaknesses

Resilience. A lot of armor and health regeneration, combined with Warlock’s healing, makes this composition extremely tough to crack.
Good single target and AoE damage. One part of it comes from Blood Seeker/Slark and other from Shadow Fiend. Both of these units can make or break the game.
-Lack of decent crowd control. Leviathan and Sand King relieve this issue to some extent, but both of these are Tier 4 units and it could be too little too late.
-Between 7th and 9th level it becomes somewhat difficult to balance out spots in the roster mainly because it is a 10 unit composition.

The alternative to this Dota Underlord Strategy that revolves around Scrappy alliance is the one with 3-hunter and Deadeye alliances, but more on that some other time.
Hopefully, this was informative and for more things Dota Underlords, follow us here at Bluemoongame.