DotA Underlords

Welcome to the Bluemoongame section where you can find some of the Dota Underlords best guide and strategy gathering. Here you can find all sorts of tips, tricks, compositions and strategies. We will describe the strengths, weaknesses, the ways to position your comp, or to counter the enemy team.

Tier List

Here are some details from the latest on the list of Dota Underlords best guide and strategy compilation.
Note: because the game is changing way too much from patch to patch, we are going to create new guides, but we will not update old ones because some will become bad and some even impossible. Changing old content may be legit with few guides available, but the more time passes it become unsustainable. 

Troll-Warlock, "Trollock" Dota Underlords build - features

  • Strong healing
  • No item requirments
  • Extremely versatile
  • Just 6-unit build, serves as core for other builds with various quality.

Blood Bound, Bit-Time contract Dota Underlords build - features

  • Needs a little bit too much luck in order to create functional build
  • Needs an item, Big-Time contract
  • With proper execution it is a very dominant composition abde to quickly shifts it strength
  • Ureliable setup that is way to specific.

(Warrior - Druid - Scaled defensive combo):

  • It relies on 2-Druid/3-warrior sets for the early game.

  • It is reliable build that is somewhat difficult to counter.

  • Large number of alliance bonuses, most of which are 2-3 sets.

  • Requires 10 units, but there are almost no loose ends (except for 5 warriors, and even them receive the first bonus armor, which helps a lot when dealing with assassins).

It has no Item Requirements so there is less RNG involved.This build is ideal if one have no idea what to create and look for something that is universal and fairly reliable. Probably the most important note about it is the fact it has no mandatory item, however, it is a 10 unit composition so that is a down-side. For more in-depth information check Dota Underlords Druid-Warrior-Scaled build.

The reason we ‘v created this list of Dota Underlords best guide and strategy compilation is the need for every player to wield mastery of at least 5-8 different builds in order to be successful. These builds will vary in size and requirments. For example, one of the first builds we feature on this page, Druid-Warrior-Scaled, is full 10 unit build, but it has no item requirements. Some other builds may require one (or even two) specific item and for example 7-8 units.

The very first thing one need to know is what are priorities and from which tier 1 units to start. Is it 3-Warrior, or 2-Druid set, or it may be 2-Troll starting set… It is important to nail these kind of things, and it’s the main reason we have different guides.

An additional, but crucial reason is the gold income: we want to hit interest breakpoints as soon as possible(for every 10 gold in bank, we receive one additional gold, up to 50 gold in which case we receive 5 “interest” gold every turn… this is huge and it requires a good economy management). For this reason we are avoiding rerolling store before the 50 gold mark, or leveling up before round 9 (or even 12 if there is chance for not to loose every game).

Once there is 50 gold in bank, it is time to start spending onto creating Dota Underlords best Build, but keeping the gold at, or higher than the amount mentioned.

It is important to keep an eye for the health. Once HP gets to 40 or lower, it is important to become stable. Spend the hard earned gold into enhancing team and leveling up.

Again, it is crucial to know the important breakpoints of particular combo in order to be effective at choosing to level up or to reroll the store.

It is important to note that there is no one particular Dota Underlords best Build that is stronger than all others. Every build has its weaknesses and it can be countered by some other composition. The point is not to have one, but a list of different guide and strategies with different strengths, different starting points and requirements.

Some have requirements for certain item(s), some require certain units, others have to have a combination of these. It has to be taken into consideration when choosing the build to pursue. For example, building a human-set before getting Fall From Grace in order to complete 6-Heartless build can lead you to some awkward situations if said item does not drop.

Our goal here is to dive deep and discover everything about Dota Underlords best guide and strategy collection, and as time goes on to have a wide collection that a player can choose from.