Dragon's Dogma Switch Pre-order

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen available for pre-order on Switch eShop

As per the latest information, now you may pre-order the open world action RPG Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen from the Switch eShop in North America and Europe. The price for the digital copy of the title is $29.99 and it requires a bit over 12 gigabytes of hard disk space. Interesting enough, to enjoy online content of this title you don’t need a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service. Also, all of the previously released DLC content is included in this version of the game.

According to the eShop description, this Capcom title combines exhilarating and deep combat with the freedom to explore a huge open world. The game takes place in the high fantasy world of Gransys, a realm where dragons, chimeras, and other fabled monsters roam freely. There are three different classes to choose from, which you can further develop into one of nine unique vocations. The best part of this game is a dynamic combat system which you can use to wield devastating skill and magic in order to defeat your enemies.

Another interesting feature of this game is the Pawns system. Pawns are your AI companions fighting by your side independently, showing skills and ability they’ve learned from your playing style. You can share your Pawns online and receive rewards in the form of treasure, tips, and strategic approach necessary to defeat some of the more powerful enemies. in related news, if you pre-order Dragon’s Dogma’s Switch release from Capcom’s USA web store, you will also receive the additional digital soundtrack with 53 tracks, which is the exclusive offer for US region. Now all we have to do is to wait for 23rd April for the official release of this great game. 

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