Elder Scrolls Blades tips and tricks


Elder Scrolls Blades release date was on March 27th, 2019, but the game was available in early access for some time. It is now fully released, as both Elder Scrolls Blades Android and iOS versions are quickly gaining popularity. Already, the game has had over 100,000 installs on Google Play alone, and it is ranked #6 adventure on the App Store.

Elder Scrolls Blades Early Access

Developed by Bethesda Softworks, the people behind such celebrated titles like Fallout 4, Fallout 76, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Elder Scrolls Blades beta showed the players that they can expect a similar gameplay atmosphere from those loved titles, on their mobile devices. The game is free to play but contains in-app purchases.

However, while overall reviews are positive, people have been somewhat dissatisfied with the way microtransactions are handled in the game. It is for this reason that our guides and tips will focus more on obtaining the resources in the game as well as how to spend them optimally.

Elder Scrolls Blades Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Blades Gold Farming – If it’s gloving, loot it!

Literally, the loot in this game will give off a distinct glow and everything that does is interesting and you should pick it up. Now, the players will have a limited number of inventory slots, but miscellaneous items, resources, and components for crafting do not take up space in your bags.

This means you are to pick up everything shiny, like a greedy bastard, and worry about selling the excess equipment later. Now, as far as selling equipment goes, it is a good idea to invest time to build up your town. After several hours of gameplay, you will rescue the Smithy. Setting up the smithy in your town will allow you to sell or salvage what you don’t need directly in your town.

Most of your gold will come from just questing and looting, but some people reported that on later levels, when the game becomes more challenging, their repair bills increase exponentially and they run out of gold. This is why it pays more to invest in better gear than to save up gold and try and progress with outdated items.

Also, always remember that each dungeon has secret areas, and after you’ve finished a certain dungeon, you will always be asked if you want to go back to your town or stay. Always stay if you haven’t explored all of the dungeon’s secrets.

Elder Scrolls Blades Gameplay

Silver Chests – The Enemy of the People

Not all chests are worth your time, so communities worldwide agree so far that silver chests are not good for their three-hour wait time and crappy loot. In fact, there is a sub-Reddit petition against them happening right now and even Forbes has an article warning people off of them. Now, Bethesda immediately announced a fix coming to balance silver chest loot, but a fair warning.

Spending gems in Elder Scrolls Blades

Gems are the premium currency in the game and are purchasable for real money. Gems are otherwise awarded from completing hard quests, achieving certain goals, and very rarely from killed enemies and chests. If you are comfortable with spending cash to purchase in-game currency, then please skip this part, if not, you should know that it is more about managing your gems than farming them.

In fact, gems are so rarely awarded that there ain’t no farming them. All you need to do is invest what little you have cleverly to get the best value from them. And, most guides and people online agree that gems are best invested in additional inventory slots or if you do manage to gather enough, purchasing some of the In-game Store’s exclusive weapons. These may cost up to 1000 gems but will be well worth it. It is even better to purchase on later in the game.

Elder Scrolls Blades Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Blades Town

Setting up your town is very important and although you can play the game without dedicating much time to it, you would be making a mistake. Setting up the Smithy will let you sell items and repair cheaper. Also, the higher the prestige of your town, the more advanced buildings you can build. The better the town, the more people will come, and with them, you will find more quests and rewards.

Elder Scrolls Blades – how to beat trolls?

For most beginners and intermediate players, trolls have proven a challenge. It is comforting to know that actually, trolls are some of the most challenging creatures in this game and everyone has had a problem with them at least a few times. It is their physical damage and health regeneration that is the problem, so you will need to approach it with clever tactics not just slashing mindlessly.

Good weapons against trolls are the ones that are enchanted to reduce the target’s maximum health with each strike. Also, trolls are vulnerable to Fire and Bashing. Bashing is blunt damage type, caused by maces, hammers, clubs, and similar weapons. As far as the fire goes, any fire spell should do, if the level is appropriate.

Elder Scrolls Blades Gameplay

Elder Scrolls Blades – how to get copper, limestone, and other resources?

The best way to get those secondary resources is through jobs. Jobs will usually award one or two wooden chests and other rewards. Jobs are side-quests that may seem like they are taking your time from the main story, but are worth playing and actually, you won’t get too far in the game without them.

Final thoughts

Elder Scrolls Blades gameplay is nicely adapted for mobile play but this kind of a genre crossover calls for patience. This type of game is not just something you can blaze through like people are used to doing in most RPG or dungeon crawlers. It will take patience and you should play it slowly, carefully, and thoroughly. Otherwise, the experience will now be rewarding and the game will become increasingly boring.