Escape or Imprison Review

Escape or Imprison Review

Escape or Imprison? For The Shawshank Redemption or Prison Break fans, Escape or Imprison mobile game should be a natural choice. Except, instead of plotting, secretly digging, or slowly working your way up the prison hierarchy, here you kick and beat the hell out of everyone that stands in your way to freedom. For a PEGI 16 game, this Clicker FunTime title brings precisely what the name of the developer promises – clicker fun.

Escape or Imprison Mobile is only built for Android users by Clicker FunTime, which is a developer/publisher that comes from Asia, known for titles such as Cowboys Adventure, Dream Shot Football, and Traffic Speed Rider. All these titles have 4.5 stars or more on the Google Play store. Escape or Imprison Android mobile game on Google Play is free-to-play and has 4.6 stars so far out of 500+ votes, as of June 1st, 2019.

“Free, fun, and filled with adds” – This seems to be the overall feedback so far, as Escape or Imprison mobile game is FTP but according to many comments is filled with adds. In-app products range from $1 to $100+ per item. Some players are recommending playing it offline if you are not interested in products or free currency with watching adds.


In Escape or Imprison, you tap away as you let loose on prison guards and inmates alike. Of course, things are not so narrow. You do have your user interface screen where you choose between Story Mode and Survive Mode. You also collect money and gems (exclusive currency) and level up your character. Now, You can level up your skills and purchase weapons & armor. Watching an Add will earn you $1000 in-game cash. There are also cooldown gifts and reward yields, but the greatest amount of your resources will come from actually punching people, so tap away!

The controls are reduced to navigating your character with one thumb and tapping attack with the other. You do have different types of weapons, besides your punch, like guns and grenades. Also, the game has a stealth mode or better said the character can choose to go stealth as you can sometimes score a takedown from stealth or go through without fighting or raising the alarm.

The basic game mode, “The Escape”, takes your character through various different prisons, or prison settings if you will, and depending on the level, they are easier or harder to escape. Also, the harder they are, the more loot and experience they will bring. Now, the gameplay is pretty linear, as you are guided through the prison with checkpoints and there isn’t a puzzle element to it or anything like that, but there is a time limit. Of course, you also have an HP bar and if you attack too many inmates of guards, they will beat you to a pulp.

Now, as you go, you will get side quests, such as saving a fellow inmate that’s being bullied by multiple guys. These are important for bonus loot and sometimes they will be the main quest. The Escape or Imprison gameplay does not just revolve around escaping the prison. There is also a part of working your way through the prison hierarchy and representing your own attitude in the yard, which is a vital part of any prison community. Also, you will be involved in picking locks, and various other fun stuff.


Escape or Imprison mobile game is surprisingly fun. It looks sloppy at first glance, with some grammar mistakes in the dialogues, and its gameplay isn’t the most advanced one. But, once you get into a fight and start moving your way up the prison hierarchy, this game may grow on you. Certainly, it gives back as much as you invest in it, in terms of time and effort.