Maybe you have heard about Evoland. The same title, Evoland 2 (or its full title: “Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder”), graced Steam shop all the way back in August of 2015, and the game was… strange. It had so many different types of gameplay in it that it looked like several separate games, with different graphics, too! Want to play some old school Final Fantasy styled game? Sure, Evoland has it. How about an adventure game? That, too. Fighting? Check. Exploration? Check. It can’t be a bullet hell game, too, can it? Sure it can. And you know what? If anybody asked me if such a cocktail is possible to pull off well, I would bet that there is no chance. Yet, Shiro Games hit the nail on the head. Simply amazing.

Watch the Android launch trailer here if you are interested:

The game’s second installment was already on iOS, but now we are also seeing it on Android – and it has a 40% discount to celebrate that port. The developers behind this masterpiece are French, who made the concept for the first Evoland during a Ludum Dare no less (an accelerated video game development competition existing since 2002 and held three times a year; the developer is given a theme to make a game with those guidelines in two or three days). Sebastein Vidal and Nickolas Cannasse made the game with ‘evolution of video games’ in mind, as the theme was ‘evolution’. So they wanted to show how RPGs evolved through the years and wanted to have different kinds of gameplay and graphics. Of course, they won that 24th Ludum Dare back in 2012. And while the first game in general lacked replay value and had some other problems as well, this installment made it all a lot better.

Evoland 2, like the first one, goes through different eras of video games, from 8-bit, over 16-bit to 3D, featuring turn-based fighting systems as well as real-time battles as its core gameplay (somewhat). In this one, however, additional systems were added, such as elements of collectible card games.

While Shiro Games thought that Evoland games were not suited to be ported to mobile due to their complexity, publisher Playdigious proved pretty much everyone wrong and absolutely won over the mobile crowd with their iOS release of Evoland 2 back in February of this year. And now, with this Android port, we see that they are masters of their craft, as they made the game controller-compatible and also supports Android TV.

The story of Evoland 2, if you haven’t been following the game, is rather simple but very fun and effective (coupled with the style). Basically, humans clashed with demons and with heavy sacrifices, the humans won. However, the demons weren’t defeated completely (of course). There are four separate time periods through which the story takes you. Naturally, all these are done in those already mentioned different graphical styles, so the adventures of Kuro (your character) and Fina (Kuro’s friend) really feel special while they travel to – you guessed it – save the world. Demons from Demonia are quite tricky opponents, so they have to travel through time to one-up them. This spacetime jumping has visible consequences in the future though, based on your choices, of course.

You can pick up this gem for $5.99 while the discount is on. Have fun!