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Exit the Gungeon will debut on Apple Arcade

Exit the Gungeon, a dungeon-climber sequel to Enter the Gungeon, is climbing its way to Apple Arcade soon. The upcoming game looks like an even more hectic, action-packed, shooting extravaganza experience than its predecessor, while both games will undoubtedly be viable as an alternative to adrenaline shots. However, thus far only the sequel is coming to Apple Arcade…

Exit the Gungeon release date is still not pinned down per se, but if Apple Arcade launch is set for September 29, everybody is speculating that the game won’t be too far behind. Devolver Digital stands behind both titles proudly. They are based in Austin, Texas, and are specializing in indie games since 2009. Enter the Gungeon already has some mileage in it, for they have published it in 2016. However, the bullet hell roguelike chaos platformer action killer game scored 10/10 on Steam and 97% of Google users liked it. It has since transitioned to PS4, Linux, OS X, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, and enjoys such high marks on every platform. And, now, Devolver Digital is taking the next logical step, which is making the sequel even an even harder experience.

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Enter the Gungeon was developed by Dodge Roll with Devolver Digital handling the publishing. Both companies are in on the upcoming project as well, but this time around they have invited Singlecore Games as well to co-develop. A recent press release was held by the mentioned labels and they have confirmed that the upcoming game follows up on events from the predecessor immediately and that it is set in the Gungeonverse, featuring fan-favorite Gungeoneers misfits, on their journey to personal absolution, whatever that may be.

As we attempt to avoid spoilers for both the predecessor and the upcoming successor, sufficed to say that these titles will deceive anyone with their pixel art and heavy action. They are indeed both developed as story-driven games and the first title did indeed offer a highly rewarding experience from all its aspects. However, the gameplay mechanics which will transition onto the sequel have been confirmed, and the game won’t change much in its essence, which is good.

Exit the Gungeon game will feature Gungeoneers, and this time, they are using their ever-changing weapons and move/dodge/roll abilities to escape the Gungeon, for something truly grievous is reportedly about to happen. The heroes must find their way through elevators, which bring another dimension to the gameplay itself and add to the action enormously, judging by the trailer alone. Apple Arcade is coming out in less than 10 days, and here’s hoping this game will be available soon…