Fans Upset with Shadow of the Tomb Raider Being on Sale

Fans Upset with Shadow of the Tomb Raider Being on Sale

Some games just can’t catch a break. One of those is Shadow of the Tomb Raider which received some negative reviews. Guardian said for the game that “the narrative is an incoherent mess that goes well beyond the usual action movie/video game suspension of disbelief,” while PC World called it “an unsatisfying end to the reboot trilogy.” Although the game is not that bad, and we found it quite satisfying, it seems that fans can’t stop but rant over this reboot.

The newest displeasure comes regarding the sale which just included a discount for customers, a shy over a month from its initial release.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released on September 14 and besides these slight remarks from the critics, the game received fairly positive reviews. But once the discount came into the picture, the game’s rating started to decline after one week when the price was dropped by 34% for the standard edition and 47% for special one.

Now, this is not a small drop in price and is quite understandable why early buyers are mad. But is writing negative reviews for the game really a right way to show their dissatisfaction? We believe not. After all, hundreds of people participated in creating this game for fans and other consumers. Although many would argue that it’s just a paid job for them we seem to forget that some people love what they work for. And take pride in that.

Fans Got Angry Because Game Went On Sale

And what about fans who truly couldn’t wait to play the game? Is it right to hinder their enthusiasm and eagerness to play the new Lara Croft game? I think not.

If the game contains things that are not good from the gameplay standpoint or technical issues, that’s constructive criticism that can only make the game better. But deciding to put the game on sale is the same as buying shoes and then being mad that a few days later they are on sale. Would you go back to the store and demand a refund or write a review about them being hideous.

Tomb Raider On Sale

As consumers living on the eve of technology, we can use different platforms to address certain issues. The move to put the game on discount so quickly after release is disrespectful to consumers and that is what we should point out. Not to make-up certain glitches and give bad ratings because we are not happy with the development of events. We have a voice, so we should send it in the right direction, not being childishly angry.