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Fantastic News! Fantastic Four are here at last!

One month has passed since the last MSF update and everyone asked themselves what FoxNext should introduce next to keep the game alive and interesting. Truth to be told, Sinister Six Heroes did not change the game balance at all. At the matter of fact, they were a big disappointment, at least for me.
My opinion is that FoxNext was aware of all this and that this was the reason why they introduced new Heroes and new Update earlier than anyone expected. Now we have the situation that 11 new heroes entered the MSF Roster in just 2 months. Someone may find this amusing but honestly, not many players can keep this pace and maximize all those new Heroes at the same time.
Unlike Sinister Six Heroes, Fantastic Four and Namor are truly impressive according to their skill description. We don’t know anything about Invisible Woman yet, but if she is the main Hero in this team, and she is announced as the legendary character, Fantastic Four and Namor will be the new META team for sure and when I say that I don’t think only on Alliance War. If we carefully study the abilities of Human Torch, Mister Fantastic, Namor and The Thing we conclude that this team is immune to Blind, that they can remove all positive effects for all enemies and that their damage output is greater than anything we were able to see until now. I can’t imagine what will Invisible Woman look like if she is about to be the Hero who will utilize the virtues of earlier mentioned Heroes. She will be incredible for sure!

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Until we find out what will Invisible Woman look like, enjoy the game and may the RNG be with you!