Farm Punks available for Pre-Order


Farm Punks, the produce curler announced by Noodlecake Games at GDC, is now available for pre-order. Now, the reason this game attracts attention is undoubtedly that it plans on refreshing the produce farming genre with its apparent humorous take on the whole style. Farm Punk is also a collective effort of Noddlecake and Sleeping Large firm and it is announced as a game that will appeal to the farm games audience but will feature third-person gameplay.

Farm Punks will reportedly mix together the farming sim with the third person ball-roller making a unique combination of an easy-to-pick-up game with a flair for comedy and quite the fun experience. The players will supposedly produce various foods, like fruits and others, and oddly enough launch it from a cannon and stir it on its trajectory, as one moment in the game is described by people who have seen some gameplay footage. In fact, players will grow various types of products and that is only one of the modes. You will be trading your products, earn money, and also build up your base of operations, which is a glorified name for a weird farm…or a Punk farm. Now the title slowly makes sense.

Farm Punks pre-order period began yesterday, on May 14th, 2019, and currently only visible on Google Play but it is announced as an Android and iOS game. The Farm Punk iTunes App Store version is certain to drop as you read this.