Feel the Space in Indie Game Fugue in Void

From time to time, a game appears that simply leaves us baffled. The human mind is designed to compartmentalize things so we try to make sense of it and decide whether it’s a game or just an interactive experience. The very notion that it could be the latter confuses the nature of gaming as we know it. But games evolve, not only from the technological standpoint but also in their interaction with the players. While most of the games on the market offer multiplayer modes and build online presence of the player, there are those that still value a personal and private experience.

And that is exactly what Fugue in Void does. Developed by Moshe Linke, German indie developer with a very clear creative vision of connection between space, forms, and sounds. It took him six months to complete the game and as Linke says the game originates from his creative chaos. He refers to it as his “all and everything”. And truly, this personal inflow is something you can feel in the game’s atmosphere.

Fugue in Void is both scary and magnificent at the same time. Following a 10 minute intro, you will have the chance to explore the world that is full of shapes, mystery and unfamiliar boundaries. The game doesn’t have an option to save your progress so prepare to spend 45 minutes completely emerged in something that you may have felt while watching 2001: Space Odyssey (1968) or Interstellar (2014).

This is a provoking game, daring you to enter the unexpected world and give it your full attention. The chilling environments appear as premonitions of something sinister to come, although it’s more the awe that you will feel when you walk among Linke’s designs.

One thing is certain, though. Indie developers are starting to reshape the gaming industry and more freely experiment with genres, structures, and environments. The unrestrained vision of Fugue in Void gives us a chance to spend time with ourselves far away from distractions of other media or noises. You can’t text and play Fugue in Void since there is no way to save your achievement in the game.  

Fugue in Void is set for release on August 3rd and is currently on 50% discount, at a minimum price of €2.50. This is an interactive experience that you should finish in one take and as such it will give you a unique escape from the chaos of everyday life. Therefore, in the words of its developer Mr. Linke get ready to “close the curtains and use headphones.” It’s time to discover new art and sounds of the gaming future.