Figment Coming to iOS

Figment comes to iOS on Thursday

Figment: Journey into the Mind comes to the iTunes App Store on November 28, 2019, on Thursday, proudly announced by Bedtime Digital Games. The entire game represents an interesting concept for it happens entirely in the human mind, or this is rather its setting. The gameplay is based on exploring what we know as the left and the right brain hemispheres and it will pose suitable challenges for both. The game will challenge the right side of the brain with puzzles wherein the words of the developer “lateral thinking is the key”, while the left brain side will have to use reasoning and logic in a different set of challenges.

From the trailer, we can see that the game draws a lot from the 3D platformer genre, while what happens to the main character is certainly unclear at first glance. Figment was released for PlayStation back in May 2019, and now it is transitioning to mobile.

If we were to boil the game down to a genre definition, it is a musical action-adventure, but it happening in the recesses of the human mind is not just the game’s setting.

As mentioned, Figment iOS uses this premise to present to us a surreal and strange world, filled with our thoughts, memories, and naturally bothersome inner voices that never cease. Now, for in Figment, the mind that was once still and tranquil is now changed for the worse. New thoughts begin to emerge, which are personified as nightmarish creatures spreading fear throughout the mind and controlling it for its dark purposes. We come into play as Grumpy Dusty, a voice of courage…or former courage. We must help Dusty regain his former courage and glory and help the mind to face the fears.


Main upcoming features:

  • A Whimsical world with hand-drawn animations
  • Full musical score performed and recorded on real instruments, trumpet, piano, and more
  • Fight the nightmares and face the fears head-on
  • Use both Brains and Brawn

Figment: Journey into the Mind mobile game represents an interesting concept, pairing the real-life neuroscience, psychology, and social studies with video games. The gameplay does take us to the action-adventure genre, sure, but the game’s relying message is not that far from the truth. Plus, it will challenge us with puzzles and intricate new gameplay mechanics, rarely seen in any title whatsoever, so check it out on Thursday.