Summer is here and so are the updates, patches, and hotfixes (no pun intended) related to this season’s events with undoubtedly many bikini and surfing hero skins for who knows how many games – which includes Fire Emblem Heroes. This game has had its fair share of updates, and Intelligent Systems (the developer) constantly show that they care for their audience – and hey, anyone would if Nintendo was their publisher. I have written before about this tactical JRPG, so I won’t get into too much detail this time but instead focus on the update itself beside the basic info for the newcomers.

If you are unfamiliar with the game, you must have at least heard about the franchise, as Fire Emblem has many games bannering its name. This one is sort of a spin-off on all the others, which included the characters from other games. And despite its mixed initial reception, it is very active and has won several prominent awards including the “Mobile Game of the Year” at DICE Awards this year. Now then, onto the update…

You can check out the announcement trailer for Summer’s Arrival here:

So what’s new in this summer-themed update? As usual, this is a Summoning Event which features a roster of several new characters that you can get, all of them from other Fire Emblem games like before. There are also brand new story missions through which you can enjoy some free orbs following a properly ridiculous ‘story’. The first pull is free as usual and there are quests to complete, so get in there if you are taking a break from the game. Oh yeah, as with every event there are specific rewards to get by logging in during its duration.

Getting the new characters isn’t too hard, either. This time there is a total of four new heroes, all ready to hit the beach with ridiculous lines and revealing outfits (or lack of thereof). Among the four, there is one guy and three girls, with the guy being Innes (funny, always sounded female to me) who usually wields a bow and a long overcoat, now replaced with – you guessed it, nothing. Besides being shirtless, he now uses an axe (actually a flag) and rides a wyvern. His sister joined the roster, too, so you will be able to play as Tana who waves her beach towel around and shoots – listen now – tropical fruits are her enemies. She naturally summons her weapons (watch out for that pineapple!) and rides a winged horse. Cordelia (from the Awakening game) rides a shark, which is awesome on so many levels, and uses her spear. She isn’t any less dressed than she was before, because that would simply be impossible. Finally, we have Noire, using her bow albeit slightly changed for the event, and she seems to be ‘waifu’ of the update, as fans already love her.

Well, there you go. Hope you guys have fun in this update because it sure looks great!