Super Smash Bros Ultimate Tournament

First tournament meta showed – Super Smash Bros Ultimate

The first Super Smash Bros Ultimate major tournament after the game was released on December 7th took place this weekend at Don’t park on the Grass in Seattle.

The finals were spectacular, showcasing the amazing skill of Jestise “MVD” Negron who played as Snake, who was deemed as an underdog by many people in the Super Smash Bros community. Snake hasn’t been in Super Smash Bros since Brawl on Wii, MVD played quite comfortably with his favorite character. “It was like riding a bike, most of my play was Brawl instincts taking over,” MVD said. “I love Snake so much and I really connect with the character. It’s an absolute joy being able to play him at such a high level.”

Jestise MVD Negron played as Snake

The competitors commented on everyone’s tax and movement speed increase since the last game. They agree that everything happened so fast that you can buy a few seconds after you get hit for the first time. Some of the characters move so fast that you cannot react to their movements, which makes this game even more hectic and fun then it was before.

This tournament has seen a lot of unusual characters, who don’t usually show up in the last stages of the tournaments. For example, Calib “Konga” Byers’ Donkey Kong and Dawson “Big D” Perron’s King Dedede clashed in the quarterfinals. It’s refreshing to see this much new faces because previous tournaments used to have a limited roster of superior characters. It is left to see is this variety will stick throughout the life of the game, or if the players will narrow their choice of characters over the time. The tournament winner MVD said. “More characters in a more balanced game makes it very possible that we see a much wider breadth of character picks for Ultimates meta. I don’t see that changing at all.”

It is still early for any predictions since Ultimate has been out for just a few weeks, and we have yet to see balance patches, DLCs, and how will the game have an effect on players over time. When the players establish the top tiers, the diversity will probably be lost.