Five New Arena of Valor Comprehensive Guides Vol.2

Our Arena of Valor team from the Blue Moon Game site has been working hard on thinking up unique and in-depth champion strategy guides. Our 5 new AOV champion comprehensive guides are here. Check them out and click the links or the pics to go to the page directly for your selected champ!

Click on the Link or the Champion Photo to go directly to the Guide

AOV BATMAN, a legendary comic book character. A dark knight dedicated to fighting crime was always known for having an answer to everything and everyone. Click here for a full guide.

AOV GRAKK, the Glutton, is a resilient hero with the ability to turn the entire course of the match to his team’s favor. Watch out for his hook. View the guide here.

AOV Zanis, the Dragon, is a versatile warrior. His dragon-like abilities make him a formidable foe on the battlefield. Click here for our comprehensive guide.

AOV YORN, the Hotshot, is a deadly marksman capable of raining down destruction on his foes. Click here for our guide.

AOV TEEMEE, the Stalwart Twins. This duo is played as a support tank according to our team, and a player playing Teemee should always put allies first. Click here to see how.