Forces of Freedom

Forces Of Freedom – The Evolution of Modern Warfare

We’ve already talked at length about Forces of Freedom, an upcoming mobile shooter by the UK developer Bravocompany, which bravely aims to break into the global eSports scene. Of course, that is a feat that only a handful of mobile games managed so far, but it seems that this particular title has more than a few aces hidden up its sleeve that should aid in achieving that ambition.

Naturally, the game is still in the early access phase, which means that only a fraction of planned content is currently available. Even so, you don’t need a long-range military grade tactical scope to see that Forces of Freedom are bound to make a significant impact on mobile shooters, as well as on the way how we perceive the shooter genre as a whole.

Although apparently it still isn’t fully polished, the game boasts nice visuals that obviously draw inspiration from FPS classics such as Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, and Brothers in Arms. The game mechanics are great, with a strong focus on smart, realistic, tactically oriented conflicts, and the soundtrack is on par with Michael Kamen’s Band of Brothers theme.

However, by far the most interesting thing about Forces of Freedom is the fact that you’ll be able to play as soldiers from different epochs, starting from the 1960s, and all the way up to 2010s. There are currently three factions – America, Russia and China – and each of these superpowers has its set of different infantry troopers. As we already mentioned, currently the choice is a bit limited, but American and Russian sides offer Sniper and Rifleman, while Chinese faction lets you take the part of an agile Scout. Of course, don’t fret – this is just a small sample intended to conveniently introduce you to the game and its mechanics, so expect that even more unit types will be unlocked in the latter stages of game production.

The implications of this groundbreaking approach are manifold. First of all, since developers obviously strive for a considerable degree of historical authenticity, most likely we’ll be virtually able to observe how modern warfare evolved on the example of a number of infantry units. Each new stage in that military evolution will feature slightly changed and modernized weapons and equipment, which in turn should have a marked influence on the overall gameplay and choice of military tactic. For instance, in comparison to its technologically more modest version from the 1960s, the modern Sniper unit armed with the cutting-edge rifle equipped with advanced optics, will have greater firepower and range. This means that tactics that worked with an old-fashioned Sniper will be automatically outdated, so you’ll have to double your effort and modify your approach if you intend to eliminate the threat.

Now, as you well know, the average gamer is extremely fond of comparing things from different geographical regions and timelines (did someone mention For Honor?) and pitting them against each other to see who’ll fare better in combat. That’s why it would also be extremely intriguing, not to mention educational from a historical point of view, if developers would include at least some mod where all these soldiers from different timelines would be able to battle against each other without any restrictions. That possibility will present the ultimate challenge for the players, and it would also be tremendously fun. I’m sure that the developers have already considered that option, but, in the unlikely case they haven’t, here’s a subtle hint from the gaming community.