It’s been a while since the latest patch for the planetary phenomenon known as Fortnite appeared, and we all became a little anxious to see what changes the geniuses from Epic Games will include in their next update. Thankfully, 5.10 update is finally upon us, with a bagful of goodies that include a brand new game mode and a couple of groovy guns that will doubtlessly come in handy when you get to execute the corporal punishment on your unfortunate opponents. In addition to these big, hyped-up improvements, the anniversary 5.10 patch also features countless small tweaks, improvements, and modifications that should make your Fortnite experience better, smoother, and more exciting than ever before.

The first of these major innovations is actually an entirely new mode aptly dubbed Fly Explosives. Now, the creators of Fortnite had never been particularly inclined to subtle metaphors and similar nonsense, and they always delivered to their loyal fans exactly what they’ve promised. If you’re under an impression that this mode has something to do with flying and blowing things up, you’ve just earned five points in our Fortnite pop quiz, as well as a bandolier fully stocked with ammo for being so uncannily perceptive.

Just as it sounds, this sweet symphony of destruction will allow you to equip a jetpack and become the real-deal death-dealing rocketeer. To make everything even more fun, you’ll be armed exclusively with explosive weapons. It’s obvious that the ultimate goal of this mode is quick, hectic, non-stop action, with as little pauses as possible, so developers made sure to additionally speed things up. That’s why, in this particular mode, the fuel regeneration rate for your jetpacks is increased, while, at the same time, burn rates were considerably decreased, which will enable you to spend more time airborne. And deal more damage, of course. A word of warning, though: Fly Explosives is a limited-time mode, so don’t waste precious time – grab your jetpack and your explosive boomstick, soar up into the sky and rain down death and mayhem on your amazed opponents.

Fortnite never had a shortage of weapons, but, as every aficionado of this awesome game knows, you can never have too many weapons in a title such as this. Even though gun control organizations all around the world may be a little aggravated, developers introduced just the thing you’ll need to drastically elevate the mortality rate in this game.

The first weapon is our old comrade from many battles, the one and only Guided Missile weapon. If you remember, this particular weapon was at one time actually banned from the game, on account that it was so destructive that it gave an unfair advantage to those lucky players who used it. Now, frankly, I don’t know why someone would mind an ultra-powerful weapon (perhaps some of those anti-gun activists?), but the bottom line is that its stats had to be somewhat reduced, just to make it a bit more balanced. For instance, its fuse is shorter now (decreased from 18 to 15 seconds), its speed has been reduced from 1100 to 1000, and damage to players is reduced from 105/110 to 74/77. Probably the greatest casualty of this 5.10 update was the damage that the Guided Missile deals to buildings, which was reduced from 1100 to a measly 400.

Another weapon that is a brand new addition to the rich Fortnite arsenal. Its name is Spyglass Sniper Rifle, and it actually belongs to the Flintlock Weapon set. Although its fire rate is comparably small, being limited to only one shot per clip, it will be incredibly deadly and powerful. On the downside, this power comes at a price, so you can expect considerable recoil – meaning that you’ll feel like you were repeatedly hit by a mule after shooting with this rifle.

On top of all those neat extras, the developers had an awesome idea that this 5.10 patch is an appropriate occasion to celebrate the 1st birthday of the Fortnite franchise with their loyal fans. For that reason, 5.10 patch brings a limited in-game birthday event which will give you the opportunity to earn various cosmetics by completing a series of birthday challenges. In the spirit of this festive occasion, there are three of them: If you deal 1000 damage to your opponents, you’ll get a nifty memento in the form of a special Fortnite Birthday! emoticon. Unwind a bit and dance in front of birthday cakes and you’ll get the Happy Birthday! Spray. And, if you manage to play 14 matches (which should literally be a piece of cake for any die-hard Fortnite fan) 5000 XP will be yours. Complete all three of them, and you’ll become a proud owner of Birthday Cake Back Bling. This event has already started on July 24th, and it will last until August 7th.

In addition to these content changes, 5.10 patch has taken care of countless small issues and exterminated an entire swarm of nasty bugs. All in all, great job with 5.10 update, Epic Games!