Fortnite brings treasure maps, ditches bottle rockets

Fortnite has the Season 8 started with new patch 8.01, would bring some new features in the game, but also give the boot to some less popular weapons.

Fortnite news feed first teased players with information that the new season will introduce treasure maps, that will allow players to “uncover hidden loot across the island”. These maps will work as pick up items and players can find them in the regular chest or as floor loot.  However, considering the status of legendary rarity item, it is not much likely you will stumble upon a map every now and then. Also thanks to the rarity status, only one map can be held at a time. In the case you actually successfully find the buried treasure, you will need a tool, in this case, a pickaxe, to dig It up. A good starting position for searching may or may not be anywhere near Tilted.

fortnite season 8


On the other hand, one of the most chaotic weapons in the game, the bottle rocket, has been ditched after only one month in Fortnite. Despite being favored by the players with affinity to more chaotic gameplay, most of the player base found it do noisy and two situational. Which is quite a shame, because that weapon really brought some surprise factor and made battles more unpredictable.

Another curious thing happening in Fortnite is a bug which apparently displays a vehicle highly resembling a respawn van. These vans were previously discussed by Epic Games during the Fortnite AMA as a new gameplay mechanics. It seems that these vans will operate in a similar way like the respawn system in Apex Legends. Namely,  the players will collect a tag from a fallen comrade, and carry it to a respawn location in order to revive it.


It seems that we will see this respawn system in Fortnite very soon. We’re not sure how well it will sit among Fortnite competitive community, and hope no one will switch the game because of it.