Fortnite Battle Royale mobile version has had problems so far with players taping the right side of the screen to start shooting. This caused players to sometimes lose accuracy when starting to fire because of the taps, making gun duels awkward. This is the sad drawback of the touchscreen, but in the new Fortnite 3.6 update, we are given a virtual fire button option.

This option requires you to get a 3.6 version App Store client update, along with data re-download, but once done you will fire your weapons like a pro. Many agree that this was Fortnite’s biggest drawback compared to PUBG, its rival and the senior game of the genre.
Here’s a screenshot of the settings:

This Fortnite 3.6 version not only ads this right-hand firing, but we are introduced to a new grenade: The Clinger. It is a green item by rarity, found everywhere you commonly get loot. It has a 2.5 sec delay, allowing you a small window of planning. It deals 100 damage to players, and 200to structures, and it has a one-tile blast radius. One stack gives you 3 grenades, and you max out at 10. This weapon reduces the chance of finding Remote Explosives in treasures by 40%, and the Clinger grenade will explode early if the structure it is attached to is destroyed before the grenade itself explodes.

This version also brings us the Minigun improvement, with 10% increase in accuracy and a 10% decrease in recoil. Its damage is also increased from 16/17 to 18/19 (epic or legendary).
Long range hit registration is improved for crossbows and sniper rifles, but you can check out the full patch notes here.

Fortnite Battle Royale mobile continues to boost the already epic popularity of the game. This 3.6 Fortnite patch is available now in the App Store, just follow the link below: