Frantic Action RPG CrossCode Coming Out on Switch

This is an exciting time to be a Nintendo Switch user since the company seems to publish news on new titles constantly and without a break. Nintendo Indie Highlight on Wednesday certainly helped these series of announcements by bringing some of its owns to the mix. Besides many interesting titles we will be seeing on Nintendo Switch, it is now sure that CrossCode will be among them.

This action role-playing game by Radical Fish Games started off as an Indiegogo project in 2015 and was released in 2018 for Microsoft Windows, Linux and macOS. This is a 2D game set in the future and players take the role of Lea, a mute girl who plays a fictional MMORPG CrossWorlds. So, basically, it’s game within the game and at one point two worlds featured here will collide and cause trouble.

CrossCode is a combination of 16-bit SNES type graphics and puzzle solving gameplay with combat and sci-fi story. The world of CrossCode has 7 unique areas and more than 120 enemy types which will make the boss fights pretty neat since this means there is a fair share of those too. You will solve puzzles in 8 dungeons each with its own theme as well as go on over 100 quests with different challenges and difficulties. It takes approximately from 40 to 80 hours to finish this adventure so this is a serious game requiring a decent portion of your time.

CrossCode On Switch

A nice touch about CrossCode is that developers tried to make this as realistic experience as possible when it comes to the fictional game CrossWorld. Characters you encounter in the fictional game will act as players usually do in RPG. This detail makes the narrative more believable since 16-bit graphics may be off-putting for some players who are used to much better visual features in today’s games.

The enhanced version of the game featuring exclusive content will arrive on Nintendo Switch sometime later this year, so there will be plenty of time to hear more about what new things to expect.