Fugu Filler is a hypercasual filler game


Casual games take a big part in the general video game landscape, and it is quite apparent that they are pretty popular and make for a fine contrast for the growing number of competitive games. The common denominator of these games is that they are based around a simple mechanic, usually involving some physic engine or logical puzzles. The most famous casual games are Angry Birds, Candy Crush Saga, Plants vs Zombies and Minecraft.

However, sometimes for you usual casual games are not enough, so you have to go even deeper and take your chance with hypercasual games. That’s where Esoter Studio comes to the stage, with their game Fugu Filler. They are Serbian studio that’s been working for 2 years, mostly doing outsource games and developing their turn-based RPG Project. Fugu Filler was created after they decided to make a short break of a few days and also to add graphic elements to one of their hypercasual prototypes. Thus became Fugu Filler, which turned out to be Esoter Studios’ first game they ever launched.

This game is as simple as it can possibly be, and it’s still in an early Alpha stage, so options don’t work at all, but we don’t think it’s even necessary. When you press play you will be given the choice of three cute Fugu pufferfishes, out of which only the first is free to use. After that, you will be taking to the main screen, which is presented as the ocean bottom with bubbles and small but dangerous fishes floating around. On the top side of the screen, there are indicators which show the number of pufferfishes you have at your disposal, the number of the lives you have (which is usually two), the time remaining to finish the level and two percentage indicators that show which percent of the screen is currently filled with pufferfishes and how much screen fulfillment is required in order to pass the level.

By pressing and holding your finger on the screen you will control how much your pufferfish will get inflated, and when it’s uninterrupted usually one big inhale is enough to finish a level.  Unfortunately, your puffer fish will be interrupted by small but sharp-toothed piranhas. if any of them touches your Fugu while she is inflating, she will explode and you will lose a life. Also, you have to be careful not to inflate your Fugu too much, or else it will, oh the surprise, explode. As if that is not enough, there are also barriers that will prevent your Fugu from overexpansion in a single inflate. All this sounds way more complicated than it actually is. This game really deserves the label of hypercasual.

If you happen to like this game, and we don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t, we would like to ask you to support the Esoter Games in development and give them some feedback, so they can polish and finish this game in the best way possible.