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The astral Chronicles release date was on July 27, 2019, and since that time its gaming community has grown. The game itself enjoyed positive feedback and we’ve played it recently so we will give our impressions below. Also, we’ve scoured the web for Astral Chronicles guides, tips, most commonly asked questions, and tricks, and we will be including anything we’ve found or comprised ourselves in this complete gaming guide and overview. First things first…

★ ★ ★ ★


Praised for it’s innovative and engaging features…

astral chronicles

This title was dished out by uBeeJoy Games, and overseas video game publisher who brought this title to Google Play. Astral Chronicles Android has a very good score of 4.4 stars out of almost 12k votes, as of early 2020. The game was published by Baitian Technology Limited for the iTunes App Store. Astral Chronicles iOS enjoys a fair 4.0-star rating there, while it is also available via the BlueStacks gaming platform and the APK platform. Since its release, the game has reached North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, as well as other corners of the world, and is praised for it’s innovative and engaging gameplay features, manga-style animations, and an immersive narrative.

Here is an overly positive review from the Astral Chronicles Reddit game community:

“From the start, it feels a whole lot like Another Eden / DanMemo, from the art style to the menus and even the map traversal. The game is smooth as butter, it has a really interesting 2.5D effect for the most part. Combat is real-time, and spell casts involve drawing on the screen (kinda like the Onmyoji summon mechanic). It definitely feels interesting, if anything more exciting than Another Eden’s turn-based combat.”

★ ★ ★ ★


Magical folklore of both Japan and the world…

astral chronicles

The narrative in Astral Chronicles Law of Creation II delves deep into the mystical and magical folklore of both Japan and the world, as it touches on the subjects of cosmos, religion, time travel, dreams, and it combines all the mystical elements in its presentation. The centerpiece of the story is the Cosmic Rift, which is the source of everything, and the Tower of Babel which represents the realm of magic. We come in as a confused character, who has lost its memory but possesses great power and is immediately plunged into some kind of battle to prevent the destruction of the universe, which is already upon us, by traveling back in time before it took hold.

Depending on the class and gender, our main character is set accordingly and right from the start, we meet the rest of the fellowship and encounter the unknown forces of entropy. It is a fantasy RPG, of course, where the fate of the world is placed upon the shoulders of young, brave, and intelligent individuals who show great promise. The story also touches on the mind and memories, as the battle takes place in both the real world and the Astral Realm.

As you explore this world, you slowly unravel the full story about your own origin and you find that things are not so black and white, as both good and evil seem to be below justice and chaos in this world’s order. The intertwining stories of Astral Chronicles characters are the narrative’s highpoint as the entire experience will feel like watching an anime, reading a  book, and reliving it with the characters at the same time.

★ ★ ★ ★


Casting spells with swiping patterns…

astral chronicles

Main Astral Chronicles gameplay features:

  • RPG elements (character progression, skills, equipment, etc)
  • Gacha elements, hero collector
  • In and out of combat play
  • Out of combat play features Auto-pathing, talking to characters, beginning or turning in quests
  • Combat is done through stages, but you move the characters and position them, cast abilities, etc…
  • Casting spells in various swiping patterns

The main feature of the game is, in our opinion, casting spells with swiping patterns. This is what gives it its immersive experience. Each main skill from a character will have its swiping pattern for casting assigned, automatically or manually, and by making these swiping patterns across the touchscreen, you cast your designated spells. Also, the ultimate abilities from your opponents are being cast by swiping their portraits upward, which are located at the bottom portion of the screen.

All in all, the combat seems rather hectic and it will take some time for you to get used to it and actually learn to follow what’s really happening. But, when you do, it will become increasingly interesting. Chaining and combining basic and ultimate abilities from your party members is the key to success, as you will learn later on. As mentioned, you can move your players and cast their abilities, which is a step away from the usual scenario in these games where the characters are mostly stationary and just cast spells when their turn arrives. This is not turn-based combat and it is refreshing to experience that hero collector gacha extravaganza without it.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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Out of combat, the main feature seems to be the auto-pathing or just pathing feature. You just click it and your party will move to the quest you are currently prioritizing the most. However, the out-of-combat gameplay is also rather important, as it seems to behave as a game in and of itself. Firstly, you will move through the Astral Realm and the magical lands in the style of classic arcade games, but with 2.5D environment, sort of like Mario Bros. U Deluxe offered recently, with the interactive 2.5D environments.

Also, virtually all other aspects of gameplay are accessible only out of combat, like party management, Astral Chronicles character management, achievements, managing in-game currencies, accessing the shop, Stargate, Social, inventory, events, benefits, special offers in the game, and other aspects of the gameplay.

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Your designated summoning interface…

astral chronicles

Now, the Stargate is, for all purposes, your designated summoning interface. It is accessed by the button marked with “Stargate” in the bottom interface menu, and it will first take you to the screen with special time-limited offers. Choosing the option between the 1 Summon and 9 Summons will take us to the Stargate itself, which requires the player to cast a summoning spell, which is another immersive feature added to the game. You just swipe around the gate in a circular motion, nothing fancy, but it is along the lines of the casting pattern features.

Astral Chronicles Character Classes:

  • Warrior – Melee Attack, Damage
  • Guardian – Melee Attack, Defense
  • Sorcerer – Range Attack, Burst damage
  • Ranger – Range Attack, Damage
  • Chanter – Range Attack, Support

Astral Chronicles Character quality:

  • R
  • SR
  • SSR

Astral Chronicles Character races:

  • Human
  • Dragon
  • Elf
  • Dwarf
  • Orc

Astral Chronicles characters are all divided into these classes and rarity types, regardless of which class you choose for your main character. Most of the characters from the storyline, or those that join you at least, have their class, skills, stats, and rarity, while you also have a chance for some others to drop in the Stargate summoning process. As it is mandatory, class, stats, skills, and items all affect the gameplay outcome and the experience of the game, and you should adjust your main hero and your party accordingly.

As far as the classes go, they are pretty straight forward. The choices are self-explanatory, and you may or may not concern yourself with abilities that much. However, it is good to know which elements are at play, because combining different element sources with damage abilities will yield higher damage output, while overlapping the same elements will cause your party to not function at full potential.

As far as the rarity goes, the types are also pretty standard, with R being rare, and SR and SSR Super rare, but there are no plain heroes, so actually an R Astral Chronicles Character is the lowest rarity you can get, which may be a bit confusing. However, as the game goes on, you will learn that you need to focus on SSR characters to make any progress on the stuff that really matters, like slaying really hard bosses.

Spell Casting

As mentioned, one of the main features is the utilization of different swiping patterns in order to cast spells. However, when a character is ready to cast his or her ultimate ability in combat, you need to swipe its portrait upwards. This is where you should know which ultimate abilities do what, and furthermore which damage types do they belong to, in order to consolidate them better.

★ ★ ★ ★


The visuals and animations look incredibly well…

astral chronicles

In terms of pure visuals, this game rocks! In and out of combat experience is amazing. The entire Astral Chronicles game has that kind of a modern anime feeling but in its own style. The visuals and animations look incredibly well, while models, especially Astral Chronicles characters, look stylish and impressive. However, during combat, the flashing and the oversaturation of effects and skill animations may feel a bit hectic at first, until you get used to it. The entire game has a high quality of graphics, visuals, and it looks impressive, but it won’t overburden even mid-class Smartphones, for most of the flashy animations are cleverly done in the motion collage method.

★ ★ ★ ★


Character voiceovers are something of a special treat…

Now, the sound and the Astral Chronicles character voiceovers are something of a special treat in the game. Mainly, the game’s impressive animations and visuals are followed up by appropriately good sounds and effects, but the producers of the game also showcased a list of well-known Japanese voice actors who worked on the game, making the entire experience that much more immersive and giving it all a quite serious feel.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★


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It is not in any way a demanding mobile game…

Even though Astral Chronicles is a visually progressive game and it does bring a ton of content, it is not in any way a demanding mobile game in terms of hardware or software. As mentioned, most of the impressive animations are achieved by using cleverly utilized still animations. However, the level of detail is impressive, but it does not even overburden Snapdragon 400 series, which is what we used to play it. The game may take up 2BG+ of storage space and is perfectly playable with 2GB+ of RAM.

★ ★ ★ ★


It is not in any way a demanding mobile game…

astral chronicles

Astral Chronicles is a gacha game, at least in the hero collector sense of the word. It does feature the usual premium currencies which are only available for either real money or are earned very slowly through the game. However, everything is obtainable for free, there is absolutely no aspect of the game that is locked for free-to-play users. Also, the SSR characters, the rarest of them all, may all drop randomly. Only those players who insist on having everything at the strongest possible level, and having the latest Astral Chronicles characters, may opt to buy something for real cash in here.

★ ★ ★ ★


The immersive storyline, snappy gameplay, impressive visuals…

astral chronicles

Astral Chronicles mobile game is definitely something to consider when opting for a long-term gaming experience. It provides an immersive storyline, snappy gameplay, impressive visuals, and sound, and it brings it all together in a blend of gacha, RPG, adventure, and arcade genres. The game keeps the player engaged and locked in since the start, while it becomes even more immersive in mid-game stages, and finally gives its full allure in late-game. To enjoy it fully, a player must be engaged and interested, but at the same time, there are plenty of mechanics that save us from repetitive tasks, like auto-pathing and similar features. All in all, if this sounds anything up your alley, you won’t regret trying it out. Top marks!

✪ ✪ ✪ ✪ ✪


One of the best if not the best controller available…

astral chronicles

While the first part of this page delved with our impression of the game and the basic features, this second part is the Astral Chronicles guide for beginning and advanced stages of the game. Stuff we gathered across the web, from the Astral Chronicles Reddit game community opinions, and our own findings while playing it. We will focus on frequently asked questions, like how to reroll, how to level up fast, get badges, and stuff like that. We will also try to give our thoughts about the best class or classes, and see which characters are the most popular currently in the gaming community.

Astral Chronicles characters

Now, we’ve covered the basics about character classes, races, and we’ve mentioned rarity, with the rarest of heroes being the strongest, of course. But, the Astral Chronicles game does feature a somewhat unique view on stats and other characteristics of the characters. This is mainly seen in the way the basic stats are organized and the fact that each Astral Chronicles character can have up to 10 usable abilities, not just 3 or 4 as per usual in similar games that deal with gacha, hero collector, and RPG party management.

Astral Chronicles character stats:

  • Physical
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Intellect

The physical stat is the most basic stat, useful for all classes in the game, and it represents something like Stamina is universally taken for in RPG games. It determines the character’s Hit Point pool, or how much punishment he or she can take before dying. 1 point of the Physical stat provides 5 HP. Some classes, like melee, need it more than ranged classes, but it is important none the less for everybody.

Agility stat is, as you might have guessed, the most important stat for the ranger class, but it is also very important for Warriors. It represents a character’s ability to evade attacks, for all classes, but also provides attack bonuses for Warriors and Rangers. 1 point of Agility gives 0.1 to Evasion stat, and 1 ATK point for Warriors and Rangers.

Strength stat is the primary stat for melee classes, or at the least at the same priority level as Physical. It represents the character’s ability to defend, but also to deal damage for Guardian class. 1 point of Strength gives the character 1 point of Defense, and, if it’s a Guardian, it also gives 1 point of ATK still.

Intellect stat is, as it is traditional, the most important stat for mages and healers. However, since it provides 0.1 of Resistance stat to every class, it is useful for everybody, especially for Guardians. 1 point of Intellect stat gives 0.1 to All Resistance stat, and it provides Sorcerers and Chanters with 1 ATK skill point.

In the character sheet info, you can tap on Detail to see what these main stats provide the selected Astral Chronicles character with. The secondary stats are:

  • CRIT – displays both the critical strike value and the critical strike chance in the border, in percentage
  • CDMG – critical damage represents the percentage value for which your attack is multiplied when it is a critical strike
  • BLK – block represents the percentage chance to block incoming physical attacks
  • ATK SPD– attack speed represents the speed in which the character lands melee attacks, with 100 being the basic value for a character, and anything above will decrease the time between attacks
  • DODGE – this represents your dodge point value and the chance to dodge an incoming physical attack in percentage, in brackets
  • SPD – speed represents character movement speed, with 100% being the basic speed of a particular character
  • BLK RD – block reduction represents damage reduction for blocked attacks
  • CD – this represents cooldown reduction for your abilities, with 0.0% meaning your abilities will cooldown at their usual rate or speed
  • RES – resistance represents damage reduction for a certain element, and those are water, fire, thunder, dark, and light
  • Hit – this represents a character’s chance to land a hit on a physical attack, and a higher hit rating trumps the target’s chance to dodge
  • Anti-Crit – this represents the character’s chance to avoid a critical attack, so this directly opposes the attacker’s critical strike chance


Besides stats and abilities, each Astral Chronicles character has its special talent, which represents a perk they posses. Some may be immune to certain effects others may improve their abilities or change their functionality in a certain way. This is particularly important with SSR heroes, as it is a part of what makes them so strong.


Besides characters, Astral Chronicles Reddit game community opinions are quite strong and opposing on this subject. There are numerous Reddit posts and opinions about the items best suited for heroes, as each hero is unique and each can have a number of different itemization options. What is best to go for as a beginner is items and gear which provide stats that are the most beneficial for a particular character. This is assumed when basic and secondary stat gains are in question, but it is more so for some special quality feature an item offers, like a sword that prevents the owner’s attacks to be dodged.

While Sorcerers and Chanters will undoubtedly go for Int and perhaps some Physical for their main stats, they may consider Cooldown reduction or Crit as their primary focus in secondary stats, and set up their gear accordingly. Chanters particularly benefit highly from cooldown reduction, as they heal and support your party, while Sorcerers may prioritize crit. Furthermore, if you equip a sword that prevents your attacks from being dodged, you may dispense with the Hit rating entirely and focus on crit and damage.

In Astral Chronicles, there are also item sets, which also range in quality, with the Legendary item sets being the strongest ones. They will also provide a special bonus or ability, depending on the set type and the number of pieces you have equipped. These are also to be taken into consideration when optimizing stats. For instance, a special bonus from an item or item set may give the character in question a bonus special perk or ability, or it may also improve its existing ability, like increasing duration of CC, or damage gains, etc…

Locking an equipped item in a particular character slot prevents it from being changed when you tap the Quick Equip or Quick Remove feature, which is very important to do if you don’t want to mess up your gear. However, you need to pay special attention and unlock those items that you want to replace. Also, items you don’t need or outgrow with your characters can be decomposed to salvage some resources from them, like coins, which will prove crucial in grinding in-game currencies.

Astral Chronicles Character SSR Tier List with grades S through C for both PvE and PvP:

  • Alphard – PvE score: C; PvPscore: D
  • Allur – PvE: B+; PvP: C
  • Athena – PvE: S; PvP: A
  • Cupid – PvE: B; PvP: B
  • Nora – PvE: A; PvE: B+
  • Ryudo – PvE: S; PvP: A
  • Gillian – PvE: A; PvP: S
  • Ouroboros – PvE: A; PvP: S
  • Yoru Rumi – PvE: B+; PvP: S
  • Hachi Araumi – PvE: C; PvP: C
  • Netheria – PvE: S; PvP: A
  • Pandora Z – PvE: B+; PvP: B+
  • Titan Cynthia – PvE: B; PvP: B
  • Newton – PvE: B+; PvE: A
  • Zeus – PvE: A+; PvP: S
  • Felicia – PvE: B+; PvP: B
  • Kamiko – PvE: B+; PvP: A
  • Lars – PvE: A; PvP: B+
  • Undine – PvE: B-; PvP: A+

Keep in mind that the grades are S through C, with S being the best and C being the worst score. Some characters are balanced for both PvP and PvE, like Netheria, who is rated with S for PvE and A for PvP, while others are only good for one of the two, like Yoru Rumi, who is rated with S for PvP but with B+ for PvE.

How to reroll IN Astral Chronicles?

How to reroll is one of the most commonly asked questions by beginner or even mid-game players. The game offers so many features and content, that it’s easy to lose track of some things. Firstly, in order to be able to reroll a character, you will have to progress in the main story by II-6, which is the second chapter, part 6. At this point, you are still not finished with the tutorials, and the functions of some of the features in the game may not be available yet or may change later on. Thus, the Stargate summoning feature will change after you pass II-6 in the main storyline. Then, your summoning interface will offer three 10-rolls.

Now, at this point, people have tried different things. According to the Astral Chronicles Reddit opinions, some say they are trying to delete their data to try and use the same roll multiple times, while others are using a log-off method, which can be considered a cheat, but actually it’s not and it’s legit. The only drawback is that you will have to play through the story up until chapter II part 6. This is one of the most popular ways of practically starting the game with some very strong SSR heroes, and another drawback is that you won’t be able to use the same name for your character. You can speed through the story the second time, which should take about 20+ minutes to reach the II-6.

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How to get SSR characters?

  • Gate of Destiny – Summon x10 which guarantees 1 SSR, available after chapter II-6
  • Space-Time Summon – spend Magic Gems and Cosmic Tickets for a chance to get an SSR character. The Space-Time Summon is located in the Stargate interface. Save up your resources for Summons 10x, which will cost you 9 Cosmic Tickets, with a 10% discount.
  • 7-Day Gift – daily objectives will award you with 1 point, and reaching 87 points will give you Star Augur SSR

How to change class?

Class Change is unlocked by completing a quest, which will open up sometime in chapter III. It was available in III-3 for us. It starts at a chicken musician called Bard Burns, and a poem he has to recite to you. You should listen to the poem and then follow up the quest further, which takes you to the mysterious ancient ship, which you, unfortunately, attempt to blow up together with Lulu. When you two later tell this to Suzukaze, she reveals to you the ship is the Legacy of Crandall, and Lulu runs away, leaving you high and dry. But, your trial is completed, and you get to try out class change.

From then on, it’s rather simple. When you enter the Party interface and click on a single Astral Chronicles character, to view details, you will have the Class Change option enabled, bight next to the Skill layout of the character. Tap that and you will enter the interface where you can see your own and other classes to which you can switch to.

How to change follower IN ASTRAL CHRONICLES?

Your follower is one of the characters in your from your party that appears beside you in the open world mode when you are talking to NPCs and going after quests. It is by default Carly, the first member of your party, but you can change this easily. Just tap on the Party and enter the management interface. Then, tap on Carly and in the details pane you will find a button marked with Follow, right beside her Name and rating info. Tap it and she will stop following you. Then, go to another Astral Chronicles character detail pane and tap on following, if you wish him or her to become your new follower.

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Astral Chronicles Bond Guide

Your main Astral Chronicles character will have a certain standing or bond level with all the other characters you meet through the main story. Increasing the bond level can obtain you additional skills, which is why it makes it so important. Since you want skills that benefit your main character’s class most of the time, you should focus on bonding with the characters of the same class. To check your bond level with a certain character, in the Party Management interface, tap Allies, and then the desired character. Once details pane opens up, tap on Bond, located on the left-side menu. It will display your standing.

No,w increasing your Bond level with a hero will give you access to additional skills, but you also need to consider your main character’s stat priority. For instance, if your main character is a guardian, you can bond with Stygian Bell to get his Fulmination basic attack ability. It taunts enemies, has a chance to proc the Steel Body buff, and deals dark damage. Also, obtaining Titan Souls’ ability Fortitude will give you a passive increase of 20% to your Physique stat, which is just OP.

How to increase bond?

To increase your level of bond with a certain character, you need to make them your follower, which is done by tapping the Follow option in the character’s details pane. This does not mean that the same character is in your party, and it does not have to be, which is what’s best about it. But, since it will increase bond faster, it is a good idea to bond with a character that is a member of your party at the same time. Farming normal Cosmic Rifts is a good idea to grind bond levels.

How to level up fast?

As with similar games that combine the hero collector genre, with the RPG and Adventure, in Astral Chronicles leveling up is a wide area. Following the storyline, quests are, of course, the basic option and it will allow you to level up your characters and progress through the game fast, unlocking all of the features and earning rewards. However, when out of combat and moving from one quest to another, you will encounter numerous wondering monsters, which all present you with an encounter. Some will be well below your level as you grow stronger, while others may be out of your reach, but doing them all will provide you with the experience and in-game currencies, so you shouldn’t shy away from doing as much battle as you can.

Furthermore, many of the awards will yield experience bottles that are used to Imbue your selected character, i.e. to level up fast. When you are in your party interface, tap on the desired character and right beside its experience bar you will find a little plus (+) symbol. Tap the symbol and this will bring up the Imbue interface. There, you can see which bottles are available, or which you can unlock later, and if you have any, you can spend them to fast level up your characters. You can also access the Imbue option in the party interface, on the right side beside your party management.

How to get badges?

There are several different badges in Astral Chronicles, and they are mostly awarded for certain achievements in the game. They are divided into categories and are as follows:

Stargate/summoning badges:

  • God of Luck Badge – awarded for getting 3 SSR characters in 10 Summons
  • Black Cat Messenger – making 100 summons but getting NO SSR characters
  • Toy Boy Band – Draw 5 male SSR characters consecutively
  • Top Girl Band – Draw 5 female SSR characters consecutively
  • Astral Covenant Printshop – make 200 summons in a single day


  • Heaven, Hell in Shambles – raise 30 female characters to Level 5 Bond
  • All for One – raise 50 characters to Level 5 Bond
  • Purple Jelly – get 5 stars for a Purple Jelly
  • Gold Jelly – get 5 stars for a Golden Jelly
  • Bride Veve – achieve a level 5 Bond with Purple Veve
  • Bride Gold Veve – achieve a level 5 Bond with a Gold Veve


  • Phantasm Hunter – Achieve and hold rank 1 in the Phantasm Tower for 1 week
  • When the Dream Ends – achieve and hold 1-10 rank in the Phantasm Tower
  • Phantasm Explorer – Clean a Phantasm Tower floor previously unexplored


  • Pigeonaire Master – Fish 200 times during a 24-hour period
  • Fish Duke – Fish out 40 red or orange fish in a 24-hour period


  • Mystic Crystal – 50 refinements in 24 hours
  • Taibai’s Mentor – 100 polishes in 24 hours


  • Lord Killer – 100 Bosses killed in a 24-hour period
  • Gold Veve Feeder – 5 Gold Veves killed in a 24-hour period
  • Ace Adventurer – 100 instances completed with a team in a 24-hour period


  • Morolo’s Regular Customer – 200 purchases made at the Morolo’s Shop during a 24-hour period
  • Astral Realm Money Printer – 10 million Cosmic Coins earned in a 24-hour period

Astral Chronicles Best Class or Classes:

There are more than 200 skills and god knows how many bonuses from gears and other sources found in the game, and they are increasing with every update, so if a certain class becomes the best at a certain point, it only holds the throne for a short while. But, according to the Astral Chronicles Reddit game community opinions, you can’t put a finger on which class is the best. But, it appears that certainly the guardian and warrior classes take precedence throughout the community, followed by sorcerers and rangers, and then chanters at the last spot.

It is just a matter of personal preference in our opinion. Each class can work for you if you compose your party right. So, you should just consider skills and gameplay for a certain class you want to pick, and then build up your party from then on. The basic abilities of classes are as follows:

Warrior Class (melee, damage) skills:

  • Torrent – deals dark damage in a medium area
  • Meteors – slashing targets in an area in front several times, dealing high amounts of fire damage and gaining HP
  • Electostorm – deal large amounts of thunder damage over time (5sec) in a medium area

Guardian Class (melee, defense) skills:

  • Particle Smash – conjure a magical shield and strike in front, stunning all for 2 sec
  • Chain reaction – Close in on an enemy and taunt all nearby
  • Magnetrick – dealing large amounts of damage (thunder) in a medium area and inflicting weaken

Ranger class (ranged, damage) skills:

  • Chaos Arrow – an AOE attack that deals a large amount of damage (fire)
  • Savage Pounce – leap to a selected point and gain 100% critical strike chance for 3 sec after
  • Phoenix Plume – deal high damage (fire) to a single enemy target

Sorcerer class (control, burst) skills:

  • Griffin’s Glare – produce a storm that persists for 2 sec, drawing any enemies caught towards the center and stunning them for 1 sec
  • Solstice – conjuring a fire tornado which deals massive damage (fire) for 3 seconds to everyone in the medium area
  • Aura’s Thunder – a trap that deals damage (thunder) and inflicts weaken on everyone caught in the area

Chanter class (heal, support) skills:

  • Fae Dust – increase movement speed and damage of an ally for 10 sec
  • Cycle Armor – an absorbing shield which persists for 8 seconds or until broken
  • Oracle – healing an ally and applying 1 stack, persisting for 10 sec and stacking up to 5 times

What to do in the end-game?

After you have finished all of the quests in Astral Chronicles, it’s time to farm the Secret Realm Dungeons and the Cosmic Rift. This will yield high-level gear for your characters. The Cosmic Rift has 3 difficulty levels and they are really challenging if your characters are not at a minimum of the recommended level. They are best for farming high-quality gear and you can either go solo or with a party of 5. The Secret Realm Dungeons award boost items which you can use to enhance characters, like the Legacy Trial that awards legacy materials, Phantasm that awards enchantment items, tonic kids and magic gems, and the cosmic cave which awards refining stones and mystic crystals.

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Astral Chronicles character rating – How to increase it fast?

Increasing the combat power of your main character can be done in a number of ways. For any materials or resources in-game which you are not sure where to find, just tap the resource and the instructions about where they can be found will appear.

  • Leveling up is the best and basic way of increasing rating
  • Getting better equipment, farming Cosmic Rifts and Secret Realm Dungeons
  • Oath enables you to increase stats by assigning a Fae to a character
  • Mastery activated with legacy materials
  • Bonding with a suitable ally

This is it as far as out Astral Chronicles guide goes for now. We will expand it in the future after we play it more. Many players are aware that the Astral Chronicles Reddit game community is a lively one and filled with people who can help with useful info, which we want to thank this way!


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