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Welcome pros and casuals to our Brave Nine (ex Brown Dust) complete tier list and best mercenaries! Here, you will find the overall ranking for Arena, Novice Arena and World Bosses where mercenaries are divided into five tiers: Tier 1 through 5. Also, check out our top picks for the arena and novice arena! We hope that this information might help you decide which mercenaries are worth investing in and which aren’t.

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BRAve nine complete tier list

Table with mercenary rankings for every segment of the game…


  • Mercenaries Tier List is a table with all Brave Nine (ex Brown Dust) mercenaries ranked for every segment of the game. Use search to find mercenaries you are interested in.
  • Use “TIER 1” or “TIER 2” filters to see a list of heroes ranked for selected game segments.
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best arena mercenaries

These are our top mercenary picks that are worth investing time and effort…

brave nine tier list and best mercenaries

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Top tier Brave Nine mercenary picks for Arena are:

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best novice arena mercenaries

These are our top tier mercenary picks for novice arena…

brave nine tier list and best mercenaries

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Our top Brave Nine mercenary picks for Novice Arena are:

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One of the best non-legendary heroes. The main source of her power is her first skill (Nine-Tailed Fox Transformation) which activates after the first attack of every turn. Dalvi turns into a Nine-Tailed Fox that gives her huge attack and defense boosts. Basically she one shoots enemies 95% of the time with this skill. On top of the first skill, she is immune to debuffs, has boosted agility and charms enemies that attacked her into attacking their own allies. She’s an extremely powerful warrior on top of the ranks of our Tier list.


In some regards, she is better than Lucius as a defender. She has an absolutely massive pool of HP, her defense is boosted every time an enemy’s grave appears and she reduces incoming damage. All this makes her impossible to be killed by anyone except for maxed out top tier heroes, and they struggle against her as well. On top of being almost un-killable she taunts enemies and her taunting abilities become stronger whenever an enemy’s grave appears. Her damage output is decent but can be boosted to monstrous effects with Titan’s strike. She has the ability to skip over the front defense units of enemy teams. Behind them she creates havoc, killing warriors and ranged units. Overall she’s the best defender in any given situation making her a Tier 1 Hero of the Brave Nine Tier list.


Lucius is one of the toughest Brave Nine mercenaries since it’s almost impossible to kill him and being the best tank earns him the top tier on our tier list. Besides a large health pool, Lucius can also heal himself every time he strikes an opponent (Soul Strike, which also buffs Lucius’ attack) and whenever he gets hit by the enemy (Masochism). More importantly, even if he gets killed, Lucius will instantly resurrect, activating Death Guard that has a very long duration and grants invulnerability to the next four attacks.


She’s one of the best defenders next to Lucius and Benshina. if you are lucky enough to have these three in a team your defense will be practically unbreachable from the front. With her first skill, Cecilia absorbs AoE damage. Her second skill Regeneration Barrier reduces incoming damage and heals her at every turn. She permanently curses and nullifies the enemy’s buffs. Titan strike gives her the possibility to deal additional damage. Being able to cancel AoE damage is really useful to every team and makes her one of the best defenders of our Tier list.


Nartas also is known as Misfortunate, one of the Six Devils. His powers are of demonic origin. As a consequence, his body is frozen in time. He looks like a boy even though he is 163 years old. In his youth, he experimented with arcane magic which caused an explosion that killed his entire family. After the explosion, he disappeared from the world until he was found by the rebel Fabian.

Nartas is a mage that debuffs enemies before attacking and deals a huge amount of damage, in a straight line, with his Ultimate Strike skill, while increasing his own defense for a set number of turns. To top it all off, he’s also immune to debuffing skills and belongs to the epic tier on our Brave Nine Tier list.


Levia’s Summon Demon can deal a tremendous amount of damage to a single, main target, while her additional damage is proportional to the enemy HP. The skill will also affect secondary targets in a cross shape (centered on the main target), dealing smaller damage, but usually enough to instantly kill them. Besides that, Summon Demon will (right before she attacks) grant Levia a significant, but short defense boost. Also, Levia is immune to debuffs, curses every opponent that attacks her by reducing his stats and heals herself through Masochism ability every time she takes damage. All in all, she has a powerful ‘nuke’ skill, alongside some defensive and debuffing skills which makes her a perfect candidate for the top tier of our Tier List.


Refithea is one of the Six Devils. A fairy that commands one of the elementals, Gluttonous. She is several centuries old despite looking like a child. Refithea is a princess of a fallen Fairy Kingdom. Right before disaster struck her kingdom she fled to the human realm. Among humans she lived a lonely existence up until she met Fabian, she gave him a promise that she will revive her kingdom and reinstate herself as the Queen after she helps him with his conquest.

Refithea can instantly buff up allies, with her Glutti Bestowal, in 9-tile radius by raising their attack, critical rate, and damage reduction, while, at the same time, removing all debuffs. All of this makes her the best support mercenary in the Brave Nine and earns her a spot in Tier 1 of our tier list.


Christina attacks five times in a row with her first skill at every turn. She reduces the enemy’s damage and becomes immune to any debuff. Her Final Strike skill deals damage over time and makes her enemies weaker. When awakened Christina unlocks an ability Tricolor Bomb that deals Damage over time. Because of this ability defenders bleed, warriors get poisoned and magicians get burned on every turn, ignoring their damage reduction buffs. Tricolor bomb makes her a deadly Warrior to anyone on the opposing side. Christina is right below Delvi among Warrior types, giving her a place at the Brave Nine Tier list.


Michaela is a support hero that boosts all attack and critical damage while reducing all incoming damage. She boosts all stats of allies and can become immune to debuffs. The most useful of her skills is DoT Immunity Bestowal as the name says is making all her allies immune to Damage over Time. DoT Immunity makes her one of the most useful supporters in the game, as well as one of the participants on our Tier list.


Granhildr has a very interesting skill called debuff reflection that will, you guessed it, reflect all debuffs back to the enemy that is attacking her. Granhildr also reduces all incoming damage and increases her own for the amount proportionate to a percentage of enemy HP. Granhildr, with her high HP pool, can taunt all enemies, forcing them to attack her as long as the taunt lasts (10 turns). This skill can save some of the squishier allies and draw fire from the enemy spellcaster(s) away from your main team, and that’s why Granhildr is relatively high on our Brave Nine Tier list.


Kaoli uses Permanent healing after every turn and after every time she is attacked. In offense, she deals additional damage with Titan strike, and if an enemy dies she heals again. In the awakened state, she reflects a part of the damage dealt to her. As all good defenders, she has the skill Taunt. With Taunt she’s taking on incoming attacks and drawing them away from her allies which gives her new opportunities to heal and reflect incoming damage. She is a good defender hero that can save her allies from a lot of incoming attacks and even thrive on them, on top of that she has the highest health pool than any other hero, this makes her a good addition to the Brave Nine Tier list.


Angelica is very tough for a warrior, because of her Permanent Curse Barrier that significantly reduces all incoming damage and reduces the stats of units that are attacking her. Besides that, Angelica’s base damage is quite high and can be further increased by Lethal Impact which deals a percentage of additional damage based on the enemy HP. In other words, the more HP the target has, the higher Angelica’s damage will be. To top it all off, she’s also immune to debuffs and gets to Tier 2 on the Brave Nine Tier List.


Asmode is a unique mercenary that debuffs and damages enemies by supporting them. He can decrease their defense, steal buffs and deal damage equal to a certain percentage of the enemy health. Asmode will also charm any opponent that attacks him, making him attack his allies or himself if there are no other enemies present in the same lane. Asmode is a unique support character that belongs to the Tier 2 of our Brave Nine Tier list.


Glacia Is a defender that freezes her enemies making them inoperable while reducing all their stats except for their health. Also any time an enemy attacks her with a normal attack it is countered with a freezing. At the beginning of a battle, she activates an Ice Barrier that reduces incoming damage. But whenever hit with a normal attack she enters into Glacier mode becoming invulnerable, but inoperable as well. She is immune to all interference skill types. She makes defenders of the opposing team quite vulnerable while they are frozen as well as taunt the rest to attack her in Glacier mode, drawing away all damage to her when she’s invulnerable. All this makes her a good choice for a defender in both PvP and PvE.


Barbara is a warrior coming from an all-female tribe near the outskirts of Allan. She is well respected for her javelin throwing skill. Her attacks are in a straight line across the enemy lines. All her skills reduce stats, ignore buffs and protections of all her enemies. She even prohibits healing to the opposing team. And for protection, she heals herself as well as boosts her defense. If she is in a group with Kaoli and Ceres their HP is increased. Overall a very aggressive warrior who can weaken and destroy any enemy team with ease, this makes her an obvious choice for our Brave Nine Tier list.


Carlson is one of the best defenders for Novice Arena. He starts out with you at the beginning of the campaign and has his own little campaign showing his back story. His skills are straight forward. He taunts enemies to attack him in return, he receives reduced damage. With his second skill, he deals additional damage to the enemy. If the enemy dies during this skill he heals all of his HP. His awakened skill is immunity to damage over time. With Rigenette and Beatrice, he gains a boost with either one or both of them on his team dealing additional damage. He is a very useful defender and can become pretty unkillable if he heals each time someone gets killed by his second skill giving him a place in our Brave Nine Tier list for Novice Arena.


Rigenette is another hero gained pretty early in the campaign. Her special ability is to skip the enemy’s front line and attack those standing behind it. She can stun enemies making her useful in staving off warriors and ranged units from attacking for that round. When awakened she has more possibility of dealing critical damage. When in the team with Carlson and/or Beatrice each one of them gains a boost to their damage output, making them a deadly team for any situation especially Novice Arena.


Maria is the first magician you obtain in the campaign. She deals damage in a straight line across the battlefield. Her first skill removes buffs from an enemy. Her second skill deals additional damage to the enemy. If she kills an enemy during this state she heals herself and gains an attack boost. Her attacks can be boosted further if she’s in a team with Edin and Frederica. When awakened she gains a skill that puts a curse on an enemy reducing all their stats except HP. Maria is a pretty solid mage useful for weakening and destroying her enemies


Kry gained his powers by being an experiment for the Twilight Order. In order to escape he fused with a female demon who was an experiment subject like him. Ever since escaping he was looking for a way to get revenge on the Twilight Order. Kry is a warrior that has boosted Crit Rate from the get-go. His second skill Pillage is interesting because he steals a buff applied to an enemy and after every turn, he heals HP. He has a rather high HP and heals after every turn. He can be quite endurant for a warrior while dealing decent damage making him perfect for Novice Arena.


Iris is a defender that is heavily reliant on charm skills. With her first skill, she charms enemies. With her second skill, she gives a counter charm as a defensive technique. As Iris levels up subset skills are added to the first two skills. Each of these skills gains another charm subskill. Along with charms, she has a defense boost and regeneration of HP every time her first skill expires. She has a permanent resistance to Damage over time attacks. When awakened she gains an ability to taunt. Since she can skip the enemy’s front lines and use charm skills, she can create a big mess among their ranks, all this makes her really useful in Novice Arena.

hyeon wol

Hyeon Wol is a pretty straightforward and simple supporter. He boosts critical rate, critical damage and attack points of his allies. When awakened he removes any attack interference imposed on allies allowing them to have a smooth fight without stopping. Hyeon is the best three-star support that you can find, and you can easily recruit him with a scroll. His buffs are fairly powerful early on making him a good pick for Novice Arena.


Sloan is a defender whose abilities are mostly tied to dealing Damage over Time. His first skill always counters normal attacks with a permanent poison attack. He deals poison damage at every turn and warriors are three times more vulnerable to this skill than any other class. For defense, he has a damage barrier that reduces incoming damage along with removing DoT applied to him. His awakened skill (Decomposition) deals damage at every turn taking a percentage of health from his target, this skill can be stacked. He is a decent defender that slowly drains away the enemy’s HP and is a big nuisance to warriors, all of this makes him a good pick for Novice Arena.


Mercedes is a defender whose best skill is her first skill. She reflects a big portion of the damage received back to her enemies. She uses Titan Strike, a skill that takes the maximum amount of her health points as a reference to how much damage she will deal. Meaning the bigger her Max HP is, the more damage she will deal, and she has a good amount of health points. If anyone dies during her Titan strike she immediately heals. When awakened she gains a taunt skill, this along with damage reflection and Titan strike makes her a formidable force in Novice Arena as well as earning her a spot on our Brave Nine Tier list.


Serendia is a supporter type of hero that can be of great use to her allies. She bestows silence and attack reduction on allies while boosting their attack, as well as silence her enemies. She removes any debuffs applied to her allies. Her awakened skill makes her quite tough for a supporter since it gives her immunity to any attack interfering skill and reduces any damage dealt to her. This makes her pretty much immune to any long-range attacks. She is a tough hero that can be a solid support to any team in either Arena or Novice Arena. Because of such versatility, she is a part of our Brave Nine Tier list.


Horan is primarily a defensive unit. She counteracts any normal attack by her own boosted attack if an enemy dies by this attack she instantly heals. She has a permanent boost to her agility, which gives her enhanced attack damage while reducing all incoming damage. If Horan’s enemies are successfully taunted all damage will be reduced and swiftly countered by her. All in all a solid defender to any team in Novice Arena.

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