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Fans of TWD show and many others are undoubtedly already veterans of The Walking Dead No Man’s Land, as the game came out some time ago. However, it is quite alive and well, updated regularly, and seeing how the new content was added to the game parallel to the TV series to reflect on the source material, it is no wonder it is still so popular. This mobile game deserves a closer look, while in the second part of the page we will dedicate our resources to finding guides and answering FAQ, because of the quite lively community this game has.

★ ★ ★ ★


This game has proven many times over that it can withstand the test of time and new gaming horizons, adapting constantly…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

This game show, for the game has proven many times over that it can withstand the test of time and new gaming horizons, adapting constantly.

On Google Play, TWD NML Android has been downloaded over 10 million times, as expected, and holds a very good 4.5-star score out of over 750 thousand votes. On the iTunes App Store, TWD NML iOS has an even better 4.7-star score out of over 22 thousand votes, and the game was updated just recently, with regular updates and new content additions.

★ ★ ★ ★


The first thing noticeable about this game, which perhaps matches the expectations a fan of the TV show might have…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

The first thing noticeable about this game, which perhaps matches the expectations a fan of the TV show might have, is how well the world and the setting are presented. The atmosphere is genuinely post-apocalyptic, reminding so much of the TV show. Furthermore it achieves the authentic look by portraying the original characters from the show. There are many of the show’s main characters that have appeared during its 10 seasons, presented very true to the source material. Paired with a cool storyline and other gameplay elements, the atmosphere hits the spot!

★ ★ ★ ★


This is a tactical action game that s mixed with hero collector, city builder, strategy, and RPG elements …

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

In our opinion, the highest quality and the best choice the producers have made was to ground this game in the tactical action genre. It is so natural and so well-connected to the topic (zombie killing and navigating the harsh terrain) that it is a perfect marriage for sure. However, this game pairs that with hero collector, city builder, strategy, and RPG, and it is a very alluring mix of elements offered for expanded gameplay.

Taking into account that this game was released in 2015 and that it is pairing all of the above, this is one of the first games of its kind, a pioneer in the mobile tactical genre for sure. However, the gameplay is much more than just a mix of these genres. The player controls a group of survivors that are, as mentioned, characters from the source TV show. The main and most important objective is to keep your group alive.

But, this quickly becomes an intricate web of decisions the player needs to make, not just in combat, but in general. You need to decide about water, food, shelter, and many other things that will mean life and death for your team. What sets this game aside from other games is that a lot of times the player will be forced to make sacrifices, tough choices, so not every one of your characters will survive. You can’t beat this game without wounds, the only way to beat it is to beat it, no matter what.

Furthermore, making things more intriguing is that there is a strong factor of strategic puzzles you need to solve while you guide your group and develop their safe refuge. And, lastly, as with similar city builder RPGs, there are all of the hallmark features included, like quests, challenges, story missions, other modes, PVP outposts, and other things. So far, the characters included are:

  • Angie
  • Ann
  • Bud
  • Curtis
  • Greg
  • Hazel
  • Joel
  • Katie
  • Ken
  • Louis
  • Pete
  • Tim
  • Wanda

The game sorts its characters into classes. To reflect on what each one of them has gone through in their back story, their life, and death situations and struggles, all characters have individual, unique skills, weapons, improvised weapons, scavenged utilities, and other stuff. Thus far, the character classes are:

  • Bruiser
  • Shooter
  • Hunter
  • Assault
  • Warrior
  • Scout

The game follows the usual hero collector formula with character rarity, levels, and improvement mechanics. Also, it features playable characters from the TV show, which are designated, heroes. Some you can have as part of your team and others will be there as NPCs, and they are:

  • Rick Grimes
  • Daryl Dixon
  • Glenn Rhee
  • Maggie Rhee
  • Maggie Rhee
  • Carl Grimes
  • Michonne
  • Carol Peletier
  • Merle Dixon
  • Philip Blake
  • Abraham Ford
  • Morgan Jones
  • Sasha Williams
  • Tara Chambler
  • Rosita Espinosa
  • Eugene Porter
  • Negan
  • Gabriel Stokes
  • Aaron
  • Paul Rovia
  • Dwight
  • Ezekiel
  • Jerry
  • Rufus

★ ★ ★


All of the mentioned characters aka heroes from TV show represented in this game do justice to their original likeness…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

All of the mentioned characters aka heroes from TV show represented in this game do justice to their original likeness. The models and textures are far from perfect, being that this game came out in 2015, but they do look genuine. Also, animations are quite minimalistic, but visual cues are comprehensive and everything is as it should be for a game of this size and magnitude, considering the year of its release.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Tech Compatibility

Again, factoring in its 2015 release date, TWD NML is one of the least-demanding mobile games on the market…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

Again, factoring in its 2015 release date, TWD NML is one of the least-demanding mobile games on the market. As mentioned, it is regularly updated with new content, tweaks, and perhaps some visual and engine improvements, but all in all, it has stayed more or less the same as it was. This game will work on literally any Smartphone that has come out in the past 6 or so years, provided it can play gamin apps. You will need Android 4.1 or newer OR iOS 9.0 or newer, depending on your platform.

★ ★ ★ ★

Free-to-play Friendly

Since it also offers PVP multiplayer action, we guess the game can ask for some real money…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

It is a free-to-play game. It has all the hallmark features mobile games of its genre mix have, like purchasable premium currency, some un-lockable content, time-limited goods, and such stuff. Since it also offers PVP multiplayer action, we guess the game can ask for some real money out of those few who are really into competing. But, otherwise, you don’t need to spend a dime to play its full features.

★ ★ ★ ★


The Walking Dead No Man’s Land has completely justified its longevity…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land has completely justified its longevity. The fact that it’s around since 2015 and that it is still very much alive and popular speaks for itself. While the game is a great companion to watching the show, for it is constantly updated with content that mirrors the current season, it is a great game in and of itself. It has a lively community and a perfect genre mix, pioneering tactical turn-based strategy for mobiles, with RPG and hero collector features, and many more hidden secrets and delights.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land guides and TIPS

How to improve your gaming experience and gameplay…

The Walking Dead No Mans Land

More than half a decade is a long time, during which this game’s community has grown very large and strong. Players have their own already established ways of communicating with each other, passing on useful info, guides, tips, and other stuff, sharing their experience, and having fun. We’ve scoured the usual community channels, such as Reddit, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land wiki, and some other and compiled guides people are mostly interested in.

Use links below to jump to the guide sections.


How to get radios?

Radios or radiophones are what hero shards, cards, or other things are in other hero collector games. A means to summon, unlock, or collect a certain character. In this game, Radios are used to call survivors. There are 3 types of radios, based on their signal range. The basic radio calls one survivor that will have 1 to 5 stars. Using 5 calls will guarantee a 2 to a 5-star survivor, and a 15-call signal guarantees a 3 to a 5-star survivor. Upgrading your Radio Tent increases the chance for a higher level survivor.

Radios are thus a premium currency, but there are a few ways you can get them for free. Simply playing the game more and doing missions will yield Radios. Challenges are yielding a particularly solid amount, which rotates on a 3-day basis, so do not miss out on the missions. These missions yield low HP but they are worth it for getting free Radios. You should also watch ads when they pop up, every 4 hours, as they will allow you to open 6 crates instead of 3, which will increase your chances for a Radio. Also, there is a small chance that killing Sunwalkers can yield Radios, and lastly, some achievements have a guaranteed Radio reward.

How to get legendary survivors?

When you are using Radios, you should strive to use the 15-call pull whenever possible, for it has the most chance of yielding a legendary survivor.  This is by far the best option for people who are just starting. However, further down the road, as you play more, you can upgrade your existing survivors. When it first came out, the characters had level caps, but it was soon removed by Next Games in an update.

To upgrade a survivor to the next rarity and eventually legendary, you must first upgrade each trait in that particular survivor. You do this with Class Tokens and you need to save them up and spend them very carefully. When all of your character’s traits are flashing green, this means you’ve upgraded them to their maximum at this current rarity and you can now upgrade that character to the next rarity, and then you can upgrade traits further.

How to level up?

Like in so many other similar city builder strategy tactical RPGs, you have an in-game profile that you level up. However, what makes this game different is that you do not use experience for that. Instead, each level can require different resources or for you to do something to be able to advance, like building points for instance. Just check out what you need and pursue that. Experience, on the other hand, is used to level up your survivors. Experience grinding is best done by having two shooters and a scout in your survivor team when you grind missions. Progressing through the story campaign is important, but yields less EXP and gold in general.

How to get Lucille?

Lucille is a Level 8 weapon with four stars and of Epic rarity. It can pop up on the store as a limited-time offer for 6500 supplies. Equipping it on Negan will give that iconic TV series look. IT is his iconic wooden baseball bat that is wrapped with barbed wire. It is good against both walkers and humans. SO, you need to check your time-limited offers regularly and, with some luck, Lucille will pop up eventually, just make sure you have 6500 supplies ready.

How to get heroes?

One of the best features is the addition of original characters from the TV show, i.e. heroes. They are exclusive and are not unlocked easily though. Heroes are primarily gotten from Radios (Radio Calls). It is this game’s equivalent of pulling, and it is always best to pull bigger calls, 15 ideally. However, if you are close to unlocking a hero you are after, if you already have between 20 to 40 tokens, then you can use 10 Call radios perhaps. But, the 15 Call Radio Call guarantees 32 hero tokens, and it is by far the best option. Glen, Tara, and some other heroes require a rather smaller amount of tokes, and if you are pursuing them, you can use the 10 Call Radio calls.


The Token System was revamped since its release and now rejected tokens from your Radio Calls award collectible Tokens for each class, but you can no longer reject all. These Tokens can be used in upgrading your survivors, which is crucial for progress. As mentioned, you first need to upgrade each trait of that particular character before you can upgrade him or her.

Reinforcement Tokens

Reinforcement Tokens are used for leveling up 4-Star Epic gear and 5-Star Legendary equipment that is already at the max level. They are mainly earned through the Challenge or The Distance game modes. Your Workshop current level determines the max level of your gear, so keep that in mind.

Reroll Tokens

Trait Reroll Tokens is a recent addition and they let you change your Legendary Hero or Survivor’s traits. Just tap on a Trait (non-leader) and you will see the offered options to spend your Reroll Tokens on two new randomly selected ones.

Ghost Town Challenge

The Ghost Town Challenge has many successful strategies for going about it the right way. It is probably best that you develop your strategy based on your Survivors and team comp. Plenty of Heroes are useful here and, depending on the rarity you have, Ghost Town can be a breeze. The first two stages, Suburbia, and BBQ are not that hard, with BBQ requiring you to kill all walkers, so shooters and hunters will flourish on that map. However, S.W.A.T. also requires you to clear the area entirely and it has special enemies. It is very good to get an Assault charged attack for the Armored Walkers, while some of the best heroes for this stage are Abraham, Sasha, Dwight, Daryl, and Rufus. Parking Lot should not pose too much trouble if you have good ranged survivors, but the Mainroad stage can be challenging. Here are some of the tips from the highest-rated guides we’ve found:

Mainroad (get to the end of the street) – kill 1 Tank and 3 normal walkers, while one survivor is opening the gate. Shoot the tanks through the fence and the walkers spawning behind you.

Sunday Traffic (see if there are any supplies in the area – scouts that have threat reduction are very useful here, but this is not a tough stage with good ranged and melee survivors.

How to connect to Facebook?

  • Open the game app
  • Tap *News* icon (right side of the camp)
  • Tap social media
  • Tap Facebook and enter your info to connect

How to see Hero tokens?

  • Go to the Survivors tab
  • Tap TWD to open Hero list
  • Tap heroes, you unlocked to see their particular tokens

Welcome to Woodbury challenge

Welcome to Woodbury is another challenge in TWD NML, like Ghost Town. And, like those missions, these also have multiple strategies and ways you can do them. In Welcome to Woodbury challenge, we have Season Missions titled Highlights, which relive the prison and unlock the Governor. Most of the missions are straight forward, asking you to kill all walkers. The Tank mission will ask you to set the explosives to blow up the tank and it can get a bit tricky with any shooter being able to hit your survivors from around the corner with a seeming glitch, so mind that. New Home mission requires you to get to the cell block and close off the yard and a good tip is to know you can ignore the dumpster and just charge the door. Prison Cellar is when you start escaping the prison and it is fairly easy, as well as Fenced Off, where you can even farm XP.

What to spend gold on?

Survivor costumes and other cosmetics that make this game mirror the TV show more can be purchased in-game for gold. If you are not that serious into playing this game and trying to maximize your gameplay, you can do that, but otherwise do not spend any on cosmetics. Spending gold should be reserved on upgrades, maybe some extra crates if you are looking for a particular drop, and weapon and armor upgrades. If you spend it to speed up your upgrades, you won’t get much value from it.