Game of Sultans Review

The Oriental aesthetic was really popular in mainstream culture during the second half of the 20th century, providing us with numerous books, TV shows, movies and even video games like Prince of Persia. Nowadays, the Middle East in games is usually just a backdrop for action-oriented games about introducing democracy to backwater tribes. As far as the Ottoman Empire is concerned, it appeared in some games, but they were mostly strategies, focused on military conquest all over Europe and the Mid East. This might be the first game in which you’re in the role of a ruler of the colossal empire.

The obvious inspiration for this game was the popular TV show based on the life and rule of Suleiman the Magnificent, the most famous and the most powerful sultan of the Ottoman Empire. Game of Sultans characters are clearly inspired by the characters from the series, starting with the Sultan himself to his relatives, viziers, generals, wives and concubines, and even royal heirs. Fans of the TV show will be delighted by all the similarities and by the chance to see their favorite characters in an interactive media form.

Game of Sultans boasts to cover every aspect of the life of a sultan. Being the ruler of the good part of Europe and the Middle East, you’ll wage wars with multiple states and immerse yourself in military strategy. You will form alliances and join forces with other players, conquering the known world together. But, you’ll have to manage your empire too, tackling political intrigue and bettering your opponents. There’s also a romantic element, with assembling your harem and choosing the best of your queens to bear you an heir. But, the fun only begins with birth, since you have to raise your heir to adulthood and to find him a suitable wife. Not necessarily in that order. The particularly interesting element of the game are coffee sessions, in which you can have a conversation with other characters over a cup, and then even have a fortune teller predict your future by observing the sludge.

Game of Sultans is a game that depicts the life of the supreme Ottoman ruler with the goal of making his empire even more powerful. If you have any interest in that period of time, you’ll enjoy commanding your armies, managing your empire, romancing your queens and raising your heirs until they are ready to inherit your throne. I mean, everyone wanted to be a king at one point, right?


Game of Sultans Review



ame of Sultans is a game that depicts the life of the supreme Ottoman ruler with the goal of making his empire even more powerful.

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