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Ghostbusters World – Catching Ghosts on the GO

When Ghostbusters hit the theatres in 1984, it was a success. The actors, although most of them established comedy performers like Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray, gained worldwide recognition. However, the actors are not the only ones who were praised in the movie. It was well written and directed piece of the Hollywood cinematography with special effects that even today look good. Part of those are Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, special effect’s creations that many remember fondly.

Well, now, Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man are literally at the grasp of your fingers in the Pokémon GO-type of game Ghostbusters World finally available for Android and iOS devices.

Ghostbusters World was something that fans of the movie waited for a while. Although many will compare it with Pokémon GO and rightfully so, since it uses the same principles, I wouldn’t be harsh on that fact. After all, without pioneers, the world would be less rich for amazing things, and I prefer to look at Pokémon GO that way. After all, having an opportunity to be a Ghostbuster is a dream come true, but did the game deliver on that childhood fantasies? Well, it’s complicated.

The game starts off with customizing your character, which doesn’t take much since it’s a modest feature. You can’t choose the tiniest detail, but gender, hair color and such are available so you can still look somewhat like your real self. Afterward, you will go through tutorial held by none other than original Ghostbusters from 1984. I have to say, that was a nice touch really, especially since I didn’t like the reboot, remake or whatever that movie from 2016 was trying to be.

After that, it’s a gameplay that those who played or know about Pokémon GO will recognize, although not a complete copy. Augmented Reality is trendy, and developers will continue to see it as a viable financial course and a new type of entertainment. This means, at least in this case, that just because the game is free to download, it doesn’t mean you won’t have to spend money to progress faster. We wrote about this in several of our reviews, but I still can’t stop being appalled at the tenacity of developers to ruin the gaming experience by blackmailing players to pay if they want to succeed. In this case, I’d rather buy a game and will give money for improvements, then be forced to do so. So this is what bothered me the most about Ghostbusters World, even though I didn’t stop playing since the game is kind of cool.

You’ll do a lot of walking at your home or around the neighborhood at first, just to get the feel of the game. But you can activate your AR game anywhere you seem fit, although having drinks with friends and ghostbusting is not something I personally recommend. Simply, try to keep your personal life, separated from the ghostbusting one, or people will stop calling you for coffee.

And when it comes to actually catch a ghost, you can’t just trap it. First, you need to use a weapon and weaken the ghost. Then open up a trap and drag it into it to complete the capturing and bag a ghost. But don’t expect ghosts to just stand there and wait for you to capture them. They will fight back and you have to counter that attack successfully. If the ghost gives you too many hits, you could lose the battle and your potential catch will escape. In time, you’ll get a new weapon that will make it all a little bit easier since you won’t need the trap to destabilize a ghost. This is actually really helpful when you run out of traps, which will happen eventually one way or another.

Ghostbusters World Catch Ghosts On The GO

When it comes to ghosts, Ghostbusters World offers a variety of spooks and specters you can catch. The greatest thing about this, besides all sorts of ghosts, of course, is that the availability of ghosts doesn’t depend on where you live. Meaning that even if you live in a less populated area, you will still be able to have the same gaming experience as people from the densely populated cities. The players can even create their own dimensional doors where rewards and game opportunities await.

Once you capture a ghost, it goes in the collection. Now, when you play story mode, this ghost collection comes in handy. This Story Mode allows you to build a team of ghosts from that collection and send them to battle their way through another dimension. You can also level up the ghosts to take on harder challenges, but this will require upgrades or items from the gameplay or you can buy them in the game‘s store.

You can buy coins and items in the store that will keep you well equipped with traps for the ghosts, for example, as well. But here’s a silver lining – you won’t need the store unless you want to until level 20 since until then you will do just fine with what you get during the gameplay.

Ghostbusters World Gameplay

AR is really fun. You can take screenshots of ghosts that found themselves in funny situations, just like in other games. There is an option to turn it off as well, but it’s not as fun and I decided to keep it on. I mean, the whole point is finding ghostly rascals in the real environment even if they’re “bothering” a stranger in the coffee line.

The game is not boring at all since it has the Story Mode and ghostbusting, as well as other features that will keep you entertained all the time. And Ghostbusters fans will appreciate a moment when certain sailor shows up to pick a fight with them.

And the most surprising of all is that microtransactions are not a buzzkill. I get the financial aspect, I really do, but some games are really brutal when it comes to paying to continue the gameplay. Story Mode and Ghost Dimension offer a completely different game then with AR, which was okay with me since it’s only a few taps away to turn Ghostbusters World into a turn-based battle game with your handpicked team of ghosts.

The menu though is a bit messy and should’ve been simpler. It was a real pain to navigate while walking my dog and it frustrated me a lot. I know I bug you with this all the time in my reviews, but menus and controls on the phones need to be less complex. The screen size is simply not fit to have all you can on PC or console. So, this was annoying, to say the least. However, I know people who are fine with this so I guess it depends on the player.

So, if you ever wanted to catch ghosts – here is your chance. Ghostbusters World is available for download now on App Store and Google Play so go grab that Slimer before he eats all the hotdogs.

Ghostbusters World - Catching Ghosts on the GO



So, if you ever wanted to catch ghosts – here is your chance. Ghostbusters World is available for download now on App Store and Google Play so go grab that Slimer before he eats all the hotdogs.

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