Thursday, November 22

Gladiator 2 – Are you not entertained?


Gladiator 2 is happening, according to Ridley Scott and Paramount announcement recently. Apparently, this has been discussed for years behind, and the Oscar-winning hit was never out of their Corsairs. As Ridley Scott is naturally on board, it still remains to see which way will the definitive storyline from the first Gladiator lead to, and which actors will fill the cast.



Didn’t Maximus die?

The fans of the Gladiator and they are aplenty, must remember the epic death of Maximus, played by Russell Crowe, at the end with him having his revenge. The successful general Maximus gets betrayed, and his family gets murdered as a reward for his service. Presumed dead, Maximus becomes a slave and a gladiator and seizes his opportunity to fight the new emperor Commodus, played by Joaquin Phoenix. Although wounded, Maximus is victorious and kills Commodus, who orchestrated the attack on him and his family.

After his revenge, he exacts the last will of Marcus Aurelius, the true ruler Maximus followed. He releases the prisoners and reinstates senator Gracchus. After a poetic moment of him seeing his estate and his family, he dies. Now, the characters which remained are Lucilla and her son, the little Lucius, who is the nephew of the malicious Commodus.


So, Maximus won’t be brought back?

Well, the official statement is that the story focuses on Lucilla and Lucius, so the movie’s storyline goes forward probably, beyond Maximus’ death. But, this does not completely exclude him from the movie, for there are a number of ways he could be back. The movie’s narrative can also at some point jump back through time, perhaps to show us something in the past, before the first Gladiator even, as a prequel. Also, the character of Lucius, who looked up to Maximus, can have memories of him.

It is still unknown if Russell Crowe is approached for the project, nor any of the other cast.

Peter Craig will pen the script

Since the movie is in its pre-production phase, it is only thus far known that Ridley Scot is behind the wheel, and Peter Craig will write the screenplay. Peter is known for The Hunger Games franchise and he is also filming the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick which oddly enough will feature almost all leading actors from the old cast, including Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and the rest.


So, maybe this Gladiator 2 project will follow the same recipe or maybe it won’t.

We do know Ridley will be busy for the next two years for sure. Besides Gladiator 2, has yet to produce or is otherwise involved in over half a dozen projects, including The Hot Zone TV mini-series, and at least six or seven more movies.

Ridley Scott has had a few big hits in the past few years, beginning with Prometheus, the prequel for the Alien movies. He also directed Exodus: Gods and Kings, The Martian, Alien Covenant, and many more.

The Gladiator made $ 460 Million worldwide, won five Oscars, and have a quite was fan base even today, after 18 years. The 5 Academy Awards it took home were for Best Picture, Best Actor in a Leading Role (Russell Crowe), Best Costume Design, Best Sound, Best Effects, Visual Effects, Best Actor in a Supporting Role (Joaquin Phoenix), Best Director (Ridley Scott), and Best Writing/Screenplay. It also won 5 Golden Globes and countless other awards, and it was rated #46 on the IMDB top Rated Movie list.


Gladiator 2 makes us feel old…

18 years have passed since this incredible movie, and now Gladiator 2 narrative is said to be set 30 years after the death of Maximus. With so little details revealed we are left with endless questions, but they are bound to be answered. Are you happy for the Gladiator sequel or not?