Mobile Gaming Market Analysis and Statistics

Global Games Market Forecast 2022

Did you grow up playing video games? When we were little and played games all day, we were often told we are wasting time on a worthless ploy. Well, now, that worthless ploy is worth hundreds of billions. And, not only that, it has crossed over to all sorts of tech industry branches, even supplemented the development in many, and created countless of jobs along the way. And, the video gaming industry is growing still with no end in sight.

We would like to focus on mobile gaming because as you will get the chance to see in some of the graphs below, it has pushed the industry to unimaginable heights and has even helped some companies bounce back after their growth was all but gone and their fate was dark. The info below was kindly provided by, along with comprehensive statistics.

Mobile Gaming Market Revenue Worldwide 2016-2023

The statistics show that in the past, a larger share of the mobile gaming market was going to the iOS operated devices, but by 2023, the stakes will balance out and the prognosis is even in favor of Android. Now, what is perhaps more interesting is to see what gaming apps participate in generating these figures the most, and here is a statistical analysis as of May 2019 for the App Store:

Top Grossing Gaming Apps iPhone US 2019

Games are also the most popular category on the App Store by far, more than double the share of available apps in Business or education, which is perhaps a bit discouraging. However, in terms of business success, or more accurately revenue, mobile segment of the entire gaming industry again shows the highest growth:

Mobile Gaming revenue US 2017-2021

The figures show that not only the entire industry surpassed the $100B mark long ago, but that it is growing at a steady exponential rate. It is why more and more developers of both hardware and software are choosing to focus on mobile market, further supplementing this growth which in turn supplements their own production and makes good on all investments. Below is a forecast of the global gaming market and the role mobile gaming will play compared to others in a period from 2018 to 2022.

Global Games Market Forecast 2022

Talking about the gaming market in general, it would be interesting to know what the top 5 highest-grossing world’s countries are China, United States, Japan, Germany, and the UK. The global gaming market revenue, since the beginning of video games, has not always had a steady growth, but since the 2000s it indeed has steadied, yet in the past decade this growth increased exponentially to staggering heights. You can find some detailed statistics about the history of the gaming industry below, while the full scope of info is available on

Global Game Market Revenue 1970-2022