GO Zero – fun way to teach your kids some basic math


If you’ve ever played games on your mobile phone, chances are that you’ve run into at least some type of tile-matching puzzle game. If that’s the case, you know that in such a confusing multitude of choices, it’s extremely difficult to find a truly original title. There are literally hundreds of games which offer you the variation of the same old threadbare game mechanics, so it’s safe to say that things are currently a bit stale in this department. Thankfully, here comes a little puzzle game that aims to shake things up for all those players who are looking for an exciting new take on tile matching genre.

Go zero is a brand new tile-matching video game for Android and iOS mobile platforms that comes fresh out of the oven of an indie Ozzie developer Sham Prasher and his studio Mana Wind. This is a game that will captivate you with its highly addictive gameplay, pleasing visual presentation, and inventive game mechanics. It will also put your math skills to test. Now, I know just what you’re thinking. For many a school kid, as well as a large number of adults, math is a dreaded boogeyman, followed by a four horseman of apocalypse called addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Luckily, you’ll only need to concern yourself with the first two, and the gameplay itself is so well thought out and logical, that you’ll get the hang of it in the no time.

Go Zero Basic Math Game

So, what’s the deal with Go Zero? As in any matching tile game you obviously have to match tiles in order to make them disappear and score points. However, here you won’t match just any old tiles, but numbers, specifically positive and negative numbers with the goal to make a zero. For instance, you have a number 5 and -5. Match them and you’ll get a zero and will earn your points. You can move numbers in any direction you please across the board (except diagonally, obviously), so when the things get crowded, you’ll be forced to make quite a bit maneuvering in order to make the desired combo. The game also rewards quick thinking as well as quick reflexes, so if you score quickly, you’ll be awarded a nice juicy bonus multiplier. However, take care not to rush too much, because you can make combinations of numbers only within a certain range – exceed it, and your numbers will virtually explode. Thankfully, the maximum range will gradually increase as you score your points, so you’ll have ample space to exercise your math muscles and make all sorts of number combinations – just as long as you get zero in the end.

Go Zero Gameplay

In itself, this concept would be pretty engaging. However, it was made even better by the fact that Go Zero game offers eight distinct islands where you’ll match your numbers. They aren’t just a mere cosmetic feature, but each of those settings offers some unique gameplay challenge which could aid or hinder you in your goal, such as some sort of energy walls which change your numbers from positive to negative and vice versa, aggressive jungle vines overgrowing the tiles and slowly draining your score, portals and much more. The basic premise of the game might be simple, but with all these various features it possesses just the right amount of complexity to be engaging and extremely fun at the same time, not to mention that – if you’re at least a bit like me and you have been relying on different calculators for a last couple of decades – it’ll quickly hone your dormant math skills. In addition to fun gameplay, endearing visuals, and music, this is the magic of this game. If my grumpy math teachers possessed just a fraction of charm Go Zero has in abundance, who knows where would be now?

8.0 Good
  • Atmosphere 7
  • Graphics 8
  • Gameplay 9
  • User Ratings (6 Votes) 9.4