GOG Galaxy 2.0 Euporie Update

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Euporie Update is live for closed beta

GOG Galaxy is CD Projekt Red’s Steam-like baby that’s grown since 2014 and was praised for its increased user-oriented respect in service, compared to other similar online services. It is supposed to be a software delivery storefront and also a social network client, but with its own multiplayer API. This allowed the developers to provide for the same multiplayer functionality like on other popular clients and thus GOG grew quickly, including Windows and Mac platforms, with Linux version in the works.

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Euporie Update

The service was praised for favoring the users and thus it expanded its functionality to include cloud saves, initially for several games only. However, earlier this year, CD Projekt Red announced GOG Galaxy 2.0 as a launcher which will unify not only GOG titles, but include games and services from other similar platforms, like Origin, Steam, Epic Games Store, UPlay, and even console systems, mainly PlayStation and Xbox networks. This is a bold move to try and build such an open-source platform, but it undoubtedly attracts both users and developers.

And, at E3 2019, it was announced that Microsoft was on board as an official partner for GOG Galaxy 2.0, which naturally means opening the doors to Xbox and Xbox Game Pass titles fully. This second version of the client was in closed beta since June 2019, and now the upcoming client got its big update and it brought even more unimaginable features that push the boundaries of online storefront services and clients.

Showcasing features:

  • Universal Cloud Saves
  • In-game overlay
  • Bandwidth limiting
  • Capturing screenshots
  • Desktop notifications
  • Global Search
  • Manual game adding
  • Grid and list view customizations
  • Duplicate games stacking
  • Mouse shortcuts

GOG Galaxy 2.0 Euporie Update

There are even more incredibly convenient features included so far, as the client seems almost ripe for an official release. Interested parties may try out BETA by creating a GOG account. You can have your taste of Galaxy 2.0 and see just what all the fuss is about. The online platform was praised by many even before beta, and here is what some of the popular publications said:

About GOG Galaxy:

“It is a necessary break from Steam’s feature creep” – PC Gamer

“It is a Smart, Pro-gamer Alternative to Steam” – Forbes

“It is a welcomed alternative” – The Verge

“It is an optional convenience, not a requirement” – PC World