The Talos Principle Epic Games Store Free

Grab The Talos Principle for free on the Epic Games Store

The Talos Principle is offered free of charge on the Epic Games Store! If you’re a fan or wanna try something new and cool, go and pick up your digital copy. It is an FPS puzzle game (not many of those around) and it poses some of life’s most important questions, like who are we? What is our purpose? And, the player gets to decide what to do about it.

Get The Talos Principle on Epic Games Store for Free!

There aren’t many first-person puzzle games out there. Definitely a thing that catches attention at first glance when we look at The Talos Principle. It is an immersive experience that blends technology with ancient history, religion with mythology, archeology with intelligence, and blends it all in an action puzzler that packs a punch. Just check out the trailer and try not to go and claim your version:

The game is developed by Croteam, a studio based in Croatia, and it is published by a well-known Devolver Digital studio. The game came out for PC in 2014, transitioned to Android and PS4 in 2015, got to iOS in 2017, Xbox One in 2018, and finally on Nintendo Switch in 2019. It has conquered all of the above, with flying colors and generally positive feedback and reviews. The game’s following particularly rose when the Croteam included SteamVR into the original game.

The game reached critical acclaim on most online publications, with its average score somewhere around 9 out of 10 stars. It is story driven, but also offers immersive and engaging gameplay. We come into play as a droid with no name. We are being instructed on how to take our first steps by an entity called Elohim, which is the role of the creator of this world we were awakened into. The game raises many profound questions about life and humankind itself, as well as our way of life and current development.

The Talos Principle Epic Games Store Free

Epic Games Store is known to offer such pleasant surprises from time to time. Just last September, they had a giveaway of six Batman games in a single free of charge bundle, which broke the internet at the time. The titles were all from the famous Batman Arkham series and the Lego Batman Trilogy as a single bundle. Now, Epic is gifting The Talos Principle to the world for free, and the offer lasts until 5 pm. It’s best to go and secure your copy of the game immediately if this kind of awesomeness floats your boat.