GRID Autosport Review

GRID Autosport Review

GRID Autosport from the TOCA series is another Codemasters’ crown jewel racing game, which has conquered virtually all platforms out there. Finally coming to Android, the game enjoys high praise and is quite popular with the fans of the genre. Being the last installment of the series, the game somewhat attempts to give back the authentic racing style and rewinds the series back as Grid 2 did, which the audience praises to this day. With major modifications in terms of car modes and the racing gameplay itself, this title is now the most up to date modern racer from the developer, and definitely a competitor on the market.

Development and reception

Codemasters have hit the target with virtually all of the titles from the series, and this game’s versions available now are Grid Autosport Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, macOS, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Switch. The TOCA series is almost entirely published and developed by Codemasters and while they originally focused on touring car racing, the game eventually grew into a wide variety of motorsport subgenres.

On Google Play, Grid Autosport Android already has a 4.6-star score and its download count is growing by the minute. On the iTunes App Store, the game was released two years prior and is #10 in racing, with 4.1 stars, and published by Feral Interactive Ltd, who handled the Android publishing as well. The game also achieved similar critical and commercial acclaim throughout all other platforms and publications. The original title was released in 2014, when the game hit PC and consoles, followed by Linux, and then iOS in 2017, Nintendo Switch in September 2019, and now Android a few days ago.

GRID Autosport Review


We are placed in the seat of a racing driver, inside and outside of the race. The game follows a racing career, enabling the player to build one in single-player Career Mode, with opportunities for various world championships and competitions. Of course, Online competitive multiplayer mode is a must, but it also offers customizable experience in terms of vehicles, types of races, circuits, difficulties, and more. Single-player similarly offers the Custom Cup mode, while the multiplayer mode adapts to the platform, like the Splitscreen mode support for Switch.

However, the peculiar thing is that Customization is only featured in the multiplayer mode this time, while other titles from the series offered it in Single-player as well. Single-player career mode instead now offers an in-depth experience of a racing career, with seasons, teams, and other. Teams available are the best from the racing world, like Ravenwest which now returns from Race Driver: Grid. Each season offers different achievements, sponsors, and objectives, and the progress is measured also via experience points.

GRID Autosport Review

Online multiplayer racing is done via RaceNet, which is the exclusive community hub made by Codemasters. Players also earn XP and cash, which is used to upgrade or purchase vehicles. The developers also provide various challenges for multiplayer mode – RaceNet Challenges, while the emphasis of the entire game is on having multiple racing disciplines.

The driving experience in and of itself is very realistic, something which only improved over time with the TOCA series, while this title came in 2014 with a revamped Damage aspect and new elements, like tear and wear system. Car parts and other functionalities lose performance over time and the player needs to be engaged outside of the race as much as in it. Cockpit view is also again included, making a return from earlier installments, while several other interesting features include Race Rewind. However, compared to earlier installments, this game is a version stripped-down to raw racing, and the experience is meant as a realistic one.

Appearance and graphics

This aspect of the game also grew with time, as each successful TOCA title improved on modeling and graphics, but also on the physics of the world and the racing tracks. The cars are quite lively and beautifully rendered and modeled, with some of the popular racers including BTCC (Class C), V8 Supercars (Super Tourers), Stock Car Brasil (Class A), and other. Both classic and present-day competitive racers are included, like Ford GT40 MkI, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT3, Dallara DW12, and others, adding to the versatility of the racer type.

GRID Autosport Review


Truly a crown jewel of the TOCA series, it is no wonder this game continues its reign five years after it was initially released. Perfectly adapted for each platform it conquered, GRID Autosport Android continues the Codemasters’ legacy and marks another successful port. The controls, visuals, gameplay, and the atmosphere are all left intact and excellently adapted for mobile gameplay. This is surely a delight for all mobile gamers who are fans of the racing supreme.

GRID Autosport



Perfectly adapted for each platform it conquered, GRID Autosport Android continues the Codemasters’ legacy and marks another successful port.

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