The game offers various game modes, over 50 weapon models and exciting game events. Grab your friends and play wherever you want in one of the most popular mobile FPS! Here at BlueMoonGame, we have the most important guides about Weapons, Gear, and Maps. You can find stats of every weapon, information about recent updates and beginner tips to get in faster and grow from zero to hero!

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Guns of Boom Weapons

Weapons button will take you to the page where you can browse six main weapon categories :
Assault Rifles / Machine Guns / Knives / Pistols / Rifles / Shotguns. You can access the desired category by clicking on the corresponding image.

Guns of Boom Assault Rifle Odin

Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles are the most versatile of all Guns of Boom weapons. They have a medium-range, solid ammo capacity and rate of fire, and decent damage per shot. Weapons in the Assault Rifles category are great for run ‘n gun playstyle since they are great at medium range, and can be accurately fired on the move – unlike machineguns. These weapons are also great at close-range unless you’re facing a shotgun user if that’s the case keep your distance and eliminate the opponent by firing short, accurate bursts because shotguns are deadly up close but almost useless at range. Assault Rifles can also work very well at longer range and we’ll outclass any other weapon except rifles – it’s a common-sense that long-range firefight against sniper rifle should be avoided. All in all, assault rifles should be used at the frontline, either to run in and directly attack the enemy team or to flank their camping snipers/machine-gunners. Due to its versatility assault rifle can beat any other Guns of Boom weapon, if used properly. Camping should be avoided at all costs when using ARs since the rest of the team is counting on you do the attacking part and MGs and Rifles are better at the defense, anyway.

Guns of Boom Hero Machine Gun


Machineguns in Guns of Boom pack a serious amount of firepower and can mow down multiple enemies, but the downside is their lower mobility and terrible accuracy on the move. Having lower mobility is a serious deficit, but it’s compensated by a very good range (a bit higher than the ARs), the highest ammo capacity and RoF, and a decent accuracy and all of that translates to firepower. Machineguns should be used defensively, by finding a good cover and blocking the enemies from advancing through one side or passage while relying on your teammates to protect your flank and rear. Also, when choosing a defensive position, try to pick a spot where enemies can’t engage you from a very long-range, or else the enemy sniper might easily pick you off.

guns of boom last breath rifle


Rifles or should I say sniper rifles are long-range, very accurate, high damage per shot weapons that are able to defeat any other gun at ranges over 30. The downside of sniper rifles would be a slow rate of fire, small magazine capacity, and long aim time which makes them a suboptimal choice at anything but very long range. Sniper Rifles will shine in wide-open maps, and you should always try to put as much distance as possible between yourself and the opponent when using one of these guns and just support your team – no need to rush in first and get yourself killed when using a sniper rifle.

Guns of Boom Shotgun ReaperShotguns

Shotguns are unmatched weapons at a very close range due to their extremely high damage per shot. However, they have some serious drawbacks, like very short range, small ammo capacity, and slow rate of fire. When using a shotgun always move from cover to cover, avoid open areas, and never enter a medium or long-range shootout (huge damage drop off), instead you could try to hide behind cover and force the enemies to come to you, or find a way to flank them. Shotguns will deal more damage the closer you are to the target, so get as close as you can, and always keep moving while firing since this way you might be able to throw the opponents aim off causing him to miss a few shots.  Shotguns have small ammo capacity and should be frequently reloaded, probably after every encountered – running out of ammunition in the tick of the battle is one of the worst things that can happen to a shotgunner.

Gear button will lead you to the GoB’s arsenal where you can find three main gear categories, which you can gain access by clicking on one of the three images :
Head gear / Torso / Pants

Maps button, once tapped, will teleport you to our GoB’s Map Warehouse page. After that, just choose one of the maps of your liking, tap on its thumbnail and enjoy the detailed overview we’ve prepared for the nitty-gritty type of players.

Guides button is reserved mostly for new players and critics, and on the page behind the blue button, you will find basic tips on how to handle certain weapons, situations, and how to deal with the most common challenges early in the game. Also, we’ve listed all guns in their respective categories and sorted them out by their maximum values, including Power / Accuracy / Range / Magazine.

Videos button opens a page where we will post educational, funny, interesting or awe-inspiring gameplay videos – every week. Stay tuned!