Machine guns are great for holding or defending a position. In general, these heavy weapons slow you down so you can’t run with them. That is a handicap for sure, but it’s not devastating. They have a lot of advantages. Largest magazines in the game, good range, and rate of fire… I think the scale doesn’t tip on each side, it’s well balanced. How do you use this weapon? Well, you obviously can’t move much, and to be honest, you shouldn’t. Stand behind cover and shoot. Try to hold some ground where you can’t be easily flanked. That’s the most important thing. Besides that, if there are open areas you can cover them easily. An enemy has to come, no worries. Don’t go around and cap the points, you defend them. This is a support role, you are the one behind the guys with shotguns and AR’s picking the opponents from the back. One of the things I didn’t mention about them, and I should have, is the aim. You should stand when you shoot with machine guns because they don’t have a lot of recoil and it’s easy to aim as long as you are standing still. The moment you move, your spread will be awful.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The tactic against Assault Rifles is simple. Try to make them come to you, and by the time they are in the position to shoot most of their health is gone already. Also, because you are playing defensively stay behind cover while you shoot, it’s not that easy to aim for the head for most AR’s. They will try to flank you, especially when you kill them a few times, so be aware of your surroundings and look out for friendly players protecting your flank.

Against shotguns, it’s even more simple. Their range is so low, they don’t stand a chance against you. Mow them down as they try to get in range, and if they by any chance manage to get to you unseen, you are done. As I explained in the paragraph above, try to stay vigilant and check your surroundings every couple of seconds. You won’t move much so the enemy will know your general position.

Rifles are your direct counter. Because you move like an aged turtle or stand still most of the time, it’s really easy to soak every headshot they send in your direction. They outrange you, so it’s no use to try to take them out, try to move to another position behind cover if you encounter them. You cannot outflank them, because of your speed you’ll most likely die before you get into the position to shoot. Just ignore them and try to avoid as much as you can.


You need a Hard Hat to protect you against headshots, period. You could also take a Dark Stalker, but this is my first recommendation. People will hit you in the head a lot, and you want to avoid dying in a second.
What pants to use? Jockey and Cowboy are the ones I would use. I’ll try to explain this. Since you’ll stay covered most of the time, usually enemies will only go through your armor, not health. And since you are not under fire all the time, and you’ll rarely encounter 2 foes at once, the choice is obvious.


  • Annihilator – 2520
  • Matador – 2520
  • Pain – 2445
  • Equalizer – 2296
  • Jack Frost – 2240
  • Fortuna – 2184
  • Armageddon -2148
  • Persuader – 2008
  • Hydra – 1820
  • Hurricane – 1708
  • Anubis – 1400
  • Buffalo – 1028
  • Hans – 388


  • Armageddon – 52
  • Anubis – 50
  • Matador – 50
  • Annihilator – 48
  • Persuader – 44
  • Equalizer – 42
  • Buffalo – 40
  • Jack Frost – 40
  • Pain – 38
  • Fortuna – 35
  • Hans – 26
  • Hurricane – 15
  • Hydra – 10


  • Armageddon – 30
  • Jack Frost – 30
  • Buffalo – 29
  • Anubis – 28
  • Annihilator – 28
  • Hydra – 27
  • Fortuna – 27
  • Equalizer – 27
  • Matador – 27
  • Pain – 27
  • Hans – 26
  • Hurricane – 25
  • Persuader – 25


  • Anubis – 70
  • Persuader – 70
  • Fortuna – 65
  • Buffalo – 60
  • Hans – 60
  • Hurricane – 60
  • Hydra – 60
  • Equalizer – 60
  • Jack Frost – 60
  • Pain – 60
  • Armageddon – 55
  • Annihilator – 50
  • Matador – 50