Monday, November 19

Mexico Maps


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Guns of Boom offers a wide range of maps that all require a variety of different playstyles and gear in order to emerge victorious. Knowledge is power and that applies even here.

Knowing as many maps as you can, as thoroughly as you can will immediately create an advantage in your favor and with that advantage, you can proceed to surprise and outwit your opponents in a hardcore battle. This means knowing when to use long-range sniper rifles and when to adopt close range-weapons for example Shotguns will create a noticeable gap between you and the unsuspecting enemy team. Creeping behind a tough angle, defending your position will prove difficult to break through even for experienced players.

So combining knowledge of weapons and knowledge of maps is crucial. With the mesmerizing 3D graphics that Guns of Boom brings to the table, you will be able to enjoy the aesthetics and coloring of any map that you choose to play on.