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Buckle up your shirts, because it’s going to get windy out here by the river.

Asia Waterfront - Guns of Boom Map


This is King of the Hill map which is arguably small in terms of its size, but cleverly intertwined with lots of ground and roof passageways that enable attacks from an unexpected direction. This being the case, holding the point is equally demanding as attacking it – making it a fairly balanced map that supports diverse weapon combinations.


All a Shotgun really wants is the target nearby, and organized use of this map’s many passageways can increase chances on sneaking up close to your opponents from the desired direction – which is virtually any. When defending, this enormous firepower is effective for deflecting group rushing enemies, but quickly loses its shine when directions of the attack expand.

Although crisscrossed, this map has some really nice (but limited) angles that make the use of Rifles possible more often than expected. These angles require skillful marksmanship as the windows of opportunity are short, but also offer a quick cover if the opponent is returning fire. Rooftops provide a better view on the whole central area, yet they are also a bit more open positions for sniping.

The same can be applied for Machine Guns. With their long-range, they can provide invaluable support during an attack and/or defense, if positioned and covered properly. Rushing with these babies is a ticket to hell, as you will find yourself between an anvil and a hammer as soon as you enter open central terrain.

Assault Rifles will provide other weapon wielders to fulfill their duties, by going in first. Given that there is a lot of passages that need to be covered – a quick, unexpected burst of action from one of them can easily take the enemy by surprise and maybe even secure the point. Likewise, safeguarding your teammates backs during point defense can increase chances that your team survives such a scenario.


As always take care of your team and mix the directions of approach – it will make the enemy edgy and prone to mistakes.