Thursday, November 22

GoB Weapons

The impressive gun game in Guns of Boom offers a huge variety of weapons that you can pick from to suit your playstyle or a specific matchup. From “Boom” to the muffled sounds of a pistol like the “Whisper”, you can surprise your opponents in battle and therefore gain the upper hand. Creating your unique arsenal and making combinations never before seen is heavily supported by the game and that’s why we’ve made a complete list of all weapons here at Blue Moon Game, so you can thoroughly research and decide on what Your style will be.

You can pick apart your opponents from a safe distance with a sniper rifle like the “Scout” or you can choose a stealthier approach and come at unsuspecting enemies from the back with a knife like the fearsome Iguana, the second most powerful knife in the game. Maybe you prefer to stop hordes of enemies in their tracks and cut off entrances with a machine gun like the “Equalizer” while your friend patiently covers your back angles with a shotgun, or you can just enter the intense heat of the battle with an assault rifle and use its precision and efficiency to catch defenders off-guard and land the perfect headshot!

Inviting over your friends and matching your arsenals so you can avoid getting countered by the enemies’ weapons is crucial when going up against clans. Coming out on top is what matters in a battle and you sure can’t walk in without the right arsenal.

Shotguns will compliment your team if the map you’re playing is closed with sharp angles, Snipers will help a lot on open grounds or buildings with long hallways. Muffling your gun sounds is useful when approaching an enemies’ defenses because it will be harder for them to tell where you’re striking from. So that means that for example on a closed, tight angled map, rushing in with a bunch of snipers is guaranteed to land you a quick defeat if your opponents are well prepared, which is always the best assumption to make when building your arsenal.

Starting off with Assault Rifle might be the best course of action for a new player since they can be useful all around. The game has a currency called “gunbucks” which you might have a lack of in the beginning, so purchasing the Vampire or the Scattershot won’t be a mistake for sure. With all that being said, dive deep into the listed weapons to find and plan your future arsenal!