Splatoon 2 Hackers Are Disconnecting Players

Hackers disconnecting players in Splatoon 2

Ever since it was released on Nintendo Switch a year and a half ago, Splatoon 2 had its fair share of hacking issues. To make matters worse, hackers seem to be more ruthless and daring than before. It looks like they are here to stay at least for the time being.

OatmealDome, a data miner famous in the Splatoon community, discovered that some players who fought in League Battles deliberately made their opponents disconnect by hacking their accounts, in order to win matches and reach Rank 1 on the leaderboards.

Reportedly, hackers made that by performing denial-of-service attacks on other player accounts, attacking directly their internet connection links to the game and forcing them to shut down. The thing is when you get disconnected from a game you automatically surrender that match to your opponent, which hackers used to easily defeat opponents on the way to the top.  

This is just the latest hacking problem in the line. Last year, hackers used unreleased game content and forced it on other players. Among other things, they used characters and maps that weren’t officially released in order to gain an advantage against other players. One of the users wanted to warn Nintendo about how Splatoon 2 servers are vulnerable by hacking into in-game leaderboards and making the message “please add anti-cheat” instead of the names of top players. We are not sure how effective it was, because the hacking incidents are still persisting.

In any case, if you ever experience the hacking incident like this, be sure to report offending uses by using the SplatNet 2 app on mobile. Hopefully, Nintendo will take some measures to stop these kinds of violations.