Knights Chronicle 2.2 Featured

Happy birthday, Knights Chronicle!

Last week Net Marble celebrated Knights Chronicle’s first year anniversary through new Events and new Update. I am happy to announce that Knights Chronicle is alive today more than ever. Here is the list of all changes in new Update 2.2

  • 1st Anniversary Collaboration Event
  • Happy Birthday Celebration Festival
  • Awakening of Electra and Edwin
  • 5 New Collaboration Heroes from Yo-Kai Watch
  • Entirely new game content called “Ancient Labyrinth”
  • Numerous UI/UX improvements to help your journey through Garniel

As you can see the most important news are 5 new Heroes and “Ancient Labyrinth”.

“Ancient Labyrinth” is a new interesting content that reminds you of old RPG explorations through mazes and corridors. As you explore you will find enemies or loot but in either way, this new segment of Knights Chronicle will provide you a lot of fun and it will be a big success for sure.

New Collaboration Heroes are members of Yo-Kai Watch. As you probably know Yo-Kai Watch is successful franchise made by Level 5 in 2012. The first game is produced for Nintendo 3DS and later there were a lot of sequels and spinoffs for all Nintendo platforms. First Manga adaption of Yo-Kai Watch was released 2012 on Coro Coro Comic and after that 5 other Manga versions in both anima and comic format were published in the period between 2012-2016. Unfortunately, mostly because of PokemonGo, Yo-Kai Watch franchise failed to meet Level 5 expectations in the US with “only” 400000 3DS selling units.

Yo Kai Watch

Yo-Kai Watch in Knights Chronicle is made of 5 characters – Komasan, Komajiro, Jibanyan, Hovernyan, and Blizzaria.

Everything you need to know about Komasan can be found on our Knights Chronicle Collaboration Heroes page.

All that you need to know about Komajiro can be found on the Collaboration Heroes Komajiro page.

Jibanyan and his abilities are fully described in the Collaboration Heroes Jibanyan page.

Hovernyan is a new Top Tier Hero and everything you need to know about him can be found on the Collaboration Heroes Hovernyan page.

The Frosty Queen Blizzaria is fully described on our Knights Chronicle Collaboration heroes page.

All new Heroes are implemented in BlueMoonGame Knights Chronicle Tier List.

Heroes of Garniel, I wish you a happy anniversary!