Heroes of Skyrealm


Heroes of Skyrealm is the new character-focused, mobile action RPG game from Mechanist Games, the same folks who brought us City of Steam. This exciting game takes place in the land called Skyrealm, consisting of ten nations. But, of course, the story begins with turmoil.

An empire from a distant world has laid siege to Skyrealm, and no one is safe – from the defiant pirates of the Storm Isles, to the snowbound tribes of the Worldspine, to the industrial warriors of the Nexan Republic.

Players are put in the boots of the leader of the rebellious group of heroes and take command of a city in the sky. To be precise, the city is a huge airship, which is fully upgradeable and serves as the main base between battles, but it’s also the main interface, something like Helicarrier in Marvel: Avengers Alliance.

From your airborne base, you can plan your actions, rally your heroes, and embark on missions in order to fight across the Ten Nations of Skyrealm. The main selling point of this game is the combat itself. After you select a team of three heroes, you’ll begin an overreaching single-player campaign from the pirate-infested waters of the Storm Isles, to the soaring battlements of Falcon’s Landing. You directly lead one hero, while the other two are controlled by AI. Using powerful attack or support spells, heroes are able to blast foes from distance with long-range weapons, or hack and slash your enemies with massive swords and melee weapons.

Combat wise, this game is a team-based game that combines the action of a hack and slash RPG with the battle strategy of an RTS. Summoning over 30 legendary Heroes, each with unique abilities and play styles, you’ll be able to combine their abilities at your will and find out the optimal formula for each enemy you’ll be facing. The heroes are drawn from ten distinct nations of Skyrealm, and every hero presents a different corner of the empire. You can find out a lot about their personalities from their combat and idle actions, but the background story and their reasons for fighting are uncovered in unlockable comic vignettes. That’s why we said this game is character based, because all those characters are the heart of the story.

For players that like to deal with builds and tactics, taking new heroes into battle and discovering new ways to combine their powers is half the fun. But even the characters that aren’t going into the battle won’t be idle. They can be garrisoned in airship structures and provide bonuses, which makes the expansion of characters’ number crucial for every playstyle.

You can lead your squad through various modes, both single and multiplayer. The game offers many different game modes, each with a different kind of gameplay. While the solo-adventure game mode is only available on one server, game modes like Duel, Arena, and Stronghold are cross-server.

Heroes of Skyrealm is more than just another action RPG on mobile. With its focus on characters and story that expands over ten different worlds, this game is a great example of how to breathe a bit of fresh air into an established formula.

7.5 Awesome
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 9
  • gameplay 6
  • User Ratings (3 Votes) 8.3