Welcome to our intro for Heroic Magic Duel minions! Here, we’ll talk about all minions individually, their strengths and weaknesses, as well as synergies with other cards and spells.

You can also check out the upgrade cost of Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary cards by clicking on one of the tabs below.

Minion Cards upgrade cost


Total Runes
(for 5 power ups)

Level Up

Minion Cards Heroic Magic Duel

Level Up

Gold cost
Gold Heroic Magic Duel

1 -> 2

30 3 50
2 -> 3 118 16


3 -> 4

148 20 250
4 -> 5 444 60


5 -> 6

740 100 1,260
6 -> 7 1,480 200


7 -> 8

4,440 600


8 -> 9

7,400 1,000



Total Runes

(for 5 power ups)

Level Up

Minion Cards Heroic Magic Duel

Level Up

Gold cost
Gold Heroic Magic Duel

3 -> 4

296 2 504
4 -> 5 394 3


5 -> 6

740 5 1,260
6 -> 7 1,480 10


7 -> 8

4,440 30 7,560
8 -> 9 7,400 50



Total Runes

(for 5 power ups)

Level Up

Minion Cards Heroic Magic Duel

Level Up

Gold cost
Gold Heroic Magic Duel

6 -> 7

148 2 5,040
7 -> 8 222 3


8 -> 9

370 5



Total Runes

(for 5 power ups)

Level Up

Minion Cards Heroic Magic Duel

Level Up

Gold cost
Gold Heroic Magic Duel

9 -> 10

1, 480 2


Rolling Rocks

  • For only 1 mana you’ll get 3 rocks
  • Very fast movement speed
  • Very high damage per second, higher than most cards that cost 3 Mana

  • Very low health, single Rolling Rock will die in one hit from any other minion
  • Vulnerable to area spells and attacks

  • Rolling Rocks is a must-have in an early rush deck
  • Using it in combination with Magic Construct might not be a bad idea (this way you could quickly improve your Construct for a minimal Mana cost)
  • Cheap way to buff up the Bloodstalker. Spawn Rolling Rocks just before you spawn a Bloodstalker so he can gain extra health and damage.
  • At the beginning of the match, Rolling Rocks + Holy Shield combo can be very hard to counter. Most cards, like Fire Imp, that are commonly used to counter
  • Rolling Rocks will die if the little guys are shielded. So, your opponent will either lose his 2 or 3 Mana cost minion or use a spell to kill little guys. If he uses a spell, it’s kind of a win-win situation, since you dropped your spell sooner and the Holy Shield has a very fast cooldown.
  • It’s not a bad idea to upgradeit if you’re interested in one of the Heroic Magic Duel rush builds/strategies that I already mentioned.


  • Very fast minion that is great for pushing the lane early in the match, but not much else.
  • Solid for early rushing

  • Will lose in 1v1 fight vs almost any other minion.

  • Can be used to counter Archers, Fire Imp, Reflector, and a few other Heroic Magic Duel cards that cost 3 or less Mana.
  • Rarely seen in higher leagues, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading this unit unless you really need a cheap that has high speed and can quickly push the lane.

Water Elemental

  • The ability to push back enemies is what this minionis all about. Besides pushing back the enemies, he will also block all hostile melee and ranged attacks while the ability is active.
  • A solid amount of health for a card that costs only 2 mana

  • Very low attack
  • Will lose in 1v1 battles against most (if not all) other minions

  • As already mentioned, the only reason for having this card in the deck is its special ability. Water Elemental can be very useful by pushing back the melee enemy minions away from your ranged units. The most fun that I had with it was in the 2nd and 3rd Leagues where I used it to push back the Charger that was, well, charging towards my ranged units.
  • He can push back the slow-moving Crystal Colossus and buy you some time to deal with it with other minions or spells
  • Water Elemental’s special ability can be also used to push multiple minions into one spot and then hit them with an AoE spell or other cards that have area attacks. Also, pushing the enemy minions back into the fire created by Meteor Strike can be tons of fun.
  • All in all, Water Elemental is fun to use, and I don’t regret upgrading it several times. However, if your strategy can’t benefit from his special ability, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it, as his attack is very low for a minion that costs 2 Mana.


  • It will spawn 3 archers that have solid Hp and speed and low attack (considering their cost).
  • Solid for both defending and attacking in the early stages of the match

  • Archers are very vulnerable to all kinds of AoE attacks.
  • Low range

  • Archers are very good at countering others that spawn multiple weaker units (like an undead horde and rolling rocks) because of their range attack
  • If you see a Pit Fiend, don’t spawn Archers, because you’ll just feed him (significantly increasing his damage), and that can lead to a very quick defeat.
  • Archers are not very often seen in the higher leagues but upgrading them might not be the worst idea as they can be very useful in the ‘early rush’ deck when combined with the Holy Shield.
  • Update 1.6 reduced the health of the archers from 200 to 190 and damage from 80 to 75. No big deal, they are almost the same as they were before the update.

Undead Horde

  • It will spawn 5 Skeletons that have solid health and speed.
  • Great vs other weaker minions like Rolling rocks, Swordsman, Water Element, etc.
  • Can win 1v1 (or more precisely 5v1) battles against stronger and more expensive melee cards like Shield Bearer, Valkyrie, etc.

  • Undead horde has one of the lowest, if not the lowest, attack ratings in the game.

  • Good synergy with the Bloodstalker and Soul Leech legendary cards. Spawn Undead Horde just before you spawn a Bloodstalker so he can gain extra health and damage or after you spawned Soul Leech for the same reasons.
  • It can be useful against melee minions that do not have area attacks (can only attack single targets) like Dwarf, Brute, Charger, Valkyrie, Stone Golem, etc.
  • Besides that, Undead Horde can be used to slow down some very powerful, expensive cards (Abomination and Mana Wraith), enabling your ranged minions to take them out.
  • Very vulnerable to all kinds of area attacks from units and spells.
  • Countered by: Fire Imp, Blade Dancer (of lower-cost units) and all other units that have area attacks (or fast attack like Shadow Huntress).
  • With all the synergies, and the ability to stop some early rushes, Undead Horde can be useful even in higher leagues, so upgrading it isn’t a bad idea.
  • After the Heroic Magic Duel 1.6 update, the skeletons will survive Fire Imp’s special ability, if they’re at least one level higher than the Imp.

Ravenous Scourge

  • Minions will multiply every 4 seconds until there’s 8 of them (max)
  • When multiplied, very effective vs all minions that have single target attack
  • 8 of them have more DPS than any other minion, and that makes them a great offensive card for destroying the opponent’s portal

  • Very vulnerable to all kinds of area attacks (both from spells and units)
  • They’re also very weak individually, and one or two of them will lose to almost any other minion
  • It takes them 12 seconds to multiply to their max of 8

  • Ravenous Scourge can be a big problem if left unchecked and allowed to multiply
  • These little minions should be always spawned near your portal so that there’s enough time for them to multiply before reaching an enemy portal
  • In the early stages of the match, they can be easily countered by the Fire Imp
  • It works great in the combination with the Holy Shield spell.
  • 8 shielded minions will survive one spell and deal an enormous amount of damage to the enemy portal. Well, unless the spell is Scorched Earth or some similar damage over time effect.
  • The shield will also enable them to defeat most AoE cards that would be a hard counter to Ravenous Scourge otherwise
  • The Amazon is probably the best counter for it, and will clear them out even if they’re shielded
  • It is not very good in the later stages of the match (once you get to Double Mana mode), because the opponent will, most likely, have enough Mana and spells to destroy them before they can multiply
  • All in all, playing Heroic Magic Duel with Ravenous Horde in the deck can be a lot of fun, and you won’t make a mistake by upgrading it.

Fire imp

  • Ok for clearing out weaker minions in the single lane (considering that it only costs 3 mana)
  • Great for defending against early rushes
  • The damage of his special ability will increase by 10%, every time you level up this card

  • Very slow, don’t push with this minion
  • Low health
  • Almost completely useless after he uses the special ability

  • Remains useful even in higher Heroic Magic Duel leagues (because of the ability to instantly clear groups of weaker minions) so upgrading it isn’t a bad idea.
  • When faced with Undead Warlord, it’s a good idea to spawn Fire Imp right after the Undead Warlord has died, because that way you can instantly clear out all of the skeletons before they can cause any trouble.
  • If you’re fighting a Mountain Giant, wait until he dies and instantly clear the lane of all Rolling Rocks
  • When faced with Ravenous Horde, at the beginning of the match, you can safely ignore them until they reach your portal (which would be a bad idea in most situations) and instantly wipe them out with the Fire Imp card. Don’t do this if the enemy has a Holy Shield spell, or this tactic will backfire.
  • Update 1.6 seriously nerfed the Fire Imp, reducing his health by ~40% (from 675 to 395), and slightly increasing his attack by 6% (from 170 to 180). More importantly, the damage of his special attack took another hit from a nerf hammer, dropping by 28% (from 220 to 160 damage) and that’s terrible news. Fire Imp can no longer reliably take out mobs (he is useless for anything else), because he no longer has the damage necessary to take out skeletons. If skeletons are one level higher than your Fire Imp they can now survive his special ability!

Frost Imp

  • His special ability will freeze all minions in his lane for 5 seconds
  • Solid health and attack for a card that costs 3 Mana

  • Very slow, don’t push with it

  • The only reason to have Frost Imp in your deck is his special ability to freeze enemies for 5 seconds.
  • Many combos are possible with this card, but they all come down to combining the Frost Imp with other high DPS card like Valkyrie, Silver Ranger, Primal Spirit (if you have to clean up mobs), etc.
  • Frost Imp also works well in combination with Punisher. Once freeze activates, the Punisher could ‘feed’ on helpless minions
  • With the Frost Imp, it is possible to stop Immortal Knight from ruining your day and killing expensive unit in his undying form. Just spawn Frost Imp as soon as the Immortal Knight enters his undying form (gaining invulnerability and huge damage boost for 6 seconds) because he will freeze him for 5 seconds, completely negating the special ability (undying) that is very hard to deal with otherwise.
  • This card can also be used to delay an attack from a most dangerous lane until the cooldown of your spells ends, or more Mana/cards become available to deal with your opponent
  • All in all, Frost Imp is one of the Heroic Magic Duel common cards that remain useful throughout the game, so if you like the combos that I already mentioned (or have similar ideas) there’s no reason not to upgrade it.

Blade Dancer

  • Attacks twice for a solid amount of damage, and that makes it a good option against smaller mobs (3 – 5 minions)
  • Good against most single targets that have similar Mana cost
  • High health (for a 3 Mana card)
  • High speed

  • Can’t deal with larger mobs (like multiplied Ravenous Scourge)

  • Blade Dancer’s primary role is anti – mob. It’s one of the three cards in Heroic Magic Duel that cost 3 Mana (Fire Imp and Alchemist are the other two), capable of dealing with mobs which are often used at the beginning of the match (Rolling Rocks, Undead Horde, Ravenous Scourge).
  • Unlike the other two, it remains useful against minions other than mobs (will win 1v1 against both of them, and also against the Reaper, Reflector, etc.). Besides that, Fire Imp can’t reliably take out skeletons, since his special ability can’t deal enough damage if the skeletons are one level higher than the Imp. So, against them, my first choice would be a Blade Dancer.
  • On the downside, Blade Dancer stands no chance against the multiplied Ravenous Scourge (8 of them), while the Fire Imp and the Alchemist can easily deal with this problem.
  • Attacking twice is a disadvantage when fighting against the Mountain Giant, because he spawns a Rolling Rock every time he gets hit, so two rocks will be spawned every time a Blade Dancer attacks (she deals relatively small amount of damage with a single attack, so this is one of the best possible scenarios for the Mountain Giant).
  • All in all, since the Blade Dancer can partially replace your low Mana, anti – mob specialists, and remains useful in other situations, so I would recommend upgrading and using this card.

Shield Bearer

  • Very high health (for the cost of 4 mana)
  • Can counter other melee cards of similar or lower cost (Swordsman, Water Elemental, Reflector, Reaper, etc.)

  • Below average damage
  • Slow movement speed
  • Can be easily countered by ranged minions (because of his low speed) and mobs of weaker minions (because of his single target attack)

  • In lower leagues, he can work very well in combination with Wisp Mother.
  • Shield Bearer is a cheap meat-shield, and there isn’t much more to say about it.
  • I wouldn’t suggest upgrading it except if you would like to have a cheap, high health minion.

Elite Archers

  • 6 elite archers will be spawned (2 in each lane)
  • Solid health and range (if upgraded), significantly stronger than regular archers

  • Low range

  • Elite Archers are a great card for the mid/early stages of the match (before double Mana stage). They can be used to push all 3 lanes at the same time, and your opponent, most likely, won’t have enough mana to deal with all 6 of them.
  • It can be used to effectively counter other cards that spawn groups of smaller minions, like Undead Horde, Undead Raid, Ravenous Scourge, etc.
  • Elite Archers won’t do very well against single, stronger minion – but considering that you’re paying 2 Mana per lane (for 2 Archers), they’re worth the Mana investment.
  • Elite Archers are useless against more powerful ranged minions, like Amazon and Silver Ranger, since they will often die before they manage to get into range to fire their bows (so they’ll die, before dealing any damage).
  • All in all, Elite Archers are very good for a common card, and they can find their place in most Heroic Magic Duel decks. Upgrading is a good idea if it fits into your overall strategy.
  • Update 1.6 nerfed the Elite Archers, reducing their health by ~8% *(from 305 to 280), but, more importantly, reducing their attack damage by ~20% (from 120 to 95). This was one of the most used cards before the update, but it won’t be anymore.

Undead Raid

  • Spawns 15 skeletons for the cost of only 7 Mana
  • Skeletons are spawned at the random locations on the battlefield, and that can be both good and bad

  • Skeletons are very vulnerable to area attacks

  • Random spawn location means that some skeletons will be spawned behind the enemy minions or even close to his portal, so your opponent will be forced to spawn card(s) right next to his portal, even though one or more of his minions has already pushed the lane forward.
  • It has a good synergy Blood Stalker and Soul Leech, just like Undead Army.
  • Unlike the Undead Army, skeletons will be dispersed, so it will be easier to take them out
  • Undead Raid is countered by Elite Archers that cost 1 less Mana point.
  • All in all, this card is mostly used as a cheaper way to buff up Bloodstalker/Soul Leech but, it’s easier to eliminate skeletons when they’re not grouped up. Upgrading this card is a good idea if you like it more than the Undead Army

Undead Army

  • Spawns 15 skeletons, 5 in each lane
  • Great for overrunning the opponent, especially if he doesn’t have a lot of AoE cards

  • As with other skeletons, vulnerable to all kinds of area attacks

  • If you manage to pull off Undead Army + Bloodstalker combo, your Bloodstalker will become almost unstoppable.
  • The same is true for Soul Leech + Undead Army combo.
  • Not a bad option for pushing all the lanes and destroying the enemy portal
  • All in all, it’s OK to upgrade this card, but keep in mind that there are a lot of cards with area attack that can easily dispatch the skeletons. Besides that, Fire Witch can really ruin your day destroying all 15 skeletons with her special ability.

Elite Warriors

  • Spawns 3 Elite Warriors (one in each lane)
  • High speed
  • Solid health and damage (considering there’s 3 of them)

  • 1v1 Elite Warriors will be outmatched by more powerful cards

  • Elite Warriors can be very strong if leveled up
  • They’re great for pushing all 3 lanes, because of their high speed
  • One individual warrior can beat, in 1v1 combat, almost all cards of 3 Mana cost or less, and even some Heroic Magic Duel minions that cost 4-6
  • This card is a good choice against the enemy ranged minions because it can quickly get to them. One individual elite warrior will beat all ranged minions in 1v1 combat except Amazon, Silver Ranger and Shadow Huntress (he can sometimes win the battle against one of these 3 if spawned right next to them)
  • Great for putting pressure on the enemy base, since their damage output can’t be ignored
  • Solid synergy with the Bloodstalker card (since he will be buffed by 3 minions)
  • All in all, Elite Warriors is one of the more useful common cards, and upgrading it isn’t a bad idea (unless Elite Archers better suit your playstyle, than save up resources for them).


  • Great for clearing mobs of weaker minions with his ranged area attack
  • Good for defending against early rushes
  • Counters Undead Horde, Ravenous Scourge and similar cards that spawn multiple minions

  • A very slow unit that shouldn’t be used to push the lane
  • Very low single target damage
  • Low health

  • He can’t stand up to any Heroic Magic Duel card that spawns a single minion
  • Alchemist is a rare card that remains somewhat useful in higher leagues and upgrading it isn’t a terrible idea.
  • Update 1.6 ruined the poor Alchemist. His damage was nerfed by whopping ~32% (from 190 to 130), and his health reduced by ~15% (from 570 to 485). Do not count on Alchemist to take out anything except the mobs… Unless the mob is under the effect of Holy shield, in that case, your Alchemist will die…


  • His mirror shield reflects 50% of ranged attacks back at the opponent
  • Solid health (for a  card that costs 3 Mana)

  • Very low attack
  • Slow movement speed
  • Don’t push a lane with this card (slow speed + low damage = bad idea)

  • The Reflector is pathetic against melee minions because of his low attack
  • He’s also terrible as an offensive card because it will take him a lot of time to reach the enemy portal, and even when he gets there, it will take him ages to destroy it.
  • However, as a defensive minion, his reflective shield, solid health pool, and low mana cost make him the best option against ranged minions
  • When leveled properly, Reflector will win 1v1 battle against any ranged card (level 6 Reflector will win against level 6 Amazon, Silver Ranger, Shadow Huntress, etc.), allowing you to take out dangerous 5-6 Mana card for the cost of 3 Mana.
  • When the enemy attack is reflected, it will strike the first enemy minion in front of the Reflector. For example, if there’s an enemy Swordsman between the Reflector and the Silver Ranger that is shooting at him, the Swordsman will receive the reflected damage
  • However, if the Reflector reflects back the Amazon’s attack, it will be an AoE penetrating attack that might hit several enemy minions at once (just like the standard Amazon’s attack)
  • All in all, Reflector is one very useful card, and I would suggest upgrading it, because Heroic Magic Duel ranged cards are very effective, and are a big part of every deck that I faced so far.
  • Update 1.6 greatly reduced the damage of two main ranged minions, Amazon and Silver Ranger, so Reflector isn’t as useful as he used to be, but this card can still come in handy.


  • Fast minion with melee area attack, which makes him great at clearing out mobs of weaker minions

  • Low damage per hit and low-ish Hp (considering the cost of 4 Mana) makes him quite bad at fighting any other type of enemy.

  • Reaper is rarely seen in higher leagues because there are more powerful cards available, so I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it.

Goblin Marksman

  • Very long range. Goblin Marksman and Silver Ranger have a range of 40, and that’s more than any other minion in Heroic Magic Duel.
  • A solid amount of health for a ranged minion that costs only 4 Mana.

  • Low damage per shot

  • Goblin Marksman is one of the most used minions in the lower leagues because his long-range rifle enables him to stay at a relatively safe distance and shoot at the approaching enemies.
  • In higher leagues, his low damage per shot is no longer adequate against stronger minions. Still, upgrading Goblin Marksman by a level or two might not be a bad idea, but I would suggest replacing him with Silver Ranger as soon as he becomes available – Silver Ranger card has the same range but deals ~2.5 times more damage (if both cards are at the same level) and all that for the cost of 1 just more Mana (4 vs 5).
  • Update 1.6 slightly nerfed the Goblin Marksman, reducing his health by ~12% (from 895 to 795) and his damage by ~3% (150-145). He can still do everything that he could before the nerf because, luckily, his attack wasn’t significantly reduced.


  • Extremely high attack for a rare card that costs only 4 Mana.

  • Very low health for a melee minion
  • Low movement speed
  • Countered by ranged units (because of her low speed and health)
  • Easily countered by mobs (like Undead Horde) because of her single-target attack and low health

  • Valkyrie is all about high attack damage, so she should be used against enemy minions that have high health. She is also very slow, so try to spawn her close to the enemy minion(s).
  • She is great against the Crystal Colossus since she has an insanely high damage output for a 4 Mana card, and can take him out faster than any other card.
  • Valkyrie is one of the best counters for Mountain Giant. The Mountain Giant will spawn one rolling rock each time he takes damage, but Valkyrie can almost nullify his special ability because it shouldn’t take her more than 2 hits to take him out (if both cards are at the same level)
  • One of the best cards for destroying the enemy portal, if you manage to get her there.
  • All in all, upgrading Valkyrie card is not a bad idea if you want a high damage minion that can destroy high-value targets– do note that she’ll most likely die in the process. Playing with a Valkyrie in the deck is kind of a high risk/ high reward situation, and she can be useful in higher leagues.


  • Very fast movement speed
  • Solid damage considering that she costs only 4 Mana
  • Upon spawning, Commander will transfer all your minions into her lane

  • Low health
  • Can’t win in a 1v1 battle against cards of the same Mana cost
  • She has a single target attack so even mobs of weaker minions will be a problem

Additional Notes:

  • Commander’s special ability opens up a lot of different combo options, but it can also backfire if you put all minions in a single lane and they get hit by an AoE spell
  • Combo: If you’re sure that opponent’s spells are on cooldown, having a Commander and a Leader in a single lane can lead to quick destruction of an enemy portal
  • This combo can be improved by casting a Holy Shield on all of your minions, and by adding cards that have high damage output (like Valkyrie, Silver Ranger, etc.)
  • If you plan on using combos such as this one (or something similar), upgrading Commander is a good idea.


  • Poison ability is what this minion is all about
  • Solid attack for a card that costs 4 Mana

  • Low(ish) speed

  • Viper can be very effective vs strong melee cards (that have high Mana cost). The idea is to poison more expensive minion with Viper, so it will die in several seconds.
  • Basically, you would sacrifice the (relatively) cheap Viper in order to destroy something more expensive.
  • In almost any other scenario, using this card wouldn’t be an optimal choice.
  • Ranged attacks work very well against the Viper, and he will die in two or three shots from more powerful ranged minions
  • Although destroying a card that has high mana cost with cheap one sounds good in theory, in practice this card isn’t effective (except against an Abomination) and I wouldn’t suggest upgrading it.
  • UPDATE 1.6 seriously buffed up the Viper and he can now reliably take out powerful melee minions. Most notably his poison ability has been buffed from 5 to 15% health damage per seconds, so even the Abomination won’t last longer than 7 seconds if the Viper stabs it with his poisoned blade. Besides that, his health and damage were also increased by 40% (from 605 to 845) and 12% (from 305 to 340), respectively.


  • Very high health (considering the cost of 5 mana)
  • Upon spawning, he will draw in all enemies within 30-40 range and stun them for 1 second
  • The Executioner has AoE melee attack that, in combination with his special ability, makes him great for clearing out mobs of weaker minions

  • Below – average speed
  • Very low damage per hit

  • The Executioner is one of the best tanks in the Heroic Magic Duel, as he has a very high amount of health for a 5 Mana card.
  • Besides the mob clearing duty, his special ability can be extremely useful for pulling in and stunning opponent’s backline minions
  • Because of that, he is one of the best counters for Wisp Mother (he can usually draw her in and kill her before the stun expires)
  • Killing high level ranged units (like Silver Ranger and Amazon) can be a bit tricky, since Executioner’s low damage per hit often won’t be enough (depending on level) to kill them before the stun is over. I saw multiple times opponent’s Executioner using his special ability on my Silver Ranger, and the Ranger killing him, once the stun is over.
  • The stun on his special ability can be used to combo him with another high damage unit
  • The Executioner is bad at attacking enemy portal (because of his low damage it will take him ages to destroy it, and you can almost ignore him and focus on the other two lanes)
  • His special ability can be used to interrupt Fire Witch’s casting
  • All in all, Executioner is a very good minion that can be great if his special ability is timed and used properly. The Executioner remains useful throughout the game so, if you like him, go ahead and upgrade this – you won’t regret it.
  • UPDATE 1.6 severely reduced damage of Silver Ranger and Amazon, and now Executioner can easily take them out.

Mountain Giant

  • Very high health
  • Spawns one Rolling Rock whenever he takes damage

  • Low attack
  • Slow movement speed

  • Mountain Giant works well in combination with Wisp Mother – she would heal him so, that he can take more hits and thus spawn more Rolling Rocks
  • This card should be spawned next to the enemy minions that deal low damage (like Reflector, Water Elemental, etc.) for the same reason
  • One of the best things to do with Mountain Giant is to spawn it right next to the Shadow Huntress. She will hit him with 3-shot bursts (high DPS, but low damage per shot), and he’ll spawn a lot of Rolling Rocks very quickly. Most if not all of them will jump over the Huntress and start attacking the enemy portal.
  • Mountain Giant is great against Blade Dancer, since she attacks twice for a relatively low amount of damage, and the Rolling Rocks will spawn twice as fast because of that.
  • This combo is even more devastating with the Fearless Leader – half a dozen or more Rolling Rocks have an extremely high DPS
  • All, of the previously said combined with the Holy Shield spell on the Rolling Rocks can be a very powerful combo.
  • All in all, Mountain Giant is a very good card that remains useful in all Heroic Magic Duel leagues, so upgrading it isn’t a bad idea.

Silver Ranger

  • Extremely high single target damage
  • Very long range of 40 – the highest in the game alongside Goblin Marksman

  • Slow movement speed

  • Silver Ranger is one of the best cards for dealing with the powerful but slow melee minions like Valkyrie, Mana Wraith, Abomination, etc.
  • He can be used to counter Amazon and other ranged minions that have a lower range
  • Against Nature Guardian card, Silver Ranger is one of the best counters (because of longer-range 40 vs 25), since he can kill it before the Guardian can strike back and stun him. The Nature Guardian can be very tough to deal with otherwise (aside from killing it with spells)
  • Basically, whenever you need single target damage this card will be a great choice. It should be spawned at the distance of 40 (or close to it) to make the most out of his great range.
  • He is also very good at destroying the enemy portal since he can shoot at it from long range, dealing a considerable amount of damage
  • Because of all that, Silver Ranger will be often hit with spells.
  • Also, he can be instantly killed by Hellfiend’s special ability (at least if Hellfiend is a level or two higher)
  • One of Ranger’s worst enemies is the Reflector, as he will completely shut him down. Besides that, Reflector is cheaper costing 3 Mana, compared to 5 of the Ranger.
  • Silver Ranger is one of the most requested cards in the Heroic Magic Duel, and he can be seen in almost every deck (at least in higher leagues). I would suggest to upgrade it as much as you can.
  • In the Update 1.6, the Silver Ranger was hit with the nerf Warhammer. His health was slightly reduced by only ~1% (from 685 to 680), but his damage took a serious blow. It was reduced by ~30% (from 455 to 325). He’s still very good (considering the 5 Mana cost), but no longer able to single-handedly take out the most powerful minions.


  • Upon spawning, Pixie will sleep all enemies in her lane. The sleeping enemies will wake up once he takes damage.

  • Very low health

  • The only reason to use the Pixie card is her special ability, that can snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat, if used correctly.
  • The Pixie can be used to completely neutralize one whole lane. If your opponent is pushing one lane with multiple powerful minions (and your spells are on cooldown), she can put them all to sleep.
  • After that, you could completely ignore that lane, and keep pushing the other two. This way the opponent’s minions could stay inactive indefinitely, and all Mana invested in them would be wasted (well, if your Pixie dies in the meantime and doesn’t wake them up).
  • The other option would be to spawn another, high damage card, like Valkyrie, in the same lane as Pixie. This way, a solid portion of enemy minions would die in one hit from Valkyrie (or other high damage cards), and wouldn’t have time to ‘wake up’ and retaliate.
  • What you don’t want to do is spawn Fire Imp or use a spell in the lane where you summoned Pixie, because that would just wake up the whole lane of enemies that would otherwise remain inactive.
  • The Pixie can be particularly devastating in the later stages of the match when used against the commander + Holy Shield combo (or similar combos, like using Fearless leader to buff up the minions in one lane), since you could completely neutralize all enemy minions on the field, and turn this powerful combo against him.
  • When faced with mobs (multiplied Ravenous Scourge, huge groups of skeletons, etc.), Pixie can be a very good choice, because she can take them out one by one, without giving them a chance to strike back (weaker minions will die in one hit from Pixie).

Crystal Colossus

  • Crystal Colossus will slowly move towards the enemy portal, pushing all minions that stand in its path, and self-destructing once it reaches the portal, dealing a massive amount of damage.
  • Very high health

  • Very slow movement speed
  • Can’t attack the enemy minions

  • Crystal Colossus has good synergy with ranged minions since it can ‘tank’ tons of damage while your ranged minions, positioned behind it, destroy any opponents.
  • The aforementioned combo can work like charm in combination with Nature’s Guardian, as he has enough health to survive some spells and will stun all enemies in the lane.
  • Water Elemental can be used to push back the Colossus
  • If two of these minions meet in the same lane (yours and opponent’s), they will activate the crystals and both will self-destruct after 2-3 seconds.
  • One of the interesting combos would be using a Crystal Colossus in the combination with Rhii’s Healing Wave spell. This spell will heal a % of health each second for 6 seconds to all allies in the lane, and with Rhii level, it will also increase the speed of all affected minions. So, it has a good a synergy with slow, high health cards, and the Colossus is exactly that.
  • One of the most important things to remember when using the Colossus is to spawn him as close to the enemy portal as possible, otherwise, it will take him ages to reach the target and detonate.
  • All in all, the Colossus is an interesting but very situational card. It can be extremely useful, but shouldn’t be used in every deck, so I wouldn’t give it a very high upgrade priority.


  • The most powerful unit that can be acquired in the Tutorial Area
  • High attack and fast movement speed
  • Good against both melee and ranged units

  • Countered by groups of weaker minions (because of his single target attack) and high Tier units
  • Mediocre health for a melee minion card that costs 7 mana

  • This card can work very well even in higher leagues but it will be outclassed by other epic and legendary cards that have similar Mana cost. Still, upgrading Brute isn’t a waste of resources, as it will serve you very well until more powerful cards become available.

Wisp Mother

  • Can heal nearby units, and that’s what this minion is all about
  • Each time you level up Wisp Mother, her special ability will improve, by healing an additional 10% health.
  • Can be used to counter early rush with rolling rocks – Wisp Mother will win if both cards are at the same level

  • Low health, attack, and speed
  • Below average range

  • In the early leagues, Wisp Mother is one of the most useful, if not the most useful card because of her healing ability.
  • She will continue to heal nearby minions even if she’s stunned or frozen
  • Don’t combo Wisp Mother with another ranged unit since she has very low range, and you really don’t want her to be your frontline minion
  • Wisp Mother + Strong Melee card combo: The main idea of this card is to spawn it behind one of your stronger, high health, melee minions (like Shield Bearer or Mountain Giant), so she can heal while the other guy deals damage. Your strong melee card should have movement speed similar to her own (3-5), otherwise, your tank will push the lane, getting out of her healing range.
  • Casting a Holy Shield on both your Wisp Mother and frontline minion is a good idea since most players will try to immediately counter this combo with a spell. Do note that spells that deal damage in several instances (like Ice Spears) or damage over time (like Scorched Earth) will go through the shield and kill your minions anyway, so it’s best to wait for the opponent to cast them before throwing out this combo.
  • Obviously, melee cards that have high Mana cost (Undead Warlord, Abomination) will benefit the most from the Wisp Mother, but I like to combo her with Mountain Giant card (she will heal he will continue spawning rolling rocks) or Punisher card(each time he kills a minion he’ll get a significant bonus to damage but will lose a lot of health even against weaker minions, so somebody needs to heal/shield or else he’ll die and all that bonus damage will be wasted).
  • Aside from spells, Wisp Mother + Strong Melee combo can be also countered by the Amazon (whose penetrating damage will go through both of your minions, killing your healer in one or two hits), and by the Executioner (by pulling in, stunning, and killing your healer)
  • In higher Heroic Magic Duel leagues, the usefulness of her healing ability drops, because upgraded minions and Heroes will deal significantly higher damage and some spells will gain secondary damage effects so even the Holy Shield won’t help. All in all, upgrading the Wisp Mother card isn’t a bad idea if you can effectively pull off some of the aforementioned combos, but she shouldn’t have the highest priority for mega runes.


  • He can turn into any enemy minion for the cost of just 2 Mana

  • Useless if there are enemy mobs on the battlefield
  • He will die if there are no enemy minions present on the battlefield when he’s spawned
  • Doppelganger can’t mimic special abilities that activate upon spawning

  • Well, let’s start with the positive, with the doppelganger card in your deck, you can get a powerful minion (like Abomination, Juggernaut, Undead Warlord, etc.) for the cost of just 2 mana.
  • So, if there’s a single powerful enemy minion on the battlefield summon your doppelganger as soon as possible and get a 5+ Mana card, for the cost of 2 Mana.
  • Doppelganger will turn into one random enemy minion, so if there are groups of weaker minions on the battlefield (like skeletons, rolling rocks, etc.) it’s not a good idea to spawn a doppelganger and waste 2 Mana in order to get 1 skeleton.
  • Cards that have powerful special abilities that activate upon spawning, (like Fire Imp, Frost Imp, Executioner, Hellfiend, etc.) are not the best option to turn into, because your doppelganger won’t be able to replicate these abilities.
  • For example, if he turns into the Fire Imp, a flame spell that deals fire damage won’t activate.
  • With a Doppelganger card in the deck, you can pull off some very dirty tricks and irritate your opponent (and I love those moments), that’s why I think it’s not a bad idea to have this card in the deck. Upgrading it is an ok choice, but I wouldn’t give this card a very high priority when it comes to upgrades.

Magic construct

  • Gains health and attack boost each time you play another card (and grows in size)
  • The special boost to health and attack when additional cards are played will be increased by 10% when you level up this card

  • Somewhat underpowered until buffed up (by spawning other cards)

  • Magic Construct is a great card for an early rush deck
  • It has good synergy with the low Mana cost cards because that way it can be buffed up faster
  • Magic Construct has particularly good synergy with Rolling Rocks since this card costs just 1 Mana
  • It is easy to deal with this card if you attacked it as soon as the opponent spawns it
  • However, if left unchecked, Magic Construct can become extremely powerful and able to defeat some of the most powerful Heroic Magic Duel cards in 1v1 combat.
  • That’s why it should be targeted early before it has a chance to grow and become a serious threat.
  • With this card in the deck, it is a good idea to spawn it in an empty lane, when you’re already pushing some of the other lanes, and to continue to spawn additional minions in your primary lane. This way the opponent might get distracted for some time, allowing a Magic Construct to become really powerful.
  • All in all, it isn’t a bad idea to upgrade this card, if you plan to use it in a deck with a lot of mid or low Mana cards.


  • Can regenerate himself which is great, especially in lower leagues.
  • Treant’s area attacks are very good at clearing mobs of smaller minions (Undead Horde, Ravenous Horde, etc.)

  • A very slow minion that is terrible at pushing the lane but ok for defense.
  • His single target damage (as with most minions that have an area attack) is quite low, so you won’t be doing any significant damage to an enemy portal with this card.

  • Treant’s regenerative ability can extremely powerful (and tons of fun) in lower leagues – I remember shooting at it with Goblin Marksman (non-upgraded, level 3, 150 damage), and the Treant could regenerate almost all damage, while slowly lumbering forward, and eventually killing my marksman in melee range. His regenerating ability becomes even more annoying when you pair him up with Wisp Mother.
  • However, in higher leagues, minions (both ranged and melee) will deal significantly more damage, and this card becomes less and less useful.
  • All in all, including the Treant in the early league deck is a good idea, but I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it.

Fearless Leader

  • Buffs up movement speed and damage of all friendly minions in his lane
  • His attack deals an AoE damage, so he’s a solid choice against groups of minions

  • Not great at anything and will lose against other minions of similar Mana cost

  • Fearless Leader is great at buffing groups of weaker minions so that they can move fast and kill fast. He’s also great at buffing high DPS cards.
  • If the opponent’s spells are on cooldown, and/or if you have a Holy Shield, it can be a good idea to spawn Fearless Leader along with several other high DPS cards in a single lane, so that he can buff them up. The idea here is to dish out more damage than your opponent can and destroy his portal before he can destroy yours.
  • His speed buff shouldn’t be overlooked, since it can be of huge help to powerful minions like Juggernaut, Abomination, etc.
  • All in all, Fearless Leader will remain useful throughout the game, so upgrading it isn’t a bad idea, but he should have lower priority than your other, more important, cards.


  • Crow will dash back, and throw razor-sharp feathers at the enemy, every time she takes damage
  • Very high health for a ranged card that costs 4 Mana

  • Somewhat low damage

  • Crow is at her best when used against low damage, melee minions, since her special attack will create some distance while, at the same time dealing damage.
  • This card can be also used to slowly take out mobs if you have time and space. For example, she can take out skeletons one by one and as soon as she takes one hit the special ability will activate take and she can start the process all over again.
  • Against any ranged card (including archers) with the range of 30 or less, you can always gain a favorable 2 for 1 trade.
  • All in all, the Crow is a decent Epic Heroic Magic Duel card.


  • Great for pushing the lane, especially an empty one.
  • A few seconds after spawning this minion will charge forward, gaining a huge boost to speed and dealing additional damage to the first minion (or portal) it hits.
  • Can kill most minions in a one-hit when charging – at least in lower leagues

  • Low HP for level 6 epic card that costs 6 mana (at the cost)
  • Countered by most other minions and he’ll have serious problems against mobs because of his single target attack

  • Charger card will perform very well in a first few leagues but quickly becomes obsolete in higher leagues, mostly because it’s very low health. For example, Stone Giant (Rare Card with the cost of 5 mana) upgraded to level 6 will have almost twice as much health. Also, Amazon (level 6 epic card with the cost of 6 mana) that’s a very powerful range minion with penetrating area attack has a bit more health than Charger.
  • Besides low health problem, once you’ve reached the higher leagues, Charger won’t be able to kill most minions in one hit from charge.
  • All in all, it was fun to use this card in lower leagues, but it becomes almost completely useless in higher leagues (it is probably the worst epic card in the game). Don’t waste your Mega Runes on it.

Primal Spirit

  • Primal Spirit is all about a powerful first attack, that is also an area attack (although this isn’t mentioned in the card description). Do note that every attack after the first on is a regular, single-target attack.
  • With his first attack, Primal Spirit can destroy most minions (both single target and mobs) in one shot – well, at least in lower leagues.
  • A good amount of health for a ranged minion.
  • Leveling up Primal Spirit will also improve his special ability, by increasing the first attack damage by an additional 10%.

  • Slow movement speed
  • Below average range when compared to the other powerful ranged units

  • I would like to point out that the Primal Spirit was my favorite (and the most powerful card) in the lower leagues. Primal Spirit was great in combination with Valen’s Phalanx spell. The spell would push all enemies that were close to my portal, stun them, and group up multiple enemy minions on a single pile. As soon as the spell is activated, I would spawn a Primal Spirit and clear out all of the stunned enemies in a single lane.
  • However, this card is a bit lacking in the damage department for higher leagues – it can still clear out mobs of weaker minions in a first shot but will struggle against tougher opponents.
  • The Amazon card is the only reason why I shouldn’t recommend spending Mega Runes on upgrading the Primal Spirit. This card can do everything that Primal Spirit can but does it better. The Amazon has higher attack(except on a first hit), has more health, and she’s a lot faster. Besides that, her every attack is an area attack that also penetrates targets up to her maximum range of 30.
  • All in all, Primal Spirit is a very good card, but the Amazon can do his job of clearing mobs better (and can do much more than that) for the same cost of 6 Mana (both are Epic cards, level 6 when you get them).
  • Conclusion: It’s not a bad idea to upgrade the Primal Spirit as it’s quite a good card (unlike most of the other epic cards that are available in lower leagues), but I would still recommend saving up mega runes for the Amazon.
  • Update 1.6 only slightly nerfed the Primal Spirit (~3% less health and attack), so he can still do everything that he could before the nerf.

Shadow Huntress

  • Shoots the burst of 3 shots, and although the damage per shot is low, her DPS is very high
  • Good vs single targets (high DPS in combination with the knockback effect)
  • Also, good vs mobs because of her high rate of fire

  • Low range (25)

  • As I already mentioned, whenever Shadow Huntress hits, her enemy will be knocked back. This means that she’s very effective against melee minions (especially the slower ones).
  • On the other hand, her high rate of fire enables her to quickly take out groups of weaker minions, so she’s quite effective against skeletons, ravenous horde, etc.
  • It’s not a very good idea to use her against Mountain Giant because, on the one hand, she quickly fires three low damage shots, and on the other hand, Mountain Giant will spawn a Rolling Rock each time he takes damage. This means that a lot of Rolling Rocks will be spawned very quickly and, if the Giant was close enough, these tiny creatures will be thrown over the Huntress – a dozen or so rocks attacking your portal (that’s huge DPS) are a big problem unless you quickly hit them with the AoE.
  • All in all, Shadow Huntress is the best ranged card in the lower leagues, and upgrading her isn’t a bad idea, although she will be probably sidelined later on by Silver Ranger and Amazon.
  • She was very slightly nerfed in update 1.6 (health reduced by ~6% and damage by ~5%), nothing too important.


  • Solid attack
  • Amazon is the best minion against mobs – Her spears will pierce through all minions in the lane (up to the maximum range of 30)
  • High health (compared to other ranged units)
  • High speed (compared to other ranged units)

  • Her attack is not as good as that of a Silver Ranger (it’s still good enough)

  • Well, I will start by saying that the Amazon is one the most useful cards in the game (and probably the most useful epic card)
  • As I already mentioned, she is great against groups of weaker minions and will easily destroy them even if they’re protected by Holy Shield
  • Her single target damage is good enough to take out most stronger melee minions (those that have up to 6 Mana cost) before they can approach her
  • Even when engaged in melee the Amazon will be able to survive a hit or two, due to her solid health pool
  • She is one of the best counters for Skeleton Warlord. Place some melee minions in front of Skeleton Warlord and the Amazon in the back, once the big skeleton dies, 7 small skeletons will be spawned, and the Amazon will kill them instantly
  • The Amazon is also one of the best counters for Wisp Mother + Strong Melee card combo because she has 5 more range than a Wisp Mother, the piercing shot ability will kill the Wisp Mother and, at the same time, deal damage to a frontline melee minion.
  • One of the best counters for the Amazon is the Reflector card, as he will, well, reflect Amazon’s piercing area attack back at her. This means that all friendly minions close to Amazon will also take reflected damage.
  • She also works very well in combination with Stun and Freeze spells as she will be able to take out multiple stunned/frozen minions. Phalanx spell might be a good idea here, as it will group all enemy minions in one place, while also stunning them for a hefty duration.
  • Finally, in my opinion, Amazon is one of the most useful cards, and it is a good idea to upgrade it as much as possible.
  • Update 1.6 reduced Amazon health (from 1250 to 1130), but she’s still the toughest ranged minion. However, her damage was also reduced by ~25% (from 415 to 325), making her more of an ‘anti-mob’ specialist. All in all, Amazon remains a very useful card, just not as effective vs single targets, as she used to be.


  • Spawns Anubis and two skeletons, Anubis will spawn two additional skeletons every 7 seconds

  • Low Health and attack
  • Low range
  • Slow movement speed

  • Anubis by himself is very weak, but he can raise an army of skeletons and that’s the only strong point of this card
  • It will take time for multiple skeletons to spawn, that’s why this card should be most often used near your portal – otherwise, the Anubis will get into combat with only 2 skeletons and that’s not a great way to spend 6 Mana.
  • This card can work great with the Holy Shield spell – Shielded Anubis and group of skeletons can be a bit problematic
  • Good synergy with the Bloodstalker and Soul Leech cards – if you manage to get to 6+ skeletons your Bloodstalker/Soul Leech will become extremely powerful
  • Amazon will completely shut down this card, regardless of the number of spawned skeletons (even if they’re shielded)
  • Minions with area attack (Executioner, Treant) or long-range (Silver Ranger, maybe even Goblin Marksman) can be effective against Anubis
  • All in all, Anubis can be an ok card for some very specialized deck, but there are better usually options out there for the cost of 6 Mana.
  • Update 1.6. reduced the Anubis damage by ~9% (from 290 to 265). Insignificant change, because skeleton spawning ability is what’s important for this card and 9% damage reduction won’t change much.


  • He can swallow and digest any minion, regardless of its size. This is the only important thing about this card.

  • Very slow
  • Not very high health for a 6 Mana card
  • Very low damage with his basic attack (tongue)
  • Very low range (on both his special and basic attack)

  • The Devourer should be spawned close to the most powerful enemy card, like Abomination, Juggernaut, Undead Warlord, etc.
  • He is particularly effective against Undead Warlord because 7 skeletons won’t be spawned if the Warlord gets digested
  • After he eats the enemy minion, it is necessary to protect the Devourer, since he’s helpless while he digests his victim.
  • If the Devourer dies, the swallowed enemy minion will jump out and continue to fight.
  • The Devourer is very weak against stronger ranged minions since his extremely slow, and a bit squishy.
  • Groups of weaker minions are also a good counter for Devourer because you won’t gain much by eating a single skeleton or similar minion
  • Very low damage means that the Devourer is one of the worst for attacking the enemy portal, so much that you can almost ignore him
  • All in all, Devourer is a very fun card to play and I would definitely recommend trying it out. However, I wouldn’t recommend upgrading it, since, in my opinion, it has low health for a very slow card that costs 7 Mana.

Stone Elemental

  • Relatively high health
  • Spawns 3 smaller elementals after he dies

  • Very slow
  • Low attack considering the cost of 8 Mana

  • Stone Elemental can be easily countered by ranged minions
  • It’s very hard to push with this card of a very slow movement speed
  • Combination of low damage and slow speed means that Stone Elemental isn’t the most optimal minion for destroying the enemy portal
  • In the early Heroic Magic Duel leagues, Stone Elemental will be one of the most powerful cards. However, he is somewhat similar to the Undead Warlord that is, in my opinion, a better card. Still, if you have some good ideas/combos on how to use it, upgrading Stone Elemental isn’t a bad idea.

Undead Warlord

  • High health
  • Solid damage
  • After death spawns 7 skeletons

  • No obvious cons

  • Undead Warlord can be very hard to deal with it, he has a huge amount of health, so high single target damage card is necessary to deal enough damage.
  • However, once he dies, 7 small skeletons will be spawned, so another card with an area attack (or a spell) is required to completely neutralize it.
  • Undead Warlord is not a slow minion, but he isn’t particularly fast either. That’s why he is often countered by high damage ranged cards (in his first form).
  • If the Devourer eats and digests the Skeleton Warlord, the second form won’t activate
  • Most common tactic for countering the second form iaspawning the Fire Imp right before the Warlord dies (so the fire will instantly kill the skeletons) or having an Amazon shoot at it once he has lost some health (her area attack will clear out the small skeletons and she will help in dealing with the first form)
  • All in all, Skeleton Warlord is one of the most used cards, that can be seen in almost any deck in higher leagues, so upgrading it is a good idea.
  • Update 1.6 reduced the Warlord’s health by ~15% (from 4,175 to 3,445) and damage by ~10% (from 595 to 530). Undead Warlord is still a very powerful minion, but not as much as it used to be.


  • Very high health
  • Extremely high attack (note that it’s also an area attack)
  • The most powerful card in the early leagues

  • Slow movement speed

  • Armed with a huge Warhammer, the Juggernaut is a very powerful minion that can be used to take out both, single targets and groups of minions – he will kill groups of skeletons and similar minions in one hit.
  • Besides that, he can also kill most other minions in just one hit – and those that don’t die in a first hit will be knocked back a bit
  • It’s high cost (10 Mana), means that it should be used only in the later stages of the match – when you get to double mana gain. That’s why I wouldn’t recommend having more than 1 Juggernaut card per deck
  • Juggernaut should be spawned as close as possible to the enemy portal, as he is slow, but has an extremely powerful attack. Basically, this is one of the best minions for destroying the enemy portal, again if you can spawn it close enough.
  • Juggernaut is very vulnerable to ranged attacks, because of his low speed, and cards like Silver Ranger can take him out for just half the Mana cost (10 vs 5 Mana).
  • Besides that, Viper can easily take him out for the cost of just 4 Mana. Also, watch out for the Devourer.
  • It a good idea to pair him up with a Wisp Mother, especially if the opponent’s spells are on cooldown
  • All in all, Juggernaut is an OK card to upgrade and invest your Mega Runes in, just keep in mind that the Abomination is much stronger vs single targets (no area attack) for just 2 more Mana (10 vs 12).


  • Very High attack
  • Very high health

  • Slow movement speed
  • The most expensive card in the Heroic Magic Duel (12 Mana cost)

  • The Abomination is great vs other, powerful melee minions
  • It has a slow movement speed which makes it vulnerable to ranged attacks
  • Abomination has a single target attack, because of that, groups of weaker minions can delay it for a prolonged periods of time.
  • Viper is the best card for dealing with the Abomination – one hit from his poisoned blade and the Abomination will die in several seconds.
  • A combo of high damage ranged card (like Silver Ranger) and group minions(undead horde = 5 skeletons) can take it out, for a significantly lower mana cost. Also, this combo can be modified by using a Frost Imp can freeze it (instead of using mobs to ‘tank’ the damage).
  • The Devourer can eat the Abomination, countering it for the lower cost (7 vs 12 Mana)
  • There are several more cards that can be used to stop the Abomination for a lower mana cost, like Immortal Knight (will kill it in his undying form, 5 vs 12 Mana), Pixie that can put it to sleep, etc.
  • Spells are often used against this card, and for a good reason.
  • Beware of the Doppelganger, if the opponent manages to duplicate your Abomination (for the cost of just 2 Mana), you will be in serious trouble.
  • Abomination is one of the best cards offensively. If spawned near the enemy portal (as close as possible) it can be very hard to deal with it, since it will be more difficult for your opponent to counter it with the ranged cards.
  • If/when Abomination reaches the portal, it will be almost unstoppable (no longer possible to shoot it from afar), and it will quickly destroy the enemy portal (due to very high attack damage).
  • This card works great in combination with Alayna’s Giant Growth spell (more health and damage, and it already has a lot), Spirit Call (duplicate Abomination, hell yeah!), Terrin’s Healing Wave (this spell is only useful on a high health minion).
  • Besides that, Abomination is very good in combination with the Fearless Leader (will speed it up and increase the damage). Also, spawning Wisp Mother behind it for healing can work very well.
  • All in all, if your creating some kind of a late match deck/build, the Abomination is one of the best Heroic Magic Duel cards to use and upgrading it is a very good idea. However, having more than one Abomination card in the deck might not be the best idea, since it costs a lot of Mana, and surviving early and mid phases of the match might be a problem.
  • Update 1.6 completely changed the Abomination making it able to withstand tons of damage by increasing its health by ~90% (from 5,675 to 10, 780). In return, the attack damage of this card was reduced by ~33% (from 2,270 to 1,540). I think that this change will have the most notable impact on the gameplay, because most players will now include the Abomination in their deck, and that will lead to more use of Abomination counters (like Devourer, Viper, Immortal Knight, etc.)


  • When summoned, the Revenant will use up all of your available Mana. It can be summoned for as low as 1 Mana, but the more you invest in him the stronger he will be
  • Solid health and damage gain per 1 Mana
  • The most versatile card in the game
  • Area attack

  • Well, he’ll drain all of your Mana, so it’s possible to over-invest in one lane.

  • Let me start by saying that currently, the Revenant is one of the most powerful cards.
  • It’s also one of the most versatile cards since it can be used for almost any role: defending against early rushes, anti – mob specialist, big guy killer (when used against other powerful cards), and also offensively as a portal destroyer.
  • Early rushes can be troublesome and this guy will stop any mob if you invest 3-4 Mana in him
  • However, this card really shines with higher Mana investment (6+) and can be almost unstoppable with 10+ Mana invested.
  • Don’t use the Revenant against the Viper, since he’ll poison him and just make you waste the Mana. Also, watch out for the Devourer.
  • This card is devastating when used in combination with Spirit Call
  • There isn’t much more to say about the Revenant except use it in every (or almost every) deck and definitely upgrade it, if possible. On the downside, this card is probably too powerful in its current state (patch 1.6), so I think it will probably get nerfed in the near future.


  • Very high attack damage (for the cost of 3 Mana)
  • High health (for the cost of 3 Mana)
  • Each time Punisher kills a minion, he’ll gain a huge damage boost (250 at level 9 + 10% per level)

  • Nothing in particular, except that you’ll need to heal/shield him in order to get the most out of this card

  • Punisher is very good for early aggression and because of that it’s very likely that your opponent will hit it with spells
  • This card should be used against cards that spawn multiple, low damage minions (works best against archers, if you spawn Punisher right next to them)
  • This way, the Punisher will gain a huge damage boost without suffering too much damage in return
  • It’s a good idea to combine Punisher with Wisp Mother since she can keep him at full health while he’s ‘feeding’ on the weaker minions. Healing Wave spell can also be a good idea.
  • This card also has good synergy with Frost Imp. He would freeze all enemy minions in the lane, and the Punisher could ‘feed’ on them becoming a more powerful killing machine
  • Both combos can be further improved by casting a Holy Shield
  • If you manage to keep the Punisher alive long enough, he’ll start dealing an enormous amount of damage (My Punisher was dealing 2,000 – 2,500 damage). In this state, he’s one of the best offensive minions (quickly destroys the enemy portal and will kill most other minions in one hit)
  • Here’s another dirty trick on how to feed the Punisher. If an enemy spawns Mountain Giant close to one of your melee minions, the giant will start to take damage and spawn Rolling Rocks, that are jumping over your melee minion and heading for the portal. When that happens, spawn Punisher right next to your portal and he will kill Rolling Rocks one by one (as they’re approaching), gaining a huge damage boost.
  • The Punisher card also has good synergy with a stun and freeze spells because those enable him to ‘feed’ on helpless minions
  • If you manage to pull off some of the aforementioned combos in the early stages of the match (with Punisher surviving and the opponent spells on cooldown), you’ll likely get one of the fastest victories ever.
  • As a side note, as the Punisher gets stronger, his appearance will change, most notably his horns (and claws?) will become much larger.
  • All in all, I really like this card, although it can be a bit hard to use optimally. If you like Punisher and he suits your playstyle, go ahead and upgrade it, I most certainly will.

Rune Cannon

  • With his great range of 65, the Rune Cannon will fire on the enemy portal from the middle of the lane.
  • Solid damage for a 3 Mana card

  • Very slow movement speed
  • Low health
  • Can’t attack enemy minions

  • The Rune cannon should be spawned as far as possible from your portal, so he can quickly open fire at the enemy portal.
  • This minion is extremely slow, so don’t bother spawning him right next to your portal because it will take him ages to reach the middle of the battlefield and start firing.
  • Once in place, the Rune Cannon must be protected, as he can be quickly taken out due to his low health.
  • Crystal Colossus (or even the Abomination) can be used to ‘tank’ all the damage while rune cannon slowly destroys the portal. Add the Amazon/Silver Ranger to that, and you have a great combo.
  • All in all, Rune Cannon is a great card, that can work surprisingly well, in some situations.


  • One Sorceress will be summoned in each lane
  • Very high damage

  • If one sorceress dies, they all die
  • Very low health
  • Low(ish) range
  • Slow movement speed

  • Trinity card has a very high damage and can be devastating if the enemy has only slow, melee minions on the battlefield
  • However, it doesn’t have a long-range and will be easily destroyed by more powerful ranged units because of it (it is enough to destroy just one sorceress and they will all die)
  • All in all, Trinity card can be useful in some particular situations, but I think it’s not worth upgrading (Mega runes can be better used elsewhere).

Soul Leech

  • Gains a solid amount of health and damage (150 at level 9) for every friendly minion that dies
  • Very high base health for the cost of 4 Mana

  • Slow movement speed
  • Low(ish) base damage

  • An extremely powerful card that becomes more and more powerful with each ally that dies, if you can keep her alive
  • Has great synergy with cards that spawn multiple minions, like Undead Horde/Raid/Army, Rolling Rocks (3 minions for 1 Mana), Ravenous Scourge, etc. (Also, Mountain Giant can work really well here, especially if he is being attacked by Shadow Huntress or Blade Dancer)
  • The longer she stays alive, the more minions will die, and more powerful she will become, so consider using Wisp Mother, or better yet Terrin’s Healing Wave in combination with this card.
  • Well, this card has the same synergies as the Bloodstalker (feeding on weaker allies), so using them in the same deck is an excellent idea.
  • While you’re at it, you could also throw in an Undead Warlord in the mix (spawns 7 skeletons when he dies, and when they die it will be a huge boost for the Soul Leech and the Bloodstalker could also feed on them)
  • Because of the 4 Mana cost, this card can be used to put a lot of pressure on the opponent early in the match, especially if his spells are on cooldown.
  • When we talk about countering the Soul Leech, the best way to do it is to hit her with everything you got as soon as she enters the battlefield, otherwise, she will grow too powerful and you won’t be able to stop her. It is also a good idea to ignore other minions (especially mobs and Undead Warlord) until she goes down.
  • Since Soul Leech will be the primary target of any player, she should be spawned close to your own portal, behind the frontlines, and preferably when the opponent’s spells are on cooldown.
  • All in all, Soul Leech is a very powerful card that can be immensely powerful, in the right deck. I would suggest upgrading it as much as possible (but expect a hit from nerf hammer).

Immortal Knight

  • Undying special ability will activate once Immortal’s Knight reaches zero or less, lasting for 6 seconds.
  • While the undying form is active, the knight becomes invulnerable and gains huge bonus damage (500 + 10% per level).
  • High attack damage in the undying form
  • Very fast movement speed

  • Very low health (for a level 9 minion)

  • The undying special ability is what Immortal Knight card is all about
  • On defense, I find that the Undying Knight is great at destroying high-cost cards, like Abomination, Mana Wraith, Brute, etc. since he’ll be able to eliminate them for a lower Mana cost
  • On top of that, if your opponent is pushing a single lane with multiple cards (and your spells are on cooldown), Immortal Knight will be able to completely wipe them out, before his undying form ends (if he isn’t facing mobs, he is very bad against groups of weaker minions because of his single target attack)
  • On the offense, his quite good at pushing the lane, and dealing damage to the base. Basically, any card that your opponent might throw against him will die before his undying form ends
  • TIP: If the undying form is active, do not spawn any additional minions in that lane until Immortal Knight finally dies (otherwise you’ll just waste Mana)
  • Stun spells, Freeze spells and the Frost Imp can be used to save your high-value minion(s), by using them on Immortal Knight once his undying form activates – if you can disable him long enough, he’ll drop dead without destroying your minions in the undying form
  • All in all, Immortal Knight is a very good and upgrading it (if you can afford it) isn’t a bad idea. However, he shouldn’t have the highest priority for upgrades.


  • Gains bonus health and damage by taking away a small portion of health from every friendly minion on the battlefield
  • Very Fast
  • High health
  • Solid attack damage

  • No obvious cons, except that it will take him a second or two to become active after spawning

  • Bloodstalker can gain a significant boost to his health and damage, which are high, to begin with. The more minions you have on the battlefield, at the moment of Bloodstalker spawning, the more powerful he can become.
  • Upon spawning, a Bloodstalker gathera ‘blood’ from all friendly minions (taking away a small amount of their health) for a second or two and then becomes active.
  • As already said, the bonus depends on a total number of minions, that’s why this card has good synergy with other cards that spawn multiple minions (like Undead Horde/Army/Raid, Ravenous Scourge, Archers, Elite Archers, etc.).
  • Tip: If you have an Undead Warlord on the field, it’s a good idea to spawn Bloodstalker right after the Warlord die, because this way your Bloodstalker will be instantly buffed by 7 skeletons, and that’s a very significant increase to his health and damage.
  • With at least some buffs (from 2-3 minions), the Bloodstalker can win 1v1 battle against almost any card that costs 7 Mana or less
  • Ranged units are not the best option against him since he is one of the fastest minions in the game and can quickly close the distance.
  • All in all, I would say that the Bloodstalker is one of the most powerful cards in the game, but it is necessary to have at least two cards in your deck that can spawn multiple minions, to get the most out of your Bloodstalker. I recommend upgrading this card, if you plan on playing with the deck that fits the needs of Bloodstalker.
  • The update 1.6 slightly nerfed this card, reducing Bloodstalker’s health and damage by ~10% (health from 2,850 to 2,575, and damage from 710 to 645). Besides that, his bonus to health from allies has been also decreased from 160 to 140. Overall, the Bloodstalker remains a very strong card(especially with good combo), even after this 10% nerf.

Mana Wraith

  • Very high attack damage (for 5 Mana cost)
  • Very high health

  • Once you spawn Mana Wraith cost of all additional will raise by +2 (this is a very serious penalty, and often isn’t worth it)
  • Slow movement speed

  • Mana Wraith is an extremely powerful minion that you can get for the cost of just 5 Mana.
  • However, playing this card can be very risky, since it will increase the cost of all your other cards by 2 Mana.
  • Mana Wraith is very slow, so it should be spawned as close to the enemy portal as possible. It is a good idea to avoid spawning it close to your own portal, since it will take a lot of time for it to get to the enemy, and he can ignore it during that time, and use his lower card cost to push the other 2 lanes.
  • Spawning a Mana Wraith in the very beginning of the match is usually a bad idea, because it will often remain there as your only minion on the battlefield for quite some time, and a good target for an enemy doppelganger – I’ve done this Mana Wraith steal multiple times.
  • However, this card can work very well in the early stages of the match when combined with Rhii’s Healing Wave spell.
  • All in all, an ok card to upgrade if you have an idea for a deck that can benefit from it.

Nature guardian

  • Very high single target damage that can bounce and split to multiple minions in the lane
  • His lightning attack will stun all targets it hits

  • Low range (25)
  • Very Low speed

  • Nature Guardian is very effective against strong but slow melee cards since he will stun them each time his attack hits, making it very hard for them to approach him.
  • When faced with mobs (or multiple, stronger minions) his total damage will be split equally, amongst the minions hit by his lightning attack. For example, at level 9 Nature Guardian has 800 attack damage, if he would hit 10 minions with his attack each one of them would receive 80 damage.
  • So, even though his damage would be split, his stun ability still makes him a very good option for dealing with the mobs
  • We can conclude that Nature Guardian can be very hard to deal with, but some cards are more than capable of countering him.
  • Silver Ranger (when upgraded to at least level 6) is a very good option here since he will kill Nature Guardian in 1v1 without taking any damage (Ranger’s very long range and high single target damage vs Guardian’s slow speed and low range). However, don’t spawn a Silver Ranger if there are friendly minions between him and the Nature Guardian, because chain lightning will bounce off some other minion and hit the Silver Ranger, even though his at 40 range from the Guardian and not 25.
  • Range of lightning attack is 25 but if it hits one minion it will spread and stun all enemies in the lane.
  • Spawning a Hellfiend right next to the Nature Guardian is also a good idea
  • Besides that, hitting him with spells is a viable option
  • All in all, Nature Guardian is a very powerful card that you can spawn for only 5 Mana, and it’s worth upgrading.
  • Update 1.6 reduced Nature’s Guardian damage by ~17% (from 960 to 800). It is still a very powerful card that is used by many players.


  • Can be spawned anywhere on the battlefield. When summoned, he will deal a significant amount of damage in a small radius around him.
  • Solid attack damage
  • A solid amount of health

  • Slow movement speed

  • Hellfiend’s special ability is very good at taking out groups of minions, and will easily destroy groups of skeletons and/or full ravenous horde.
  • He is also very good against low health, high damage, ranged cards (like Silver Ranger, for example) – 40 range means nothing if you spawn Hellfiend right next to it.
  • Also, his Hellfire will instantly kill Silver Ranger that is at least 1 level lower. For example, level 9 Hellfiend will instantly kill Silver Ranger up to level 8, with his Hellfire.
  • Besides that, it’s very easy to start dealing damage to the enemy portal by spawning Hellfiend right next to it. The opponent won’t be able to spawn any minions behind the Hellfiend, so if he wants to take back control of the lane, the Hellfiend must be dealt with first, and since his right next to the portal the only way to this is with other powerful melee cards or spells – the ranged cards have no chance against Hellfiend in melee.
  • All in all, Hellfiend is one of the most powerful and the most useful cards in the game, and I would suggest upgrading it whenever you can.

Phase Assassin

  • Very high attack damage
  • Invisible and immune to damage (even from AoE spells) until she attacks. After attacking she remains visible for 3-4 seconds before becoming invisible again
  • Solid speed

  • Very low health (will quickly die once she becomes visible)

  • Phase Assassin is very good at killing dangerous, low(ish) health minions, like Valkyrie, Shadow Huntress, and Silver Ranger, for example.
  • She should be used against minions that can be killed in one hit, if not, she will attack, become visible and most likely die when the enemy minions retaliate. Do note that the Phase Assassin has to be ~2 levels higher than most of the aforementioned units in order to kill them in one hit.
  • This card should never be used against groups of weaker minions like skeletons and Ravenous Scourge, as she will reveal herself (and become very vulnerable) after killing just one minion.
  • All in all, Phase Assassin is a good card if you get her early, but once you reach higher leagues and opponents with level 8+ cards, she becomes less useful. While it’s an OK card to upgrade, I would rather spend Mega Runes on some other Epic or Legendary card.

Fire Witch

  • After 3 seconds or so, the Fire Witch will summon meteors to strike all enemy minions on the battlefield.
  • Her Meteor Shower deals 2,500 damage (+10% per level), and it will instantly kill all except the toughest of minions
  • Very high AoE attack damage with regular attacks

  • Extremely low health
  • Low range
  • Slow movements speed

  • Meteor Shower special ability is the main thing when we talk about the Fire Witch. It can be used to completely wipe out all enemy minions on the field, nullifying any advantage the opponent achieved.
  • However, the Fire Witch is very vulnerable (very low health), and can be easily killed before she can summon a Meteor Shower. That’s why she should be spawned in an empty lane, and close to your portal.
  • She is also one of the best targets for spells, and your opponent will most likely hit her if his spells aren’t on cooldown
  • Besides that, several cards can be used to interrupt her special ability, like Hellfiend (that will kill her if spawned close enough), the Executioner (that will prevent her from casting with his chains and stun), etc.
  • Outside from the special ability, most players do not pay a lot of attention to a Fire Witch, but she’s actually quite good at killing mobs, destroying them in one shot from her staff, so it’s not a good idea to use mobs against her.
  • All in all, Fire Witch is one of the most useful cards, because of her ability to instantly negate any advantage that your opponent might achieve. Because of that, she’s very often seen in the decks (at least in higher leagues), and upgrading her seems like a good idea.
  • Update 1.6 reduced the Fire Witch attack damage by ~35% (from 850 to 555), making her even almost useless once she used her special ability.