Homeworld 3 in Development

Homeworld Mobile announced along with Homeworld 3

Homeworld Mobile, Gearbox Publishing’s upcoming release, just got its release date set and it’s coming together with the third installation of the PC version. Homeworld 3 backers will also get early access according to Gearbox, as the two new games are surely approaching their launch dates, each for their respective platform. They also have a teaser trailer out showcasing some brief shots of the mobile version gameplay, so check it out:

Right off the bat, it is clear that Homeworld mobile is designed as a fusion of all PC version titles, including Homeworld 3. Furthermore, if you take a look at the trailer for that upcoming PC game, you will not get the feeling it’s much more advanced in terms of appearance and gameplay. Gearbox is otherwise famous for adapting high-style flashy mechanics into a convenient and simple gameplay design as they did with the Borderlands franchise for instance, which also has its release date set in the very near future.

The precise date for the launch of Homeworld Mobile and Homeworld 3 is still not known, but Borderlands 3 release date is on September 13, 2019, just 10 days from now. Gearbox seems to be switching gears to overdrive after a few years of staying off the radar and working on the mentioned releases. Them branching out to the mobile platform is a natural progression and a welcomed one at that.

It is still unclear if Homeworld Mobile is coming on both Android and iOS, but it is at this point expected. However, we can only vaguely speculate in which form the monetization of the game is to be handled if it will be a premium purchase or F2P with in-game ads and microtransactions. The first option seems more likely, but who knows. For more news on the project, check out the official site for the game here.