Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Review

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Review

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop, with the legendary toy brand name, comes at a time when racing games are aplenty even on mobile devices. However, it not only brings the Hot Wheels™ to a video game environment, but it also brings the player to a futuristic setting where racing and action are one and the same. The game brings tons of interesting features that caught our eye right from the start, so we decided to check out this adrenaline-based racer supreme.

Development and reception

This is the first-ever video game published by the world-renowned toymaker Mattel. Hot Wheels franchise is the company’s well-known line of pimped-up toy racing cars, while the company itself was founded in the distant 1945. Their other popular product lines include the famous Barbie, Matchbox, Thomas & Friends, WWE, Polly Pocket, Monster High, Fisher-Price, and the legendary Masters of the Universe.

This video game was developed by Mattel in collaboration with Creative Mobile studio. It is an independent developer and publisher from Estonia founded in 2010. The company enjoyed great commercial success and critical acclaim and is best-known for the Drag Racing and Nitro Nation video game franchises.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Review

On Google Play, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Android so far has a 3.7-star score from over 5k votes, while on the iTunes App Store its iOS version scored 4.6 stars from over 7k votes. The game was nominated in the Best Mobile Game and Best Racing Game categories at the Gamescom 2019.


As an action-packed racer game, this game would perhaps best be compared to Twisted Metal, Mario Kart, or Sonic Racing. Here, the stage is set in the year 2068, so the near future. This allows for some intricate futuristic enhances and fun gameplay mechanics besides the standard racing and crashing. The cars are all pimped up with futuristic enhancements, and this game also has the car-collector genre flavor.

We race in crazy super-cars through even crazier tracks, but the best thing about it is that it’s not just a race, it’s a war. You can crash, smash, stunt, and blow up your way to victory in this highly fun competitive game. Thus, it includes real-time multiplayer playability for up to 8 players, while it also contains engaging single-player content. We can collect and ride some of the most popular Hot Wheels™ cars, like the Bone Shaker, Shark Bite, Twin Mill, Rodger Dodger, and more – all very familiar to collectors of the toy line.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Review

The pimped vehicles can also be upgraded further, so the players are also building their own car fleet besides racing and fighting. The stunts you can perform with the cars are also over the top and outrageously fun. We can participate in tournaments with different rules, special rewards and epic prizes. The driving part includes drifting, nitro speed, smashing and crashing opponents out of the race, setting up traps, and more. Rare and legendary unlockable cars and skins are also available for true collectors, and the vehicles themselves also level up and progress as you play.

The game is optimized for iPad 6th gen or above, iPhone 7 or above, and Android 7.0 or above. It is free to play but offers monthly and annual subscriptions, along with a free trial via respective accounts – one trial per store account.

Graphics and visuals

The graphics, along with models, tracks, lighting, and animations, are all top class. The Creative Mobile studio really rose up to the task of making this game worthy of the Mattel’s Hot Wheels brand name. All of the models are a faithful representation of the original toys, while other visual aspects are high-class for a mobile game.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop Review


The official release date was on November 15, 2019, and the game already surpassed the 100k+ download mark on all the stores respectively. It is a snappy and refreshing turn to the futuristic setting, where supercars rule the tracks. It takes the best elements from many cult-favorite racing games, brings it all into an action-packed theme, and also works to reward the collector in us. All in all, the title pushes the boundaries in the racing genre, but also in video gaming showing how a famous toy brand can successfully make the transition, much to everyone’s delight.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop



Hot Wheels Infinite Loop pushes the boundaries in the racing genre, but also in video gaming, showing how a famous toy brand can successfully make the transition, much to everyone’s delight.

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