R Heroes in Knights Chronicle

If you thought that R Heroes are useless, you are wrong! Everything you need to know about R Heroes in Knights Chronicle

In Knights Chronicle some heroes are always used as fodder. Those Heroes are usually R Heroes, but should they only be used as evolving material? Is there any other use for R Heroes in Knights Chronicle?

A full explanation of every skill, every advantage and disadvantage highlight, pieces of advice about Heroes roles and much more is now available on R Heroes, the section of Knights Chronicle.

All pieces of information about those Heroes are gathered through hard work and experience of Blue Moon Game stuff but we would like community feedback especially regarding Knights Chronicle Tier List. So, if there is anything you want to add, or there is something you don’t agree with – be free to comment and help Blue Moon Game to have the best possible content about Knights Chronicle and other games. Thanks in advance!


Full info about all R Heroes in Knights Chronicle can be found HERE.