Kingsman: The Secret Service Available Now


Kingsman: The Secret Service mobile game came to the iTunes App Store and Google Play on May 1st, 2019. The announcement came from MARV Studios, YesGnome, and 20th Century Fox. Kingsman: The Secret Service mobile game turned out to be a side-scroller, puzzle, and action video game with elements of even more genres mixed up together. The game is naturally based on the well-known movie Kingsman: The Secret Service which is why all these companies had to come together in order to make this title work.

The Kingsman: The Secret Service storyline is set within the first movie universe. Even though many of the scenes, contents, and levels were in fact inspired by the move, but Kingsman mobile also brings its own unique set of villains and characters. In short, the player will play as a recruit and go through the training from beginner to become the secret serviceman.

Sridhar Muppidi, the YesGnome CEO, gave the following statement:

“We’re happy to give players the chance to immerse themselves in the Kingsman universe, with its amazing weapons and action. The 10 thrilling hand-crafted levels will challenge players to complete each mission using a combination of stealth, puzzle solving and action in true Kingsman fashion!”

The companies behind this title are all quite known and respected in their own right. MARV Studios is founded and owned by Matthew Vaughn, who is the famous movie director. YesGnome is a mobile video game developer from India, who brought us Star Trek Trexels and Adventure Time: Champions and Challengers.

Kingsman: The Secret Service Game is available on both the iTunes App Store and Google Play. Kingsman: The Secret Service Android and iOS versions cost approximately the same, at around $3.